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The Darkness of Light

Updated on August 2, 2012

How dark is your light

It is a terrible thing to possess a light and still not be able to see through the darkness that is apparent to everyone but you. Lately I have been paying close attention to the news headlines about gay marriages, gay rights, and the misunderstood stance of President Obama on same sex marriages, as well as Don Cathy’s heroic stand for his Christian beliefs, and I would like to address those issues from a personal viewpoint, and this is how I see it.

I would like to start with the Christian community because I am a Christian. But before I begin let me put a little something on your mind, as I know I will incur the wrath and judgment of a large majority of the Christian community for voicing my opinion so strongly.

Imagine being in a room that is totally enshrouded in darkness. In one corner of the room there is a box labeled, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” in another corner there is a box marked, “Marriage is between a man and a woman.” There are several others in the room with you, but you are the only one in the room with a light. Because you have the light, it stands to reason that if anyone could see through the seemingly unfathomable darkness, it would be you. But somehow, you missed the box that was labeled, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

In many aspects, that is exactly what many Christians are doing. Although they claim to have the truth of God, they are standing behind a badge they proudly wear on their chests that says, “I am a Christian,” but they have completely forgotten about compassion which is one of Jesus’ strongest points when they condemn the gay and lesbian community for their unbelief.

Jesus said, “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:14-16. So I pose the question: “Why would you condemn those in the room, who could not see the box in the corner marked ‘Marriage is between a man and a woman,’ while refusing to love them?” Let the truth be told could it possibly be because of the darkness of your light.

How about if I explain it another way: If you are blind, meaning you are unable to see anything with your physical eyes, and I have full and unlimited capabilities of seeing the world with my physical eyes, would I be just in being upset with you because you are unable to see the green leaves on the tree that I am describing to you? For Christ sakes, you are blind! I am the one with perfectly good eyes, therefore I should understand that you will never be able to see the tree that I am describing to you and in my compassion—if I have any—I should be compelled to be more descriptive—to spend more time explaining the tree to you, so that you could at least imagine the beauty of this tree, rather than demand that you see this tree.

I say this whole idea of fighting the gay and lesbian community is foolishness. Can we enter the Kingdom of God by protesting? Do we somehow think God will give us extra brownie points for fighting the same-sex marriage movement? Such mentality would make us Christian terrorists, who wage war on people because they do not share their religious beliefs. Shame on us!

As Christians, we have become so quick to judge others, using the Words of God as weapons to smite them, inciting them as transgressors of the Law of God. But this is what the Law of God says concerning such people:

“For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all. For He who said, ‘Do not commit adultery,’ also said, ‘Do not murder.’ Now if you do not commit adultery, but you do murder, you have become a transgressor of the law.” James 2:10-11

What am I saying?

No one is without sin. The same Christian who says, “Marriage is between a man and a woman” and, “God will judge you if you commit the sin of homosexuality” transgress the Law of God by committing adultery, stealing, lying, fornicating and oppressing the poor, all of which are sins in the sight of God. So are we justified to condemn the sin of homosexuality while condoning such sins as adultery, stealing, lying, fornicating and oppressing the poor? While we attempt to make gays and lesbians honor the Word of God, does God make us stop the sins that we are committing, or do we view sin as having different degrees? Do we say, “I am not perfect, but at least I am not gay, and expect that God will forgive us?

“…The wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” James 1:20. It is proven that force does not work; slavery did not work, neither does terrorism. So rather than fight gays and lesbians by trying to force them to be obedient to the Law of God, should we not be about showing them love by telling them how God feels about them versus condemning them for what they do? We forget that we are the messenger and not the Judge. God will judge them, we should love them. To love is Christ like!

Now I know the gay and lesbian community will be upset with me as well for this next comment, but I am willing to accept their criticism as well. They cannot see the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Bible states that we are drawn away by our own desire (James 1:14). We are drawn away from what? We are drawn away from the truth of God’s Word when we desire to do that which we have set in our minds to do rather than that which God has proclaimed that we should do.

By the same token, it is wrong for gays and lesbians to want to express their own views while taking away the privileges that allow Christians to express theirs. If you are going to vent your anger at people because they tell you what God says, you should at least try to understand that your anger is with God and not the messenger for God requires that you love as well.

As President of the United States of America the President has to, or at least he is supposed to, speak for and uphold the civil rights of all Americans and not just Christian Americans, or black Americans, or white Americans, or heterosexual Americans, but ALL Americans. Now I know that many of you believe that only you contributed to this great country, but that’s not true. Whether you like it or not all Americans have in some way contributed to the greatness of this great country. To side with any one group of people is to be biased and hypocritical. If it is okay for gays and lesbians to voluntarily sacrifice their lives for our freedom, it is no more than right that we sacrifice our selfish perceptions and feelings in order that they might find happiness, no matter how wrong it may appear to us, and even if that happiness is to live their entire lives in the light of what we call darkness. It is within the rights of every American to manage their personal lives and their religious preferences without having some group protest something that will in no way affect the lives of the protestors. This is the type of freedom that is provided for each one of us in the Constitution of the United States of America.

Chick-Fill-A sells chicken. Don Cathy never refused to sell anyone a piece of chicken based on their gender, race or religion. It is within his right to be able to say how he feels about his God. No one has a right to silence him for his opinion. If he wants to give his money to a worldwide fund to save earthworms no organization has a right to prevent him from doing so.

On Wednesday, Chick-Fill-A’s supporters backed Mr. Cathy’s bold stand as they turned out in record numbers to buy chicken on what will forever be known as Chick-Fill-A Appreciation Day. Gay activists plan to protest Don Cathy’s freedom of speech by organizing a Kiss-Out Day, in which supporters of same sex marriage will congregate at Chick-Fill-A’s across the country and begin kissing.

I do not believe this is the right way to protest Mr. Cathy’s remarks. If there is to be a protest it should be to simply not buy chicken from Chick-Fill-A, not to attempt to stop others from buying chicken from an establishment that they wish to patronize.

We forget that there are extremities on both sides. Not every Christian feels that all gays and lesbians are trying to impose their values upon them, just as all gays and lesbians do not want to annihilate Christian values; they just want to be left alone. There has to be a place in the middle of all of these protests, violent outbursts and exchange of words where we can meet.


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    • ericdunbar profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dunbar 

      6 years ago from New Orleans

      Thanks Kenneth. I am only trying to expose a killer in every aspect. Anyone who opposes tje truth is obviously partaking of the lie.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Nice work. Great read! Voted up and all the way for it possessed all of the essential elements of a great story. Keep up the great work.


    • NubianGoddess profile image


      6 years ago from James Island

      true, knowledge is power but so is fear


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