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Poor Man's Nuke

Updated on June 24, 2017

The Potential "DAESH-ISIS-Chicken Dirty Bomb" ?

Hint: The United States Government (Obama) is the CHICKEN!
Hint: The United States Government (Obama) is the CHICKEN! | Source

The idea that stockpiling more nuclear weapons to ensure our security in the United States may not matter.

In a world plagued by Islamic Militant drug addicts, any time one nation shows weakness, other nations will take advantage.

What if you can't even obtain a full fledged nuclear bomb? IMPROVISE!

Russia, according to various internet sources (Federation of American Scientists being just one) has about 8,000 nuclear weapons.

The United States, according to the same source, has a little over 7,300 such devices. (Thanks Obama!)

These numbers will change of course. This information was from December 2014. Lately, there has been a push in the United States to build more nuclear weapons.

It may not help, at least in the short run...if the Daesh gets dirty...

Do we really need all these nuclear devices?

If one side has the ability to shield itself from the missiles from the other side and wanted to ensure victory, extra nuclear devices would be required. That is just one reason. There are many reasons to have more bombs and the simplistic question about nuclear stockpiles is just that: simplistic.

We live in a complicated nuclear world now. Unilateral disarmament will not ensure a nation's security or survival if other countries do not follow suit. Especially when terrorists are changing the game.

The Dirty Bomb problem. This is one of the most pressing problems facing the modern world today. It's bad. But we ignore it. Or we don't want to think about it.

Comparatively speaking, the big players on the block, the United States and Russia hold the lion's share of potential human extinction devices. You can call them H.E.D.'s if you like.

The question to ask is: should one give or receive H.E.D.? (Pun intended.) In this case and only this case - it's better to give H.E.D.

France and the United Kingdom hold respectable piles of death and destruction, at 300 and 225, respectively.

China, the new and upcoming quasi-Super Power, as we have been warned, has about 250 such devices. They have more - you can bet.

Israel, smartly protecting itself after all - they are surrounded by a lot of folks who wish them extinct - has about 80 nukes. Really? Only 80? I don't think so.

Bringing up the rear and certainly two of the most dangerous nuclear bomb collectors on the planet are India and Pakistan.

India comes in at about 100 nuclear devices.

Pakistan? It has maybe a few more. Perhaps it is just for good measure I suppose. These countries are not getting along. You ever see an Indian's eyes? They just look pissed (angry) all the time. Is it the "curry?"

Rounding out the pack in today's radioactive world we have North Korea, which comes in at 10 devices of doom. That fat kid might just push the button for fun.

Any of these countries could actually start a nuclear war. But would they?

The Nuclear Club

Number of Nukes
North Korea
Source: Federation of American Scientists (Probability that these figures are accurate? Nil.)

All told, as far as the world knows, no nuclear war has ever taken place.

Yes, the United States did drop those devices on Japan in 1945. It took a few, but it ended the war.

Let me repeat that for you peaceniks. It saved millions of lives.

And argue that if you like. Afterwards, argue about "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin."

That was the point, to stop the conflict. To force the Japanese to discontinue their aggression or face such consequences as cannot be adequately described by humans. Melted earth. Decimation. Hell.

The lesson of the nuke was similar to the lesson of Dresden. Massive destruction on a scale never before seen. So gruesome was the destruction that no enemy could garner the support of the masses any longer. There was not more 'fight' in them.

The Second World War was brought to a close. Humans could now go on with their lives in places where "life" was actually respected.

This mass death concept can be used by the local thugs now. What is more, it is scary as hell, but the threat does not seem to frighten many of us.

It is almost as if we have lived under the threat of a nuclear holocaust for so long that we have become desensitized.

We live in a fantasy bubble of false peace.

The world around us is fraying and we go to the mall. We have a Brutus Burger and a beer, while the Marine scrambles around deserts, hides in mud-brick hellholes and then comes home in pieces. They have a nice flag draped over their coffin afterwards, so Obama can chime in poetically about their alleged sacrifice.

The Dirty-Bomb Holocaust is nigh. Let us do our best to prevent it.

Dirty Bombs

Are you concerned about Dirty Bombs?

See results

Caesium chloride


Mass Homicide

Dirty Bombs are probably not designed to kill large numbers of people quickly. They are primarily designed to instill fear in the populace. Dirty or low-grade radioactive bombs will not likely cause mass destruction or infrastructure damage. Instead, death and disease will come slowly, in the form of cancer.

Caesium Chloride is one such substance that can be use to build a dirty bomb. It is a powder and works well in bombs. It is also not so difficult to obtain.

Ideally, for a terrorist, mass death is what he or she is after. The more carnage the better, but what if you could detonate the bomb that keeps on detonating? In other words, what if you, as a Militant Islamist, could use such a device? Of course, you would probably die in a few weeks as a result of the exposure to the radiation and go to your Maker. But your brothers-in-arms, the smart ones still living, could sit back and enjoy the chain of events for years to come – as the victims died slowly of cancer and related diseases.

Dirty Bomb Issues

  • Low Grade Radioactive Materials readily available

  • Disperse with common explosives

  • An entire city could be affected for months or even years

  • Structural damage limited

  • Clean up costs may not be worth it

  • Abandoned neighborhoods or cities a likelihood

  • Human costs uncertain, but cancer risks a primary concern

  • Health problems may exist in affected population for years

The Poor Man's Nuclear Device

If you cannot manufacture a full fledged nuclear bomb, you need to improvise. But you need some radioactive material first.

Low grade material is available. The best place to look is in your own back yard. Universities, Hospitals, Junk Yards and have the necessary materials and some materials are better than others depending upon the application.

In the case of ISIS (DASESH!!!) it appears that they have obtained the necessary materials from Iraq (or Iran?).

There have been numerous cases of lost low-grade radioactive material scattered all over Russia going back decades.

The United States has similar problems with control of low grade radioactive materials.

Once you have a bit of the low-grade radioactive stuff, you simply strap it to conventional explosives and whammo you have yourself a Dirty Bomb.

Some scientists indicate that a water soluble type of low-grade material would work best. Others tell us that powdery radioactive dust would be better. Are you serious?

The result may not be massive physical damage to buildings or infrastructure, but the reaction of the population could cause other more pressing problems.

That might not even be the worst of it.

The radiation could make the area uninhabitable for weeks or months, even years. Would you ever return to an area which was hit with a Dirty Bomb? The cancer risk alone might make that decision very easy. Whole cities might be evacuated - permanently.

Bye Bye New York City?

DAESH and the "Dirty Bomb"

DASEH or the Islamic State, those rabid dogs in Syria, is/are perhaps the newest and most dangerous player in the "Dirty" Nuclear Game.

A dirty player, actually and literally.

North Korea aside, DASEH is the most radical and well funded of the terrorist entities in existence – and there are concerns that they have a 'Dirty Bomb'.

This is according to a December 2, 2014 article of the International Business Times, by Lora Moftah. If true, this could be a game changer in the war against terrorism and/or Militant Islam.

So what is the Obama Administration waiting for?

According to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission the proper term for a "Dirty Bomb" is "radiological dispersal device" or RDD for short.

An RDD is not considered a WMD. What does WMD mean? It means Weapon of Mass Destruction. So how does the Commission describe an RDD? An RDD is also a WMD, but with one little difference, it's a Weapon of Mass Disruption. How cute.

We have another "pretty" acronym. Sounds "not so bad." What's a little "Disruption."

Let us rename it. A "Dirty Bomb" is a weapon of "Mass Death." Just not as massive as a nuke. So what. I call killing 1000 or 10,000 people with low grade radiation, over 20 years - massive death. Not to mention the cancers people will survive. Not to mention the deformed babies. I could go on, but I just got a little sick.

If you peruse the Commission website you will not feel more secure as they appear to downplay the problems associated with the detonation of an RDD as not likely to disrupt more than several city blocks or perhaps a few square miles. Just like a little bad weather, but with more bodies.

FEMA tells us that RDD's are designed to cause psychological fear and economic disruption. Why do we even have FEMA?

What is sorely lacking on their website are details. They simply do not know what would happen. FEMA tells us that prevailing winds, the size and type of explosive device used, the type of radioactive element utilized - all would contribute. Really? Thanks guys. Now go back to your old Atari "Pong" game and collect you $100,000 paychecks - from taxpayers.

FEMA does give you some good information about how to survive an RDD. You should check it out, before your radiation sickness kicks in.

Since the radioactive material can be attached to any explosive the shape and size of these devices could vary. That's just dirty pool. But what would you expect from a DAESH?

Radicals could drive a car crammed with dynamite into downtown.

Military grade plastic explosives could be used in timed explosions in subway tunnels.

A small drone or hobby aircraft with a few pounds of explosive and a bit of low-grade radioactive material, could fly to a specific target - say a residence or building.

There are too many ways to destroy things, kill people and you can only do so much avoid an RDD.

(I saw one of the hobby drone things in my neighborhood the other day. It hovered motionless, but with a loud whine, over my neighbor's house. I think I could have hit it with my 'BB Gun.' Just wait till it comes back.)

Luckily, some high profile cities around the globe are issuing radiation detection equipment to their law enforcement branches and other public works divisions. These trained professionals walk the subways, ball games and anywhere there are large congregations of people. But they can only do so much.

This may be more about reacting instead of acting to destroy the primary source of RDD's.

Preparedness can help, but probably will not stop the RDD from detonating.

Half Measures

According to a November 17, 2014 article from ABC News, by Devin Dwyer, President Barack H. Obama would insert ground troops should it be determined that ISIS had a nuclear option. But the article implies that the troops would only be used to retrive the 'bomb'.

In other words, the effort would not be to destroy ability of the enemy to manufacture more dirty bombs. Confiscation will not work. Decimation of large city size targets will, Say Raqqa for starters. Make it a proverbial "parking lot."

Problem: "Iran" you dummy.

Full Measures

Perhaps the best way to stop Dirty Bombs from being used by ISIS or any Terrorist State, might be to read history. Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Dresden are viciously, but sadly, enlightening.

The Video

The video below is rather dated, but one of the most educational I've found. It talks about the probable consequences of "Dirty Bombs" and the type of materials which might be used. The video is long, but well worth the education.


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