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The Uprise Of Desperation All Across America

Updated on September 2, 2016

Millions Of Desperate Americans

American Statistics And Facts

In the United States today the red, white, and blue colors are slowly fading away. Once upon a time America was the envy of the world, but today the rest of the world is watching the United States steady decline in horror. The facts and statistics tend to rarely ever lie to a person. Forty percent of Americans have only five-hundred dollars or less in there savings account. Nearly ten-million American households don't even have any type of banking accounts. Another twenty-eight percent don't have one single red penny for unexpected emergencies. In the workforce, one in four workers bring home wages that are well below the federal poverty level. Seventy-seven percent are currently living paycheck to paycheck. Another forty-one percent are not working at all, due to the lack of jobs that have relocated overseas. Thirty- percent of American workers plan to work at there new part time jobs for atleast until there eighty years of age. Roughly one-third of all Americans are presently not capable of paying the bills on time. Twenty-five million adult American citizens are currently living at home with there parents. Fifty-seven percent of children are currently living in homes that are considered low income or impoverished. Sixty-two percent of citizens have been forced to drastically reduce there household spending. Roughly thirty-three percent of American families have a net worth of zero. One-fourth of all American children are enrolled in the food stamp program. Roughly fifty percent of citizens live in a home with an individual who receives financial assistance. Today there are well over fifty million American citizens enrolled on the food stamp program. One-hundred million Americans have recently enrolled in atleast one welfare program that is run by the federal government. These figures do not include the citizens on medicare or social security. There are currently one-hundred million Americans who are considered poor or near poor. In the United States, the number of people living in poverty has increased by six million in only four short years. More American citizens are suffering financially today than any other time in American history.

All That An American Has

Becoming Lawless In America

The United States is swiftly becoming a lawless and unsafe place to live. A crumbling United States economy of 2008, still even today has left millions of ordinary citizens on the brink of utter desperation. Whenever people have there backs pushed up against the brick wall, often times they find themselves engaging in activities they never imagined doing, or ever taking any part in. When it finally comes down to the wire, the time has come to choose survival, or breaking the law. Large populations of American citizens are choosing to break the law. In fact, it's rather obvious that any person living under desperation will quite literally do just about anything to make a dollar. All over America there has been a rising epidemic of air conditioner thefts and a grandmother in Flordia is accused of attempting to sell her newborn grandson for sevent-five thousand dollars. In the state of Texas the desperate thieves have consistently been breaking into funeral homes to steal the embalming fluid. Desperate people in Atlanta have been tearing down walls and busting up the bathroom fixtures with sledgehammers to steal the copper pipes. A desperate Washington mother was charged with trying to sell her baby for five-hundred dollars outside of a Taco Bell restaurant. In Ohio two young boys had there lemonade stand robbed in broad light and the desperate men only got away with twelve dollars. A desperate Chicago police officer stole fifty-thousand dollars from his elderly parents to pay off his gambling debts. In Oklahoma the desperate thieves broke into a church and stole the childrens bible story supplies. A fifty-nine year old man in North Carolina by the name of Richard James Verone, was so seriously desperate that he purposely decided to go rob a bank so he would get caught, and could finally be blessed with free healthcare in prison. Whenever citizens become desperate, they will naturally experience high levels of stress, intense anxiety, and also many severe frustrations. A desperate individual will become so highly frustrated that they will tend to lash out in many unusual ways. Generally a desperate person will become highly unpredictable, they loose all common sense abilities, and will often display very bold behaviors. Commonly violent behaviours and the desire to use violence against others will significantly increase when a desperate person becomes highly frustrated. All over the United States there are litterly thousands of reports of children killing there own parents. A desperate child from Chicago killed his sleeping father with a weed trimmer. In Louisiana a desperate man killed his seven year old son who was wheelchair confined. He was described as a father who had no help with taking care of his special needs son and became highly frustrated. The child suffered severely with Cerebral Palsy and his father said he was just simply tired of taking care of his son. In Georgia a desperate child stabbed there grandmother and great-grandmother with a sword. The streets of America are becoming very crazy, as America continues to decline, let the debt click away into infinity, and beyond. These examples of desperation in America will only progress to become even more crazier in the future.

Living In Storage Building Rentals

Troubled Living Arrangements For Millions

Millions of American individuals and even entire families with small children are becoming displaced much more often. A common job loss can surely displace any family who struggles financially. If there is no income or very little income that is coming into a household. The chances of paying for a mortgage or paying rent to the landlord are rather unaffordable. Some American citizens will move themselves or sometimes even there entire families back home with the parents. Often times citizens will skip moving back home with there parents and decide to move in with other family members instead. Others have been known to pitch a tent and camp out in the wilderness. Many live in a cheap run down motel room and pay there rent on a weekly basis. Some choose to sleep in the car or in the back of a mini-van. A rare option for others is to rent out a storage building for a fairly cheap price and live in the storage unit for short periods of time. Many others are forced to suck-up there pride and go reside in a homeless shelter. Desperate times will always call for taking desperate measures.

Insufficient Funds At The Bank In America

The Thick Cloud Of Despair In The Air

In the United States the despair that is currently in the air will only thicken with passing time. The present death of the middle class that continues to deepen each day in America is a brewing national crisis. All of the good forty-hour a week paying jobs are still being continually shipped overseas, the banks have the majority of citizens enslaved to there debts, the government is profusely seeking for new ways to tax there already struggling citizens, and the Federal Reserve is consistantly debasing the currency. A large percentage of the middle class citizens in the United States have already slipped down into poverty. From shore to shore, many Americans are presently being forced to sell there prescription drugs illegally on the streets, others are traveling overseas to sell there body parts illegally on the underground black market, some are currently running credit card scams, many are shoplifting from the Mega-Corporations, large numbers are taking bribes, and numerous others are even invading homes for a dollar. The ongoing identity theft epidemic in America has reached astounding new record levels, millions of desperate citizens are suffering quietly, many have lost all hope, and given up completely in America. As the desperate continue to become even more desperate and while the poor continue to become even more poor. The greedy elite and all of there little puppets will continue to carry hearts that will exceed in waxing cold.

All The Good Jobs Went Overseas

Millions Of Families Are Barely Surviving In America

The United States is currently desending quickly into low-wage paying jobs and the new common part-time paying jobs that typically always lead to a dead end. A large percentage of American citizens are frequently experiencing very stagnant growth that is accompanied by a decreasing social mobility. The devastated working class in the middle and the poor people who's labor is no longer nessasary for the bottom of the sysyem. Many citizens have began donating plasma or blood on a weekly basis to help supplement there unreliable part-time income. The twenty-five extra dollars each week for donating goes a long way in helping to pay the bills. Many citizens in America can be found walking along busy highways in a desperate attempt to gather up enough aluminum cans to pump a couple of gallons of gasoline into the family car. Living in a country that consistantly turns there heads away from the suffering of the poor and the working people. We all continue to steadily loose our very souls.

Desperate Americans Scavenging For Food

The American Welfare And Food Stamp Epidemic

A large percentage of financially-strapped Americans are presently surviving by living on welfare or food stamps. The more money an under-paid part-time worker makes; then the less food stamp funds the Federal Government gives to the already impoverished worker. Living in the oppressive system that dominates all of there struggling citizens will only continue to create escalating levels of social misery for citizens. A rapid growing number of desperate citizens are scavenging in the greedy coorperations dumpsters for there next meal. Millons of innocent children all across America are presently going to bed hungry at night. Mom and dad never can hardly afford to feed there children a wholesome meal for dinner while working at there low wage part-time jobs. Multitudes of school children are constantly reporting each day to there elementary teachers about only eating one little bag of potato chips lastnight for dinner. The pure invisibility of poor peoples plight in public policies has produced epidemic levels of social despair among the most vulnerable and the most weakest of citizens.

Desperation Of Americas Most Vulnerable Citizens

A Short Video Clip On The Desperation All Across America

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    • junko profile image


      2 years ago

      Here I read something similar and like my latest hub but the fall of America with no hope nor faith. I remember when I was young and thought the end was near, that was over fifty years ago .

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      2 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Amazing facts and so devastating and so many people are going to call you a liar and put more of the same right back in the White House until we are worse than nothing, we will be destroyed as a country and a people yet they will keep on upholding the criminals and liars while surely they have eyes to see and ears to hear. Or do they?


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