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The Democrat Plan To Take the White House in 2020 [F1 546]

Updated on August 8, 2019

The Pledge of Allegiance and who on that stage doesn't belong there?

President Obama
President Obama

The New Democrat Socialist Political Paradigm

I believe that this new socialist paradigm took hold when the democrats started making progress in their social re-engineering. It is in my opinion no coincidence that the democrats scrubber Hillary Clinton out of the 2008 primary by giving all their support and funding to Barack Obama.

They wanted to retain their existing loyal democrat voters as they were escaping into the middle class. At the same time, they were championing the illegal aliens as you say for their replacement loyal democrat voters.

The had softened up the people with their lgbtq social re-engineering and with help from SCOTUS on it, they were ready to go to the next phase. A black president and they picked a virtual unknown than the too well known Hillary Clinton.

A black president hadn't been tried, but neither the democrats or the republicans got anywhere with a female VP. The country had been stirred with social reform for blacks, and illegal aliens, so it was time to try out a black president. With Barack Obama it was almost a blank slate, compared to McCain who the democrats easily dispatched by saying he would be the third term for GW Bush.

Are these the democrats you are looking for?

How much is that democrat in the window?
How much is that democrat in the window? | Source

The building block of Democrat Social Re-engineering

The Plan that was executed as the foundation for Social Re-engineering.

The spearhead of the social re-engineering of America that will give power to the democrats was Obamacare. This would be the democrats first push towards socialism and they hyped it up that everyone thought it was the right thing. Except for those people who lost their existing healthcare provider, and their doctors with it. But the democrats soothed everyone with well it allowed people that were denied covered because of preexisting conditions to now get coverage.

Yet, Obamacare was an overkill for that, as a single bill by congress couldn't have done the same thing, and it would have been able to go into effect in a year rather than 10 years for the entire Obamacare.

During the 8 years of president Obama the democrats would focus on more ways to control the people. They would taut Obamacare while they would then bring in the illegal aliens to the front of their social attack. They needed this new voting blood but it would take time to get them to a path of citizenship to enable them to vote. They would encourage the already 20 million illegal aliens to vote in our elections by resisting any attempt to get voter Id. They defended it by saying that it was an attempt by the right to stifle democrat voters. These voters wouldn't be able to get this voter Id and therefore wouldn't be able to vote. This was an out and out lie, but the loyal democrat voters believed it and got behind it. They would make the right look like they were infringing on the democrat voters and trying to make it difficult to vote and give the edge to the voters on the right. The truth is that these voter id requirements were not difficult or expensive to get. And my local library requires much of it to get a library card. How many people in the US couldn't get voter ID? In California, they even give illegal aliens driver licenses.

The plan of the democrats while Obama was president was to push the new social order that was started with making the majority the enemy. This was the start of the social liberation of the minorities. Any minority would be used to get the democrats votes.

The Democrat Social Re-Engineering

The democrats made major strides in the non heterosexual living concept of the future. The democrats took LGBTQ lifestyle and bundled it up into a group. There is no common denominator for this group. The democrats want the country to let this minority be the norm, and have it control all the people in the country.

The LGBTQ shouldn’t be a group as each of this groups components have nothing that is common to each other. The L is the opposite of the G, and the B wants to be part of both of them. The T is out their by themselves trying to change their physical attributes to fit into some other group. And the Q is trying to be a wrapper for the rest of the group.

Should LGBTQ, or any of its members be treated differently than the majority? Well yes and no. Yes, they should be treated like people, but they shouldn’t get any special treatment that forces a major in the social structure of society.

If we compare LGBTQ with other minorities such as genetic defects, birth defects, and other abnormalities then they would fit better into how we handle those groups. The purpose of handling those groups is to try and adjust them into the current society. Make their defects and abnormalities improved to the goal of normality.

The LGBTQ group wants the normal to have them included, and to do this they want a new norm where they control the country and society.

The same is true when the democrats deal with the black minority in the country. The end result is that they will continue to have the blacks feel like they haven’t made any progress in the US society in the four hundred years they were here. The democrats tell the blacks to vote for them and they will continue to take care of them but their idea of taking care of them is the same way that socialism takes care of the people. Socialism doesn’t bring people up they just adjust the people to the same level.

The democrat push to the 2020 finish line.

The Black Voters

While they are telling the blacks they are being treated less by the right, they are in fact treating the blacks like virtual slaves. They give them handouts, and platitudes that keep them as loyal democrat voters. Even though it was the southern democrats that made use of them as slaves, until the Civil War that fought the southern democrats into submission and freed them. Then for the next hundred years the southern democrats would treat as if they were still slaves. Then as the years moved on closing in on the 21st century the democrats slowly but surely started a new paradigm for their political strategy of retaining the power of their vote.

That new paradigm was to shift the blame to the right; until that untruth was told so many times that the blacks and the democrat voters believed it was the truth. Today, even the democrats know that their grip on the black voters is lessening as more and more of them are no longer taking their handouts. They have climbed above the level that the Democratic Party put kept them in for so long.

Full steam ahead for the Democrat and Democrat Socialist Machine

That is why when Obama was president the Democratic Party went desperate and put more pressure on getting aliens across the border. They know it will take a long time before they can have these illegal aliens legalized and eligible to vote. That is why president Obama made the executive order for DACA, and why the democrats shutdown the government by including DACA in the budget agreement.

What is really interesting is how president Obama could make an unconstitutional EO but it was also unconstitutional for president Trump to reverse it. How can they both be unconstitutional, unless the SCOTUS has been politicized?

The plan for the democrats in 2020 is to go all in for socialism which is their final goal. They have senator Bernie Sanders and AOC preparing the line of offensive to make it a presidential campaign issue. At the same time, the Obama legion in the form of former Vice President Joe Biden is launching the third term of Barack Obama. The democrats have created a multi attack on the right, and they will go with whichever one gets traction.

In 2008, the democrats brought up Obama over Hillary because they saw that they had done well with him, even more so then Hillary. Then in 2016 they shunted Bernie Sanders because he wouldn’t have been the third term for Obama. In 2020, they will have to wait to see if the people will go for the Obama third term, or whether Democrat Socialism is the way to get to the White House.

The democrats right now don’t have a Hillary, and the competition for the primary is assorted, and the thinning of the candidates on the road to the primary will tell the democrats the best way to get traction. Actually, other than Biden there is no outstanding pick at this stage for the primary. When AOC got into congress, that could mean another good run for Bernie Sanders.

2020 will be won in hindsight, as was 2016!


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 days ago

      The democrats that want to tax the rich by making their marginal tax bracket set to 80%.


      But the rich don't make wages, and they don't pay marginal tax. Most of their income is offset by write offs, deduction, deferments, and other loop holes in the Internal Revenue Code.

      Also, many of them make millions to billions in the stock market, and their profit is taxed as a flat 20%.

      My point is that as long as the Internal Revenue Code is available for them the rich won't be taxed as much as the middle class.

      The income tax system is the problem, but if the income tax was replaced by a national sales tax or Flat tax the rich would pay like everyone else when they buy something.

      10% of 10, 000 is 1,000

      10% of 100,000 is 10,000

      10% of 1,000,000 is 100,000

      So even at the same tax rate they are paying more because they are spending more.

      I put it is at 10% because it doesn't include FICA which only applies to wages, and that will still be taken out of your pay check.

      That would be my choice.

      The other thing is the medicare for all.

      estimated cost is $30 to 40 Trillion over 10 years. The math is simple, the democrats are not mathematicians.

      We have a current budget of $4.4 Trillion, and the medicare for a year would range from $3 to $4 Trillion which is pretty much equal to our entire budget.

      If they want to spend that kind of money, they should use it to Cure some Major Diseases. I think the last one was the Salk Vaccine.

      Imagine how one curing one major disease would reduce the cost of healthcare.

      They also want to have free tuition for public college and universities. That would be the same as saying the current free public education would be extend for four more years.

      Just look at the failures of the public education system today, and now add 4 more years to fail.

      These are coming from Sanders and Warren followed closely by several of the two dozen democrats playing Santa Claus with our money trying to use it to buy the presidency.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 weeks ago

      In the meanwhile, lets talk about the democrats running for congress.

      Warren the apparent winner of last nights ten little Indians pun intended, was really mad in her tone, but she palefaced in contrast to Bernie who looks insane.


      Your health is not in the hands of equal quality of care, whether you buy into the socialist a government run system, or the classic private system. The reason is that all doctors have the same licenses but they don't have the same experience, competence, track record or knowledge. The point is that finding a doctor is different than getting a doctor from a pool of doctors.

      When you find a good dentist, a good mechanic, a good repair person, a good any kind of person, you want to keep them. When ACA came into being president Obama agreed with my opinion here, but as the ACA became law, the truth came out, but it was too late then. You lost that doctor, you lost that plan. You know who didn't lose and kept everything, the federal government workers because their plan was to de facto gold standard plan.

      The democrats don't want to spend a dime on the Wall to protect us from many threats like the gangs, the drug cartel, child sex trafficking and even the terrorists. Remember what only 19 terrorists did to our country.

      But the threat for healthcare is very real. For every illegal alien that gets into the country, the democrats want them to be covered by the same government run healthcare system.

      This is not a free healthcare system by any means. It is not an effective healthcare system when the government runs it. Look at all the fraud that came with the Medicare system. That fraud didn't help the sick, it help the criminals letting them use Medicare as if it was a bank robbery, but without guns, just a stroke of the pen or keyboard.

      The cost is in several Trillions of dollars each year. Yet, the democrats couldn't spend even a Billion for the Wall. A Wall that when it prevents more illegals coming into the country actually saves money because we don't have to pay for free education. And we prevent illegal drugs coming into the country, a country that lost the war against both gangs, and drugs several decades ago. These illegal drugs cause many kinds of sickness, mental illness, and even leading to suicides. It also supports a network of gangs to distribute and protect their illegal drugs. The shock wave from that ripples to every part of the country, and it then becomes a local and state issue, not just federal. Our prisons and jails have filled up to the point that judges are releasing prisoners across the country. This is not the second chance that helps us, it is the second chance that they get to do their criminal activities another time.

      The only worthwhile thing about the ACA was the preexisting condition, and I submit that could and should have been handled with a single bill in congress. It would have been implemented quicker and more effectively.

      The democrats now want you to believe that President Trump and the republicans want to kill that preexisting condition win. But, that isn't true, anymore than anyone will get rid of Medicare or SS.

      Canada is not the utopia for free healthcare, and remember the old saying you get what you pay for. To which, I always add, if you are very lucky. But there is no chance and the history of Canadian healthcare bears out that this is an effective healthcare system. There are just so many doctors in any country, and you do the math and see how many people outnumber the doctors. There are also so many hospital beds and see how fast you can get one when you need it, and how fast they will get you out of it, dead, alive, or still sick.

      A good friend of mine married a Canadian and she moved to Canada. Her husband was an electrician and over the years he messed up his knees to the point the he had trouble walking and he was in pain all the time. It took him two years to go up the queue to get the operation. And because she was still an American citizen she went across the border to the US to get her healthcare treatment.

      Remember before the ACA became law, congress was asked what is in the ACA legislation, and the reply was we will have to pass the legislation before we will know the details. Is that what people want from a government run healthcare system?

      The government is not a business and it has no real acumen in running a business. Healthcare is a business and look at the bang up job they do with Medicare and SS. Do you want to spread their business expertise farther with taking over all the healthcare?

      Look at how they run the National Highway System, the National Infrastructure, the Railroads, and the ACA. Look at how they brought NASA to a stop, and our astronauts had to bum a ride off the Russian rockets to get to the International Space Station because we no longer had a space shuttle. Much of what NASA was doing is now in the hands of private companies.

      And does that make you feel confident about the Feds running anything else, especially something that your life depends on?

      This Sander, Warren dream is a nightmare for the rest of us. You are going to be taxed to where even if you were deep into the middle class you would need this socialist program. The rich are never affected by the federal government. The rich will be using concierge healthcare that they have been using for a long time.

      And as long as the Internal Revenue Code allows them to bypass Income Tax at any marginal tax rate, they will continue to get richer. But, your chances of surviving death or debilitation go way down'

      The quality of healthcare today is dismal, and it won't get any better with government taking over healthcare.

      If we were going to spend Trillions of dollars a year, it would be better spent to cure disease. And if the money was outside of the for profit companies, we might be able to find some cures. The current healthcare system doesn't want to find a cure because that is a major loss of their huge profits. Right now while the healthcare is private, these insurance companies practice medicine without a license by telling the doctors what you are and aren't going to be able to do for their patients.

      We have a doctor shortage in this country, and in the world. Adding more people, well if you can't do the math, you shouldn't be voting.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      4 months ago


      The topic is not socialism, I can't define socialism because I am talking about the democrats plan to take over the WH. Definitions and labels won't change the point. What difference does it make what you call it, what is important is what the democrats are actually doing!



      I think you will find that the reason they didn't get coverage was most likely pre-existing conditions. If we eliminate that with a single bill to eliminate it, then why were other people not getting insurance under the old system?

      Why didn't didn't the congress give everyone a break by lowering or eliminating the medical deduction threshold. If ACA was so affordable then why raise the threshold in 2013? The ACA should have according to your view of it lowered the 7.5% to 5 or even 2.5%."

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      4 months ago


      "I guess you don't have to define socialism, you never really talked about it - just mentioned it a few times."

      I described what democrats are doing that they call socialism.

      The subject of this article is in its title.

      You avoided discussing that subject?

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      4 months ago


      "While you look up the answer to what socialism REALLY is, how about this.


      I don't have a definition, I just look at what the left is saying and I comment on it, as I did in this article. It is what the left has done, and it defies a definition.


      You say "... except for those people who lost their existing healthcare provider, and their doctors with it. ".


      This is the full quote

      "This would be the democrats first push towards socialism and they hyped it up that everyone thought it was the right thing. Except for those people who lost their existing healthcare provider, and their doctors with it. But the democrats soothed everyone with well it allowed people that were denied covered because of preexisting conditions to now get coverage.

      Yet, Obamacare was an overkill for that, as a single bill by congress couldn't have done the same thing, and it would have been able to go into effect in a year rather than 10 years for the entire Obamacare."

      I wouldn't have taken two years and a whole reshuffle to get that done. That was the reason that most people couldn't get insurance, or couldn't afford the insurance they were able to get. A whole decade of ACA that really only needed a single bill to get people insurance.

      And the healthcare that people get on ACA have very high deductible, catastrophic coverage. And many people that lost their doctors, who were successfully treated serious diseases like Cancer lost them.

      But, government employees didn't lose anything, now that is a crime against the people.

      And what kind of good healthcare plan has to TAX people to force them to get health insurance. Does that sound like a good plan.


      But what you don't say is how many of those ended up with healthcare coverage - was it all of them PLUS millions and millions of others who YOUR system denied coverage.


      I think you will find that the reason they didn't get coverage was most likely pre-existing conditions. If we eliminate that with a single bill to eliminate it, then why were other people not getting insurance under the old system?

      Why didn't didn't the congress give everyone a break by lowering or eliminating the medical deduction threshold. If ACA was so affordable then why raise the threshold in 2013? The ACA should have according to your view of it lowered the 7.5% to 5 or even 2.5%.

      BTW - are you saying ACA didn't come fully on board until 2018? Two years after he left office?"


    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      4 months ago


      That is so true, but don't underestimate the new generation. They have been indoctrinated by the left their entire life.

      They know nothing and it seems like every new generation knows even less.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have some of the bagels and cream cheese.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      4 months ago

      I believe the Dems are burying themselves in socialist empty headed rhetoric. Their views are outside the range of normal for most Americans. It is clear that this group of losers believe in nothing except winning. They could care less about the facts. They are going to lose in 2020. i I worry about what happens after that. The new graduates are clueless and brainwashed. Eventually, they will do in our nation.


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