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The Dangers of Genetically Modified Food. Genetically modified organism (GMO)

Updated on November 21, 2010

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Genetically modified (GMO) food has been on the market for almost two decades, but people are usually completely unaware they're consuming it.

The development of genetically modified food was controversial from the start. It's difficult to tell exactly what effects GMO crops may have on people or the environment. It's almost impossible to link GMO foods to any specific health problems, especially when people have no idea if they're eating something that's been genetically modified.

With all of these unknowns, one might wonder how these foods have been approved for human consumption. According to many conspiracy theorists, the answer is Monsanto.

The Monsanto Corporation

Huge and notorious among the conspiracy community, Monsanto is a high-tech agriculture company whose influence spans the globe. With the help of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization and others, this corporation has come to dominate the market and impact the lives of local farmers worldwide.

Website of high-tech agriculture company Monsanto >>

Its business practices are considered highly unethical by many, which has caused an uprising against the company in various communities.

In India for instance, Monsanto has reportedly had a very detrimental impact on local farmers. Some regions where the company operates are called “suicide zones”, because of the suicide epidemic among the regions' poor farmers.

SourceWatch Article: Monsanto in India - The Indian Suicides >>

People Question Monsanto's Motives

Former nuclear physicist, Dr. Vandana Shiva has become an activist opposing Monsanto and building a network of organic farms and seed banks to aid the farmers and their communities.

Even in the United States, people are becoming aware of the take-over of agriculture by Monsanto and related businesses. Many are concerned about GMO foods, as well as chemicals used in industrial farming. Organic farms and whole food cooperatives are becoming more popular because of this.

Among conspiracy theorists, there are some who believe this is just a matter of a corrupt business trying to dominate the global market for optimal profits, with the help of corrupt government and banking officials.

Others take the theory one step further and suggest there is an underlying agenda. In many cases, conspiracy theorists link GMO food to a plan for world depopulation, contrived by the global elite.

Whether the driving force is greed or more nefarious motives, it's a good idea for people to know what it is they're eating. Instead of being concerned about fats and carbohydrates, perhaps we should be more worried about additives and genetic seed modification.

GMO foods have become so widespread there is now a growing number of people who believe they could have inadvertently contaminated all other naturally growing foods meaning we no longer have any natural organic produce left.

One things for sure, we all have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that there aren’t any unforeseen consequences that arise from using GMO foods in the future because if there were, most of us could be effected by it if. It's a scary thought that does leave you wondering a few things, what wouldn't man do on his quest for profits? And, does any company, government or man have the right to take such a risk?

Some Additional Resources on GMO Foods

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