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The Daily Rant May 2017-Opinion on Ongoing Current Events

Updated on May 12, 2017
MontanaTroyBrooks profile image

Troy is an aspiring writer, currency trader, casual laborer and fly tier. With an employment background in construction, and logging,

Health Care Bill

Our most important issue at hand is healthcare. The opinions and facts are fairly widely known. I just listened to the members of congress from my state on the local news and they are now reverting to a professionally written script. Any dummy can spot a read along. You hear pitches all the time. They are all worried about their jobs I guess. Do they really believe we are so stupid? No? Then why do they do it?

Our healthcare. It's disgusting when you look at the whole picture and makes almost all of us angry. From insurance companies that basically are running a legalized Ponzi scam. To providers that are saturated with unprofessional degree holders that got into the profession because it is the hottest, high paying job out there. I believe you should have a passion for whatever you choose as your livelihood and scoff at those that just do it "...because it pays well." They get away with unscrupulous behavior because they know they cannot be replaced. That is the mindset. Sure there are good ones. I am sure we can agree on that.

The current situation on Capitol Hill looks like a bunch of egos at work to me. They all preach working together. Instead, we get the most idiotic, dysfunctional mess that people can create. You point out that fact to a Democrat or Republican they either agree or say "That's just the way things work here." So how the hell are you going to fix healthcare? Ask them and you get...yet another practiced generic response. It does not matter who you ask just that some are very clumsy with that question. Not addressing the question in an engaging manner and many of them are absolute in their replies to the media. You ask again… How are you going to fix healthcare?


North Korea

North Korea is a terrible situation with a dictator that craves attention. Moving and establishing ourselves in the region does appear to cause him to act up and make his "promises". Though this appears to be a simple act of aggression on our part; it is nothing more than solid strategy. I doubt that N. Korea's current young leadership is capable of understanding, or cares about what happens if this changes to all out war. There is no doubt that war is likely in the region. The end results or what it would morph into are not clear.

I clearly stated my thoughts about the dictator and I believe this is being recognized and handled by the media. I notice less coverage and what coverage I do see is very basic with little "spin" when it does get coverage. We are getting some short video, a few stated facts, and some questions for viewers to ponder. I am not a fan of propaganda. So I myself appreciate the way some of the corporate media outfits are handling this. Instead of sensationalizing the facts and grabbing viewers they stick with the facts. There is always fact gleaning, which is how they make money. And it does appear there is less cherry picking of the facts this time around. Sure some facts may be being omitted but that may be due to time restraints.

All opinion and speculation but is that not how the critical thinking process begins?

Climate Change Debate

Here is one that many are passionate about. A top lister when you get down to the nuts and bolts of issues dividing us. Change, it always happens. Look how the workplace has evolved. How a hot product falls out of favor. How the stock market is going strong one year and is a dud the next. This is all change. Change that, in a realistic sense, does not harm anything but people's quality of life. Not as a danger but our quality of life. Change that some say we can control. Can we control the Earths climate?

Climate change what is it and is it really a threat to earth or just the life on it? Etymology is the study of the origin of words. Etymology dictionary says 1983. But scientists were probably using the term in their papers before that.

So we know everything changes. These changes come in cycles usually; unless something catastrophic happens to change the trend, it will continue. And I will try and continue without taking sides so I may present the reasons why this divides us. Hoping that someone seeking a different perspective sees and appreciates the work. I will be back on this issue.

Seems that everything changes. One thing that does not change is the heart of an idealist. And when you have people of power that take an idealist stance; then you have the catalyst for deeper troubles. Playing along those lines is the current stance of China in regards to the Paris agreement.

"Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to protect the landmark Paris agreement, which aims to curb climate change and fossil fuel emissions.

He made the promise in a phone call with incoming French President Emmanuel Macron, the Chinese foreign ministry said in a statement." Retrieved from URL:

  • URL
  • Website TitleBBC News
  • Article TitleClimate change: China vows to defend Paris agreement
  • Date PublishedMay 09, 2017
  • Date AccessedMay 10, 2017

The opposing sides Idealist agenda is not acting so hastily.

"President Donald Trump delayed a decision on withdrawing from the landmark Paris climate accord amid disagreements about the nature of the pact, the White House said Tuesday." Retrieved From URL:

  • URL
  • Website TitleCNN
  • Article TitleTrump administration delays Paris climate agreement decision
  • Date PublishedMay 09, 2017
  • Date AccessedMay 10, 2017

So what's up with the Donald? Does it come down to who plays patty cake better in the bathhouse? Is this what the fate of mankind depends on?

Obama Goes to Milan for Global Food Innovation Summit


Globalization used in context means we are seeking common corporation on certain issues. The definition(s) appear to be quite broad in the sense when you add something like jobs, politics, law or culture to the end you get a different definition. I think this is what makes it appealing to a more treacherous type of personality. The person that is always looking for the advantage. Especially when they just simply are not good enough. Attracting individuals that would otherwise be rejected. Skewed values and beliefs. Lack of employable talent, education or skills. You name it. These groups together find strength under the common denominator of globalization.


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    • Nathanville profile image

      Arthur Russ 10 months ago from England

      Hi Troy, cool article, very down to earth; and welcome to HP.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 10 months ago from USA

      Welcome to HP! Congress and especially the Executive Branch these days are both horribly ineffective. There must be balance in order to achieve anything. There's just ramrodding. I do find the Congressional hearings pure theatre, as they bring back teenage memories of Iran Contra and childhood memories of Watergate hearings. This thing is unraveling.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 10 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Again, welcome to HP! If you are looking for views you've chosen the right genre to write about. Politics will bring them out of the woodwork on HP. To ensure that you have views, and comments, make sure you visit other writers AND comment on their hubs..they will reciprocate. Good luck! And I totally agree....the Federal Government, and Congress in particular, is dysfunctional.