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The Democrat Conspiracy Theory Trump and Russia Colluded to Influence the 2016 Us Presidential Election! Has Failed!

Updated on September 10, 2018

This is July 9, 2018 and the Mueller Investigation is still stuck at 2016

Mueller is still running on Trump colluded with the Russians to influence the election. Yet, after a year of his investigation which followed two congressional hearings on that collusion, there are no Russians, and no one including Trump colluded with them. There has been no proof that the 2016 election was influenced at all.

It is more plausible that the democrats and Hillary Clinton came up with this Trump Russian collusion using the alleged DNC email server hack, and the Christopher Steele Russian Dossier, an opposition paper created using Russians to fabricate the conspiracy that Mueller is investigating. The only Russian involvement in the 2106 election that tried to influence the election was the Russian Dossier. That Dossier lacked veracity, and facts that could be deemed evidence against Donald Trump.

After spending $17 million on what started out as an investigation of Trump and Russians colluding to influence our elections, Mueller has accumulated millions in paychecks for himself and his democrat biased friends on his investigation staff. Supporters of the Mueller investigation say that the money spent is cheap and normal. They also say that the country wants to know about the Russians and Trumps colluding on our election.Do they really want to know about it, when they have seen Mueller strike out with no indictments, and no evidence.All the other investigations came up empty as did Mueller, but they ended their investigation.

Mueller indicted Russian Nationals and there was no connection to Trump. And there was no proof of trying to influence the election. The big surprise to Mueller came when the Russians went to court and plead not guilty. Mueller than begged the judge to delay the case, they indicted. When the prosecution indicts someone the court assumes correctly so that they are ready for trial.

There was Russian Collusion in our 2016 presidential election, but it was HRC and the DNC not Trump or his team. What then is Mueller doing besides wasting millions of dollars of taxpayer money investigating without a crime to investigate?

The Democrats running for election and reelection in 2018 say

2016 was a bad election year for HRC, and the democrats. They had no political platform, other than we are not Trump vote for us and they lost.Today, the democrats have doubled down for 2018. Their platform is we the democrats are fighting against president Trump vote for us? What has president Trump done that would even warrant such a slogan. Pick an area and chime in to support these democrats. What area of the Trump presidency has he done something that needs resistance.

What exactly does fighting president Trump who is trying to run the country, and doing a great job at it do for the democrats and their voters. A vote for a democrat means that they will continue to sit and I mean sit in congress and do nothing for the country or the people. The only people they have even tried to do something for are the illegal aliens, both the criminal and non criminal ones. And the other people are the immigrant refugees.

They think that it is fair to put all the illegal aliens ahead of those immigrants that go through the legal immigration process. How is this equal opportunity, a mantra that the democrats have successfully used to their advantage. But now they ignore the equal opportunity of immigrants and give favor to the illegals.

This is the picture of the democrat mastermind of the infamous Democrat Created Conspiracy Theory

Click thumbnail to view full-size
This is one of the current conspirator supporter for the left
This is one of the current conspirator supporter for the left
This is one of the current conspirator supporter for the left

What is that Democrat Created Conspiracy Theory

Unlike many of my articles where I start and work up to the title of the article. This time I am opening with the title.

What is that Democrat Created Conspiracy Theory?


The Trump Russian Collusion to influence our US Elections.

  • I updated this hub April 7, 2018 to add some polls. Please take them.

Now that the full title is out there, you may be wondering why I chose to write about a Conspiracy Theory. The simple reason is that the Democrats have over time been the advocates of calling anything and everything a Conspiracy Theory.

  • The reason they do that is because it is the fastest and most effective way they have found to dispatch any troubling event fact situation that they don't want the public to have the truth. Rather than having to go through each theory line by line and come up with a plausible explanation to cover the truth, they come out with a blanket explanation, and then use the utterance or publishing of the Conspiracy Theory.

This is like a very powerful Macro that has the requisite effectiveness to quell the questions asked about the so called Conspiracy. This put the onus on the questioner, and off of the government. Both parties have effectively used the conspiracy theory to shut down any need to explain what really happened.

The success of the Hillary Clinton DNC conspiracy theory is that if you repeat often enough people will start to believe it. The conspiracy was just that, it was a fabricated opposition paper that was never verified for veracity or even facts.

Yet, the power democrat media kept it spinning, and people believe what they hear on TV.

This time it is the Democrats to use the Conspiracy Theory

The Democrats conspiracy is simple, Donald Trump and the Russians Colluded to and did influence the 2016 presidential election to favor Trump.

  • The only difference here as opposed to the traditional use of the Conspiracy Theory is this time, the democrats want you to believe that there was a Conspiracy. They will not shut down this conspiracy because it is working to their advantage.

This Democrat Conspiracy was created by head Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and the DNC. Their conspiracy gives an explanation of why presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election when she was the favorite and heir to the presidency.

They also use the faulty logic of how she won the popular vote, and how is winning the popular vote going to add any corroboration of the conspiracy about Trump and Russia?

This should really be a flaw in their conspiracy, but the Hillary supporters don't care. They use that as a reason why Donald Trump shouldn't be president. They say he didn't win the popular vote, so he is not really their president. It doesn't matter to them that the popular vote has never been the election decision to determine the presidency. Not since the Electoral College which is the real determining factor to winning the presidency.

It also doesn't matter to the Hillary supporters, that Hillary lost the EC in landslide to Donald Trump. Wouldn't you consider the EC votes from Trump at 304 to Hillary's 231 a landslide?

There are many other ways that the democrats have twisted the election and its results to bolster their conspiracy. But let us go to the conspiracy itself.

The basic Democrat Conspiracy that Trump and Russia Colluded to win the presidency for Trump

How was this Hillary Clinton and DNC conspiracy theory started?

It started when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election. And because Hillary had been heavily bankrolled in this election, she needed to save face with her supporters and more importantly with her financiers. After all, they ponied up most of the $1.2 Billion war chest. And what do they have to show for it. Maybe millions of campaign stickers saying things like, "Stronger Together', or "We are with her", or even "I hate Trump".

  • So Hillary and the DNC used the WikiLeaks that leaked the emails from the DNC email servers. Now it was time to weaponize those leaks. Keep in mind that NO one ever suggested that these emails published by WikiLeaks were not the real thing.

Hillary discarded that approach and instead went to how WikiLeaks got these emails. They came up with the clever idea, that it must have been the Russians, and of course Trump had to be in on it.

Russian Trump Election Collusion

If Hillary had just chosen to use Russia without Trump this conspiracy would have needed a reason to exist. But, when you add Donald Trump to the conspiracy it becomes a complete conspiracy theory.

Hillary has named the conspirators, and with just a theory married them into the single conspiracy theory.

Elements of the Russia Trump Cosnpiracy

This is where the conspiracy is melded to form a theory.

OK, Hillary has her conspiracy that Russia and Trump colluded to win the election from her. We have the working model of the conspiracy, but now we have to add the theory.


The theory consists of how the DNC emails got to WikiLeaks. And when these emails were published by WikiLeaks that is when the damage was done to Hillary's presidential campaign. And that had to be the result of Trump colluding with Russia.

Hillary then concocted that there must have been a hacking of the DNC servers, and that it must have been hacked by the Russians. Hillary and the DNC then have their private security company investigate the DNC server, and what do you think that they concluded. Of course, they say they found evidence of Russian hacking on the DNC server.

That brings one of the conspirators into play, the Russians. But even that has facts that don't seem to compute. As most conspiracy Theories exist because the facts and the explanations don't make sense, this also fits that criteria.

In this case however, the democrats and Hillary want you to believe this conspiracy theory. They can't let you behind the curtain because that would require some independent verification other than a private Democrat paid company.

To keep the conspiracy theory alive the DNC refused the numerous requests of the FBI and other intelligence agencies to get on the DNC server and investigate. By not allowing the government to independently investigate the DNC server they would be able to stand by their conspiracy theory.

The use of the conspiracy theory here is not like most of the conspiracy theories. This is because the government doesn't want you to find out the truth, so they use the words and the negative connotation of Conspiracy Theory to be used to summarily make the users of the Conspiracy Theory as buffoons.

The difference with the Trump Russia Collusion is that in this case they are using the Conspiracy Theory to make you believe there story. And for the most part the year and half long of investigations based on this theory were successful for Hillary.

They have allowed her to take the blame of losing the presidency and deposited that blame on Trump, her arch enemy.

Why isn't the Hillary Conspiracy Theory debunked?

It is amazing that Hillary got away with this flimsy conspiracy theory. It doesn't really give any credibility to why Trump is involved other than he won and she lost the presidency.

Since the several investigations into this Russia Trump Collusion to influence our elections started over a year and half ago, none of these investigations have found any evidence linking Donald Trump to Russia or to the election itself. Not mention any kind of proof of his involvement in any way.

Yet, the conspiracy theory continues with the Mueller investigation even though congress has give up their investigations.

Why do some people say that Trump is a nut job?

One of my dearest and longest friend in Long Island NY just told me in a conversation that inadvertently came to the topic of president Trump. The original topic was Social Security and when I mentioned it, this person had no idea that President Trump got them a 2% increase.

But this was after the statement was made that president Trump was a nut job.

I was shocked when I heard this person say it, but there was no misinterpreting what was said.

As this was not the topic of the call, I moved on. But, I am now curious as to how many people out there share that person's feeling about president Trump.

Can anyone explain it to me?


Most of the conspiracy theories that hid the government's involvement are there to prevent the truth from coming out. But, it has been difficult to make the theories conclude with prove who did what.

And this Hillary DNC conspiracy theory also has that same flaw. The theory says that Russia and Trump colluded to influence our elections. Yet, they have found no proof that Trump was involved. And they barely have any proof that Russia, or Putin was involved. But a collusion, like a conspiracy takes at least two parties.

At best, we have the Russians. Also, influencing a presidential election without finding any proof or even any methodology on how there could be any influence that could change election results.

In addition, other than saying it must have been Trump because he won there is no connection with Trump. Also, how does Hillary Clinton win the popular vote by 3 million votes, and still claim the influence was for Trump?

If you believe in the Democrat created Russia Trump Collusion to influence our elections, do you have any proof to support it?

Trump Russian Collusion To Influence Out Elections

Is this a conspiracy theory

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Trump Russian Collusion

Is Collusion a Federal Crime?

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Trump Russian Collusion to Influence our elections

Was there any evidence that Trump didn't win the election because of this platform and his campaigning?

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James Comey Oct 2016 letter reopening Clinton email investigation

How did this letter affect the election?

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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 months ago from Orange County California


      I agree, and I think it should be the republicans in congress that should demand that Rod Rosenstein, and Robert Mueller get the boot.

      And they should support Nunes in getting the special counsel to investigate from the beginning and end of the Obama empire, and not stop until they come to the present.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      5 months ago

      I think, by now, we all know that there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians. The Dems know it too, which explains why they are now losing their minds about an affair Trump had over a decade ago. This garbage has to stop, and I believe Mueller should get the heave-ho. He has outlived his usefulness.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 months ago from Orange County California

      If you believe in the Democrat Created Conspiracy of Russia Trump, then why can't you believe in the 911 conspiracy?


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