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The Debate Of The Century

Updated on April 1, 2016

If Donald Trump is elected president of the United States, the America people should be deeply concern, about the futures of our families . Donald trump is rude, racists and dumbfound to people who are standing behind him. After he gets what he wants he will not honor his words to this followers or his country.

Donald trump might be a superior Businessman but have no clue what it's takes to run a country. After watching the debate Thursday night I came to the conclusions that none of the remaining candidates is worthy of gaining the trust of the American people.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio came out attacking Donald Trump, why most of the time he tried to explain his position Marco Rubio attacked the size of Donald Trump hands saying he had small hands and could not be trusted. Trump held up his hands and made a jester toward his anatomy.

Before the 2016 election Donald Trump was known as a sassy business man of hotels and casino's, he has never been in politic .



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