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The Nigeria "District 9" Cannibals And Prostitutes

Updated on May 14, 2011
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The auditory canal of anybody who have watched the movie "district 9" must have conveyed the words Obesandjo and Nigeria to the memory of the brain. Those words and the portrayal of Nigeria as a source of cannibals and gangsters are definitely deliberate. But the targets are crying boohoo! Small wonder, as expected, the Nigerian Authority easily came out to rebuke the movie. But what the information minister did not remember is that Nigeria is not a market destination for that kind of movie, even though the producers are prone to mourn when they may realise the pace of availability in a country they never sold a copy.

Controversy is essential for entertainment marketing. This is as evident in the public spinning engaged in by celebrities so that they just do one weird thing to attract the attention again. But those who still have a lot to offer need not take to this direction. Hence, the question about the motive for the Humiliation. And the answer lies within the tendency for an aggregate of humans in a particular area to label incomers as usurpers so that they become more cohesive against the common enemy.

The incident in South Africa reminds me of the "Ghana must go" Era. At least, the South Africans did not give the Nigerians the "Zimbabweans treatment". Perhaps, they are afraid of a raid by the Nigerian gangsters in their Neighbourhoods or the possibility of being visited by a cannibal. If not, why did they not just simply shout: 'Nigeria must go'? that would have been a perfect reprisal for the 'Ghana must go! treatment' meted out by Nigerians against Ghanaians.

Considering the contents of the Nigerian Home video that is very popular in Africa, the movie may not be wrong. How else can they view a country whose chunks of movies are rich in cultism, supernatural powers and human sacrifice? What about the images of Nigerian girls shown on international news serving as prostitutes in Europe? or is it not worth considering the high level of cults in Nigeria and their appendages in foreign countries dealing in drugs and prostitution? are they not gangs?

That Obesandjo was a character drags the political class who are responsible for the rot in the system-that is fast gaining ground in the Evil Arena-to the scene. It may be sad the man was insulted. But he too wasted his opportunity.

The political class should have, instead of fighting the movie, resolve to put things right. Not by re-branding that tends to as against listing the negatives and proffering security and legal solutions, prefers to allow them to continue in confinement so that the rest of the world may see positives in a people who have resolved to say good things about evil, a people who must give praises to the police when they are at the mercy of robbers, a people that must be proud of a system that must fail, that the journalist should write the lie for the interest and image of the country.



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