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The Disgusting Debacle at Kobane, Syria

Updated on October 8, 2014
Turkish tanks on the border
Turkish tanks on the border

The battle for this small city along the Turkish border is against ISIL or ISIS and the stout Kurdish defenders, both men and women who are, so far, the only ones willing to face the ISIS satanic force on the ground. For over a week, the battle has raged, killing 400 or more. The small city of 160,000 is now mostly empty except for the Kurds.

What makes this so disgusting is the political stalemate between Turkey and the USA. Turkish tanks and troops are just across the border and observing the Kurds being slaughtered as they try to cling to town. They are asking where is America? NATO? Turkey alone could easily wipe ISIS off the map here but they are unwilling unless America provides combat air patrols over the area and protect Turkish troops. Yet, despite the fact both are NATO members, the USA will not do this. Thanks to America's most wimpy president. Obama may be a scholar and know what needs to be done but he lacks the guts to do it.

In the meantime, ISIS, using captured American weapons and tanks is pounding the Kurds in Kobane. To date, in over a week, only eight airstrikes have attacked ISIS. The only excuse provided is basically this battle is not important enough to divert airpower assets. The world knows, American airpower could demolish ISIS in and around the city.

On Sept 21st, the battle was still far from the city and ISIS was attacking from open terrain, yet few, if any, airstrikes occurred. The failure of Obama not ordering a saturation bombing on the city's outskirts upon ISIS while in the open is a horrific mistake. Any military expert concur with this. This air campaign against ISIS is a sham, it is doing too little and is half-hearted. Obama is overly concerned with losses and pin prick airstrikes, hitting a truck and tank and artillery gun with missiles costing $500,000, is pure stupid economics!

Of course, the Turks are playing political chicken also. They have never been happy with the Kurdish population and have in the past fought them for territory. The Kurds want to be a separate country. By not crossing the Syrian border and destroying ISIS, they allow ISIS to kill the Kurds, something they are okay with. The Turks are also concerned about how might Syria react, but at this stage, Syria is a non-player. Yet, inside Turkey the 15 million Kurds who reside there are protesting Turkey's inaction when they sit watching the battle lay out! This could spell huge problems inside Turkey.

It is estimated the bulk of the ISIS fighters, numbering in the thousands, are Chechen and Uzbeks because radio intercepts hear them talking in Russian and when these fighters take the city, where there remain 10,000 civilians, the massacre will be historic and America will be blamed. The CEO of Chobani yogurt, sold throughout the USA, has donated $2 million to help his Kurdish people.

According to the commander inside the surrounded city, the airstrikes are being directed by spotters on the ground but the communication is not robust and it is a little late. The time they needed them was a week ago with ISIS penetrating into Kobane, the airstrikes will not target these areas in fear of missing.

This is disgusting behavior on Turkey and the USA.


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    • Swisstoons profile image

      Thomas F. Wuthrich 3 years ago from Michigan

      Yes, the Turks are happy to watch their fellow Islamists do their dirty work for them. The equivalent of Nazism in the modern world is Islam-Fascism. The Turks were a valuable ally during the Cold War. But with the new enemy (in this new world war--WWIII), and with Erdogan running things, how reliable will they be whenever push comes to shove with this new enemy. Erdogan is, afterall, an Islamist! But they remain in NATO.