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The Depth of Changes Rolling Out With Global Governance and The Contact Paradigm

Updated on January 9, 2011
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I just ran across something interesting today. And the first thing that popped up in my head when reading it was to wonder if the Vatican who is supporting extraterrestrial contact Disclosure and evolution to an ET integrated reality recieved certain concessions in exchange for their called "payment" for the "costs" of disclosure?

Title: Texas Yanks Thomas Jefferson From Teaching Standard

Quote:  That emphasis did not sit well with board member Cynthia Dunbar, who, during Friday's meeting, explained the rationale for changing it. "The Enlightenment was not the only philosophy on which these revolutions were based," Dunbar said.

The new standard, passed at the meeting in a 10-5 vote, now reads, "Explain the impact of the writings of John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Voltaire, Charles de Montesquieu, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin and Sir William Blackstone."

By dropping mention of revolution, and substituting figures such as Aquinas and Calvin for Jefferson, Texas Freedom Network argues, the board had chosen to embrace religious teachings over those of Jefferson, the man who coined the phrase "separation between church and state."  End Quote.

The individuals listed were all Thomas Aquinas who was considered one of the greatest of the Schoolmen. Schoolmen were philosophers who attempted to reconcile the beliefs of the Christian church and the ideas which had come down to them from the Greeks - philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, and others who are fathers of modern science (philosophies which then had been long in exile as threats to the Roman Church). Aquinas was the one who is credited with working out the relationship between Christian beliefs and those forms of Greek philosophy. He was one of the Realists and endeavored to show that universals were real. In agreeing with Christian tradition he held that all universals existed in the mind of God. He followed Aristotle in introducing matter as that upon which universals work. Nature, for him was a union of universals and matter. For Thomas, God created the world out of nothing. He was the cause of both matter and the universals and that creation is going on all the time around us.

Jean Jacques Rousseau believed man was not a machine, part of the mechanical universe. Rather, man was a thing of feeling, sentiment. Science, culture, had bound man in chains which were destroying all that was really human. Rousseau proposed to cast off this shell of civilization and free man for the full development of all his capacities. Rousseau believed science had isolated man from nature and that man's salvation lay in an escape from the bonds of science and a return to nature.

Hobbes was a materialist with the idea that everything in the universe is in motion, even God.

Voltaire never tired of condemning the traditional authorities and championing human freedom, but he did not believe that the lower classes had the capacity for self-government; believed that the "ignorant rabble" was a danger whenever restraint was freedom was to be the privilege only of the enlightened, the intelligent. An elitist.

Locke is credited with giving the modern world a new interpretation of man. He felt that all knowledge comes from sense impressions of our world; the universe. Even this, to him he felt, we cannot be absolutely certain. He said there are two kinds of substances, bodies and souls. He was a dualist in his theory, souls, minds, and bodies act upon each other but we can know only the ideas which these substances produce in us. Locke made the "study of knowing" his chief occupation and his conclusion was that all ideas come to the individual through sense experience.

As far as the ideas about governance and individual sovereignty....well, Hobbs attempted to defend the power of the English King and the general structure of English monarchy. The defense led to the theory of the "divine right of kings" and to the position that the king can do no wrong.

Locke did disagree with Hobbes and others who believed that the natural state of man was one of war and self-seeking...also opposed the idea of the king rules by divine right or that he has absolute power to govern men as he wills. He held that the original and natural state of all men is one of perfect freedom and equality; that no one has the right to take away another's life, liberty, or possessions. He did however believe that after society has been established, each member is under obligation to submit to the authority of the majority. This is necessary for efficient living together, since unanimous consent is next to impossible in a large group.

Hobbes and Locke were polar opposites in that Hobbes was interested in presenting justification for absolute monarchy and Locke in justifying the doctrine of political freedom.

I'm not saying that any of these people are not worthy of study, but I am curious about two being that our history is being retracted to return it to us as focused on melding church doctrines with early and likely confusing discourse for children on politics and the unsettled, less satisfactory definition of freedom rather than on the later consensus which resulted in the creation of the United States. If one was preparing a young population for globalism and for an absorbtion of a country into a state of non-existence or inconsequential-ness then eradicating the current paradigm of individual sovereignty for older ideas of freedom and liberty centered on group good specified as the "good of society", then this would be the way to do it, by removing such respected and revered personages as Thomas Jefferson from the leading portions of consciousness....relagated to a dusty shelf, he and his ideas and words

I guess I am disturbed by a rising global government which does so at the expense and loss of individual sovereignty (even its history and legal standing) so as to meet a dispensiary need of the ETs with speed. Those who are putting this global government or governance in effect are elites and do not value individual sovereigty or what it improves in the world. This for me has ramifications which will in my view hurt eventually the insiders of the Contact Control Structure who are associated with past transgressions on humanity and also the perception of the affronts/offenses made upon human citizens of Earth subjected to abduction & DNA/reproductive product extraction and mind studies unwillingly. This sets the stage for a continuation of these ET - Human unethical interactions. It also sets the stage for Human to Human unethical interactions which include the stealing of blood samples for DNA upon arrest rather than conviction for DNA databases. Obama just rubber stamped this behavior last week ( ). It leads to other behaviors such as random to regular body & brain scans such as the new processing & scan equipped mobile trailers ( l and Homeland Security Unveils Mobile Mind Screening Checkpoints ) that have also recently been reported on (placed on display) that is initially going to be used at political events & sports events.

I see an distinct pattern of societal modification underway that runs as deeply as the philosophies which we innoculate our children with during their formative years. Many say, well this has been happening for decades...well it is ramping up even further. While the pro-disclosure groups are ostensibly pro-Constitution and pro-Ethical Behavior, they are very busy on their efforts to turn the ship but have yet to notice that there are those among the leadership who love the good life, free will, and the pursuit of happiness which varies from sovereign to sovereign so little that they deliberately left the partition doors wide open in that quarter. I am concerned that in our haste there has been a sacrifice made that will be severely regretted by the whole because we feared dialog about our own ills and disrespected the hard earned ideas that have built our current realization of self.

Locke was adamant that the idea of whether a man is free is foolish, because the will is the power of an individual to think his own actions to prefer their doing or not doing....however freedom entails more than that of will or choice. The idea of the individual being sovereign also requires a return of or duty of respect and respectful treatment from the powers of the world. What is free will without respect or the treatment of respect? If the world does not respect or treat respectfully the individual as a sovereign then the individual will not have rights to understanding either himself or his world or the beyond. Spinoza gave us insight into the problem by putting forth that will is always determined by understanding, and therefore cannot be thought of as free. Will is only half of the equation. The other half requires a idea of respect embodied in the idea of sovereignty...this individuals like Jefferson gave to us. What will a globally united world stepping out into a greater community look like if it sheds its idea of the human individual as a sovereign being which is due respect and respectful treatment from both its own and the Others?

Beneath the flow of everyday life lies a truth that won't be denied...
Beneath the flow of everyday life lies a truth that won't be denied... | Source

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  • Cyrellys profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Montana

    Hi Grace,

    I'm pleased to meet you too. Yes, I would agree with you that the decisions were to a point motivated by the religious right movement. But there are some aspects involved here which I think many and even the RR may not be fully aware of. I will touch on some of it but have no desire to provide enough information that could instigate a rewrite of history because that would be neither appropriate nor appreciated by those whose forebears had some involvement. You may take those details worth a grain of salt if you like but consider that they pose some interesting questions.

    To begin, the Contact Paradigm is far far older than the last 60 - 70 years. It has been an auxillary of human history for longer than we have been writing about ourselves. Many groups have held this information close for many different reasons. Jefferson was aware of and had access to some unusual libraries. This included information on earlier cultures whose foundations were based in ideas about freedom and how they organized around those ideas. It would not surprise me if some of the indications of deism were part or parcel to exposure to those writings. Or to an awareness that one day this nation would harbor a people thus prepared through practice to participate in a greater community.

    Today we have a alternate global governance who regularly uses conscription of other movements to achieve their own ends. This unscrupulousness depicts the nature of it. Since we do not teach philosophy to school children anymore, the current generation of RR have never been deeply exposed to the sources of their own ideas or to the differences between reason and doctrine.

    Philosophy was meant to be taught in conjunction with History. In my mind there is little point in one without the other. It makes little sense without historical context and History makes little sense without exposure to the philosophical contexts of the discussions and debates which were occuring among the people of those times. Today's children are deprived of this type of understanding of their cultures, their religions, and the umbrella society within which they live. History is undergoing a huge modification by what I would call special interests with alterior motives. This is not to say that we should add to our understanding of history...just that we should carefully examine all players and their motives before making large scale modifications. Therein your religious right but deeper by instigators who benefit from the division and devisiveness which this creates.

    I think that the RR would indeed prefer to see the US system decending from thinkers who were trying to reconcile Greek learning with Christianity. This was very much the history of Christianity clear back to the days of the arguments which caused the consternation of Emperor Trajan and his secondus Pliny and farther. Justin a Greek of Rome wrote the Apology to emperor Antoninus Pius in which he said, "Those who lived according to reason are Christians." This is one of the earliest attempts by a convert from Stoicism and Platonism to the nobler, "precepts of Christ.....For each man spoke rightly in proportion to the share he had of the seminal Word [reason], seeing what was related to it..." This is the heritage of Christianity which many within the religious right AND in the far left have forgotten. Just as they have forgotten that Socrates, Heraclitus, Plato, and Aristotle were largely monotheists who laid the initial foundation for the melding of spiritual understanding and reason together.

    I think where we get hung up is in the difference between Doctrine (theism) and Reason (philosophy/fluid approach to examination and learning). Doctrine is absolute, while Reason allows modification of our understanding as new information contributes. I would suggest that a key question to ask of anyone who is seeking to alter history or of the import of the players therein would be, "Are you seeking to teach what you believe? How intensly do you care or know yourself to be correct in what you believe?" This is the difference between a force of Doctrine versus an action of Reason. Reason will learn and evolve, whilst Doctrine will remain ever the same and history will allow itself to be used in remarkable gymnastics to help it accomplish this.

  • graceomalley profile image


    7 years ago

    I really enjoyed your article. I have not studied these thinkers enough to be sure of what each contributed, so I appreciate this clear summary.

    This is the first of your hubs that I've read, but I see you have an overall framework of understanding current events in reference to ETs - as I read I wondered if these same decisions by educators might be motivated by the Religous Right? Wouldn't the RR prefer to teach students that the US system descends from thinkers who are trying to reconcile Greek learning and Christianity? The RR I believe is suspicious of Jefferson as a Deist. Also, this happened in Texas, a place more supportive to the RR than say, New England.

    I agree with you that this level of teaching about all these philosophers is more likely to confuse children than anything else. seems more appropriate material for a college classroom. Jefferson, on the other hand, seems a good figure for schoolchildren of any level. Which leads me to beleive its not about education, its about other objectives.

    I'm going to take a look at some of your other hubs. Nice to meet you.


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