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The Dilemmas Hillary Clinton Faces in the 2016 Presidential Election

Updated on June 10, 2016

Now that it has finally been settled (although, it was never really in doubt) that Clinton is the Democratic Presidential nominee, more dilemmas are coming.

Dilemma #1 is does she choose a female running mate for V.P.? Clinton, flushed with being the first woman potential woman as President of the United States, must be very tempted to make it even more historic, human nature what it is. Let’s face it, she probably does have some passive aggressive anger towards Bill, her husband, for sure, and to a lesser degree, men in general. I mean, she is a feminist. Old school feminist of the more radical variety clothed in $12,000 clothes. If she elects Elizabeth Warren for V.P., the Democratic ticket will likely alienate some women and a lot of men. But, Clinton’s dilemma is also, if she does select a man for V.P., how will that go down with the US population, and within the White House? The optics simply look odd. You can just hear a lot nasty jokes about it. Actually, you can hear a lot of nasty jokes if it is also an all-female ticket. No matter what Hillary elects to do will meet with controversy. Despite politics, if the ticket is all-female, be assured some sort of gender war will follow. It is possible Hillary will be another “Margaret Thatcher” that was greatly respected in the world and in Britain. An all-woman ticket might be divisive among the voters.

Dilemma #2 is her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Hillary has said that for economic policies she will defer to her husband for guidance. So, if she is elected, we actually may have two Clintons governing America. Is this a good or bad thing? Will it lead to even more corruption? Who she nominate Bill for a Cabinet position? This is getting too weird. Maybe she might even nominate their daughter, Chelsea, for an Ambassadorship.

Dilemma #3 is Donald Trump. The upcoming few months and then Presidential debates between the two will be atomic. Assuming, Trump survives the in-fight war that will occur at the Republican Convention, Trump is like a Muhammad Ali fighter, eager to smash into Hillary. He knows he can knock her out in rounds, but will she remain that way? Hillary has shown some iron will but will she remain composed when Trump goes for the jugular and pins her down on Benghazi, the boiling E-mail scandal, her “standing by her man” when Bill lied in front of America about Monica Lewinsky affair, and where contributions come from for the Clinton Foundation. Hillary will feel intimidated by Trump, the bully. So do a lot of men and women. The debates will be a replay of the gender war that happened in the 1970’s. It will polarize the voters, for sure.

Dilemma #4 is the e-mail scandal. This is a scandal of it is and it isn’t. Any middle of the road voter can see that evidence shows Hillary did violate internal policy as Secretary of State by having an email server used for business hidden in her basement of her home. Anyone with any impartiality can see that on its face, it is wrong, not right, and she thought rules did apply to her. After all, she was the boss! Then, she told key staff members to remain silent about it when asked. To, in other words, cover it up. Then, to allow classified and secret communications reside on the server in a unprotected state, simply is gross negligence, with the hacking today. When discovered, she did not provide all of the emails to the FBI. As the FBI found out, some were classified as “Secret”. Hillary continues to act as if she did nothing “seriously” wrong, after all, previous Secretary of State’s circumvented internal policy, so it’s not a big deal. This is like not making a complete stop at a Stop sign on the road, not a big deal. It depends how you look it. I mean, geez, it’s just frickin’ email, LOL. It’s a big deal now because she was caught and she is running for President of the United States. She tried to cover it up with her staff. The optics of this is why 50% of Americans do not trust her.

But there is more to this. The final decision from the FBI is coming later. Will the Obama appointed Attorney General prosecute Clinton if the FBI advises this? Or, will, she have a conversation with Obama and together they will try to delay or hide the FBI advice from the public? Would the Attorney General prosecute Hillary, knowing it would give the election to Trump, even if it is against Obama’s opinion? If the recommendation to prosecute is buried, the FBI may not play along and make it public in order to force it to happen. This is very real. This would be a disaster not only to Clinton but Obama. Imagine, Clinton being elected and then the FBI begins its prosecution.

Chaos. That is what the future holds for the next few months. Chaos in all forms.


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