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The Destructive Power of Fear

Updated on March 26, 2012

Fear and Energy

Fear. One of the most commonly experienced emotions on the globe both human and animal alike. Yet with humans we are able to evaluate this emotion and its causation unlike animals that react out of instinct or conditioning. How often do you experience fear? Can you pinpoint the moments in your life where fear has held influence over your thoughts, reactions and feelings? Almost every reaction we experience is filtered through our insecurities, if challenged fear is the result. What is it that provokes fear in people? I have a theory on this. Fear is caused by inconsistency and resistance of any form, the greater the deviation from consistency and/or the greater the resistance, the greater the fear that is created. Our reactions are fueled by this fear. Yet what is fear exactly? We know that fear is a reaction to stimuli that release certain chemicals into the brain engaging our fight-or-flight instinct. Does fear always become destructive? If you look at the label of "fight-or-flight" instinct it presents an option of two reactions. This reaction is obviously what determines our reactions, but what determines one over the other? Our conscious mind. Our conscious mind is filled with opinions, past experiences, likes, dislikes, and every pleasurable and painful emotion we have ever experienced. This is where fear can be empowering or defeating. These experiences act as filter for future experiences with the intent of protecting ourselves from unpleasant experiences. Yet it is a choice how we go about doing this. So what does it take to remove these barriers we have created that chain us in a cage of fear?


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