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A Need for Change: An Independent Party

Updated on August 7, 2014

Today I was on the phone with a friend, and, as usual, we were discussing the woes of raising a family in today's America. Who works hard? Who doesn't? A broken system, being abused by some, while we schlep along and bust our hides. Health care costs, with insurance, that are breaking our bank accounts. Overworked and underpaid friends and neighbors that are discouraged with the daily struggle. I know as you're reading this you are nodding your head. We all feel this way. We all feel pinched. We all have sacrificed. We have looked to our local governments and to Washington to help, and all they have done is argue. They stand by the party line, be that Democrat or Republican, and do nothing out of sheer stubbornness. While we, the American people, stand by and suffer each day.

However, there is something we can do. The adjective "American" meant something almost 300 years ago. It still means something, if we can give life to it again. The noun version of the word, "America", meant so much to our grandparents, great-grandparents and forefathers that it brought our ancestors halfway across the world because they knew, if they worked hard enough, they would make it. I still believe that this can be a reality. I am sure that my Great-great grandfather John Sullivan didn't leave County Cork to have the future generations of his family struggle. Sure, we have it better than a lot of places, but we no longer can fulfill the American dream or have the American spirit. Working hard and having it pay dividends is on its way out the window if we don't do something to make a change.

Our country was founded on rebellion - people from England who wanted religious freedom. The forefathers wrote the Constitution and Declaration of Independence off of thoughts from the Enlightenment. These ideals are not broken, but they cannot survive with water and sunlight.

We the people need to find candidates and support the Independent Party. In the 1830's our country founded the Whig Party in response to abuse of power by President Andrew Jackson. It existed for 27 years and elected four presidents: Zachary Taylor. John Tyler, Millard Filmore and William Henry Harrison. The Independent Party could be that answer for us now.

Eight years ago, I saw a vibrant, younger man who began his quest for the Oval Office. His name was Barack Obama, a senator from Chicago. He was a virtual nobody. He was eloquent. He was vivacious. My first thoughts were, "If we want real change, this is the man." I haven't always agreed with the President's politics. However, I admire his gumption. Unfortunately, between the Republicans refusing anything he sends down the pike and his occasional tow of the Democratic party line to appease his colleagues, there hasn't been enough change. What we need now is drastic change, or the country that we love will no longer exist . The middle class will no longer exist. We will be a country of haves and have-nots, like so many countries before us that missed the opportunity to save their system and now have its residents heading elsewhere to make a better life.

For years, most people I know have registered as Independent, or switched their affiliation to do so. Gallup ran a poll in 2013 that shows America has a record number of Independent voters, at 42% (with Democrats having 32%, and Republicans 25%). That is the first step in showing your disgust with America's current political picture. The press, always biased, depending on which news outlet you choose, states this helps the Democrats. Read between the lines. Everyone has an agenda, but you have the choice in the voting booth. Now it is time to act in a civil and forceful way, by using that Independent status to vote for a non-Republican or non-Democratic candidate.

All of these thoughts were running through my head today as I talked to my friend. They often do. I went into an appointment later in the day and saw an ad on the television. It was for a United Independent Party candidate running for Governor of Massachusetts named Evan Falchuk. I was very curious to get home and read the website that was referenced in the ad I began reading his ideas on different issues. A lot of it makes sense. He comes from a background of helping companies have record job growth, and he seems to understand the plight of my neighbors. He addresses health care, affordable housing, proper use of tax dollars,and early childhood education to name a few. His website's front page states, "Democrats and Republicans don't own your vote -you do." It's brilliant and it's true! This is our opportunity to show the rest of the country that the system is broken and we're willing to do something about it. Massachusetts was the home of the American Revolution, the first African-American Infantry Regiment in the Civil War, the home where Irish Immigrants found a way to beat the Brahmins and eventually get Senator Kennedy to the White House. We don't tolerate malarkey. Let's not choose to become blind now. At least read Falchuk's ideas. Give it a chance. It may be the answer to start a course back to the American spirit and ideals.

It is vital to that spirit that you remember we are a government for the people and by the people. The people in office only have the power because your vote put them there. If you want a change, it is up to you. Do you really want a Clinton dynasty? Or to see Romney's fourth bid at the White House? Talk about a waste of a ticket. That wild horse presidential candidate is still out there.. A swing for a new party during the gubernatorial elections could just find him.

Evan Falchuk


Whig Party

For more information on the Whig Party, read the link above.
For more information on the Whig Party, read the link above. | Source


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