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The Difference Between Big Cities and Small Towns

Updated on July 1, 2017

Countrywide, there are found both small towns and big cities. Small towns and big cities have their advantages and disadvantages, which show some similarities as well as differences. Furthermore, these differences can be either positive or negative. Therefore, everyone deserving a reliable place for living should first determine what a given city is capable of offering. In this respect, he or she has to evaluate the benefits against the demerits. This is because; different people have different attitudes towards a given standard of living being offered in a given town, either small town or a big city, due to the above reason. These essays show the difference between big cities and small towns as compared to the living standards.

I have made a living in couple of big towns especially Oklahoma City and Tulsa, where I have learned a lot concerning the life in big cities. On other hand, I have made my living in other small towns located around Oklahoma, whereby I have learned the living standards of these places too. Therefore, I have learned more differences between big cities to small towns, and that is the reason as to why the living standards of someone determines whether the place they are living is capable of accommodating their need fully.

In essence, life in being towns has many challenges, especially when someone is making a decision on what to eat in restaurant. Probably, if someone is a new person in a big city can experience a very hard situation on a condition whereby they want to make a decision on what to eat and where is the best place to eat, for examples, in cities like; Chinese, American, Asian, Mexican, and Greek among others. In these cities, Restaurant found there offers the fast food that is the reason it may be hard for some to make their decision since the food they require can be offered anywhere within.

Mom and Pop restaurants are the typical restaurants that can be found in small towns or small cities. Mom and Pop are cuisine that offers the food of low class that can accommodate both low and medium class people. In most cases, cuisines can hardly be found in big cities. The lack of cuisines in big cities limits people of low class to live in such cities. On the other hand, restaurants found in smaller towns do not offer fast foods, which subsequently create a challenge to people who are used to life in big cities to live in such an environment. This owes to the fact that they cannot get the fast food in case they live in these small towns hence causing them to flee from small towns and cities.

When comparing the types of food in big cities and small towns. The reality has been found that, the small town cuisine is limited from offering the fast food as compared to restaurants in big cities offering fast food. For this reason, most of these cuisines, which are limited for offering fast food, are found within small cities, and families own them. That is, they are inherited from one generation to another; therefore, it becomes hard to get the fast food in these towns since they cannot even manage to offer a single fast food.

In big towns especially in America, being an example, there is availability of goods, since most of the goods are purchased in stores. Due to this, it is well known that in large cities, there is large or abundance of goods in store, example, everything from specialty party supply store or from health food store or even brand clothing store can easily be availed. Variety of stores like malls, supermarkets, superstores are found in abundance that enable their customers to have easy moments as they visit those places. Since, they can get variety of goods and services in the same building, especially in malls, and superstores.

In small towns, shopping experience as compared to big town is drastically very different from one another. This is because small towns do not accommodate a shopping malls and specialty stores among aspects. Small towns can only accommodate supermarkets and superstores. Therefore, it becomes very hard for people with experience of big town to make their living in small towns, since the place cannot fully accommodate every customer for a shopping. They are not able to collect all what they need in the same building as far as shopping is concerned. Hence, it becomes limited to handle the needs of the people who have experienced living in a big town.

Activity matters in big towns have played a big role in the city. This is because the place is filled with many things that the people living there can do during their leisure time. For instance, you will find such facilities as shopping stores, water parks, and amusement parks and these draws the attentions and attraction of many people of all ages. Moreover, there are many clubs, put-put golf and night golf to ensure that fun and entertainment will continue even after the sun goes down, since some of the people might be busy within the daytime and opt to undertake their leisure activity during the night.

In small towns, very little of activities are found compared to big cities. Therefore, customers or new people in these towns have trouble while taking their shopping. This is because in these places, there is no malls or stores for shopping, in addition, they are limited in doing their fun, since there are no amusement water parks and others, but they only accommodate such aspects as parks, public pools, cow tipping which cannot fully accommodate every person and there is not much night life. Therefore, it becomes so hard for the people to make their living in small towns due lack of enough facilities in town.

To conclude, I therefore recommend that either it is large or small city, one should consider the related advantages and their disadvantages. This owes to the fact that for everyone to fit in a given class of life should, the living standards he or she desires determines so. This is because some small towns are close to big towns according to some experience that one may have. Therefore, if someone deserves a life of small towns but considering a shopping of a big town, it is advisable that he/she may find a small town that is close to a big town, which will suit their life they need.

In addition, people should not consider the living standards in a given place or town, but first they should consider their capability of what they can contribute towards their living. This is because for anyone to live in a given city or town will determine on what they can accommodate or contribute for the standards of life they deserve.


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