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The Divided States Of America Now

Updated on May 20, 2016

We The People

What does that really mean? We stands for all of the people!

But what have we become?

We have become a nation of Republicans vs Democrats. So much so that we call each other names that are so crazy!

I heard on the news today from a democrat that Donald Trump is the ENEMY!


Is this what we have become?


Are these two people really enemies? Are they THAT bad that divisions between Americans are so bad that we riot over them?

Sure, each one of them have done things that are not good, but yet we are STILL Americans!

No wonder foreign countries laugh at us. We are silly!


YES! Differences are just that! Differences.

One side believes in abortion, one side does not. Yet the Supreme court syas that it is legal to have an abortion. Ok

So, people who want one, get one. Is that for a person who does not believe in abortion to get upset about. No! It is the other person's deal. Hello!

If you believe in freedom, you believe in freedom.

My contention is that we ALL, sooner or later, have to come together to believe in the constitution and fight for America. Not just for some small group that slipped money into our pockets!

The election is what it is. But after that, let's just get along and be UNITED!


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