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The Day Peace Died.

Updated on September 28, 2009

The Day Peace Died.

two thousand one
when acts of terror
made blood run
in planes and
in the Pentagon
and in Twin Towers
now both gone
many trembling fingers
dialed this date
then met their fate
How ironic that
this day of grief
beyond belief
that numbers meant
to bring relief
are now marked with tears
and funeral wreaths
The chaos on Flight 93
met by uncommon bravery
one hostage spoke
of votes they'd made
to fight their captors
they knew their plane
was set to wound
their nation
soon it'd be their tomb
just citizens
yet unabashed
they faced sharp blades
and flesh was slashed
then in the struggles
that ensued
they crashed and died
as heros true
because each person
fought and won
that plane never
made Washington
In New York City
living hell
Twin towers smashed
then burned
then fell
of those who went
to work that day
thousands of souls
were swept away
Three hundred
fire fighters came
policemen too
answered the calls
they dashed up stairs
and into flames
and perished in
the towers falls
unselfishly they ran
each one
responding to
they breathed their last
yet still they tried
when angels cried
Inside the Pentagon
there came
an act of war
to kill and maim
not bullets
or a rockets flame
this missile
a civilian plane
the death tolls rose
an awesome tide
their world's collapsed
nowhere to hide
from madmen
bent on suicide
Facing sure death
no place to run
they dialed the numbers
with brave goodbyes
escapes denied
with courage
and American pride
"The Day Peace died."

© MFB III-October 2001-Art-Whimsically Yours Studio


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