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The Donald Destroys the Left

Updated on November 12, 2016


The American people have had enough. They decided they want something different. This current path is not sustainable. The direction was not the right one. On Tuesday, November 8th, the United States shocked the world by electing Donald J. Trump as president. The people are taking their government back.

No one saw this coming. Few, if any, predicted this. Nate Silver’s “prophetic” FiveThirtyEight once again could not foresee the Trump phenomenon for what it truly is. Trump’s campaign has accomplished what he said he would. Tapping into a movement of overlooked Americans, Trump has funnelled the will of the people who want America to get back to its better days. The Clinton machine has been soundly defeated. Hopefully vanquished for good. Crooked Hillary will not be going back to the White House. Bill Clinton will not be getting interns.

As the country reels from this momentous election, it is vital to take note as to why Donald won. We are alarmingly becoming a country divided by two parties. One for the city folk and one for the country boys and girls. For my urban friends and foes, please, don’t cry over the fact that Donald Trump was elected president. We are going to fine!

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The Backlash from the Left’s PC Culture

Robby Soave wrote in Reason that he thinks Trump won because of the overreaching politically correct culture. He won because he convinced a great number of Americans that he would destroy political correctness, something a majority of Americans agree with and find ridiculous. And the fact that Donald won by a significant margin in the battleground states proves that his message of straight talk and decisive action resonated with many voters.

Soave says that the section of the electorate who voted for Trump did so because “he positioned himself as an icon of irreverent resistance to political correctness.” This overly sensitive culture does not mean simply calling people by their correct gender or being nice to everyone. The left has gone much farther. People are now demonized or even punished if you are not up to speed on the latest progressive obsession. College students are coddled and provided safe spaces and even puppies to deal with the decisive electoral victory by the Donald and the final vanquishing of Secretary Clinton. And yet liberals fail to see the backlash occurring over their overreaching, millions of voting Americans are fed up with this smug, entitled, and elitist mentality overtaking the Democratic party and the mainstream media. Their failure to see the red wave crashing over the country is due to the fact that liberals and conservatives continue to segregate themselves by living in the same geographic location as those of the same ideology.

It is time for a different direction. The division and polarization must be dispensed with. A non-politician is needed to drain the swamp. A pragmatic, America-first strategy is sorely needed. And America agrees. While the future is uncertain, it is much brighter than it would be if we were handed four to eight years of a secretive, self-serving, and war-hungry administration.

The left and most of the media continue to sort Americans into identity groups and races. It is an insult to think those of the same race or religion or anything would vote the same way. Instead of differentiating the American electorate as a collection of individuals, each with his or her own mind, the media moved to tell all poorly educated white males that they are all bad people and probably racists.

This looking down at “flyover country” is one of the many reasons the uprising against the political establishment has proven successful so far. Trumping the elites and redrawing the electoral map in the process, the Donald has tapped into something that the major media elite cannot see from New York City or Washington DC.

As Thomas Frank noted, Democrats have gone “from being the party of Decatur to the party of Martha’s Vineyard.” Hillary Clinton is the perfect example of this. While she and her husband might have represented working class voters in Arkansas during Bill’s governorship, they swiftly transitioned into using their political positions and connections to make as much money as humanly possible. Rigging the Democratic party primary process was not enough to get her into the White House.


Working Class Goes for Trump

It is amazing the Democrats were ever the party of the working class at any point in history. Trump has brought the working-middle class voters back into the Republican fold which was proven by him winning heavily union and Democratic-leaning states. This penetration into this overlooked section of the country helped Trump win in states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. No one had him winning those. Trump’s Midwest sweep was enough to propel him over 270 electoral college votes. It is incredible that a billionaire with his own private plane was actually the candidate for the everyday working American. Makes more sense than a career politician who has accomplished next to nothing besides enriching herself and her husband through a criminal racketeering enterprise called a foundation.

All this really reveals is how much America did not want to have another President Clinton. Sorry glass ceiling, you’ll be shattered once Michelle decides to run.

Perhaps more than anything else, the Trump vote was a big middle finger to the increasingly oligarchic political class residing in Washington DC. The richest counties in the country encircle the country’s gilded capital. Most politicians get to DC and do anything they can to hoard their wealth and increase their place on the perch of political power. Representatives of the people put their own career ahead of its own constituents.

Sitting in a major metropolis like New York or San Francisco can make one forget about the huge swaths of land in between the Pacific and Atlantic. Outside of the Chicago area and some border towns with Mexico, Trump solidly won the middle of the country. From Appalachia to the Rockies, Trump really gained with rural areas and anywhere not on the coasts. Demographically, the fact that the south is gaining population is significant. Texas and Florida are now our second and third largest states in terms of population as California is now no longer growing quicker than the rest of the nation, saddling itself with high taxes and onerous regulations. New York used to be the beacon of enterprise but now finds itself to be just one in the pack. The people moving to the states with job growth, like Florida and Texas, are those looking for economic improvement and remaining in a solidly blue state will not accomplish that for everyone. Which is why you are seeing a mass migration out of California to states throughout the South.

The Conservative Tide

Conservative radio man Rush Limbaugh believes we are witnessing the demise of the Democrat party. In 2010, the Democrats lost 900 seats in the House and Senate. Governors, mayors, and city councils across the U.S. have become increasingly Republican over the Obama years. The enthusiasm and therefore the turnout was not good for Clinton.

Hillary got six million fewer votes than Obama did in 2012. Mitt Romney was the worst possible candidate for Republicans to nominate in 2012 and analyses have been done that show Trump would have beaten Obama in 2012 if he ran. In 2014, the Democrats lost another 700 seats in that midterm election. The removal of Democrats from our federal and state governments has been greatly accelerated during the Obama years. “The Democrat Party has been decimated. They have no bench. They don't have anybody bringing up the rear in case Hillary lost. They have literally been shellacked,” Limbaugh said on his radio show this week. Now, Republicans control the White House, Senate, and the House. Stay tuned to find out what they will do with it.

This shellacking caused The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan to wonder what comes after the uprising? After the Associated Press finally called the presidency for the Donald at 2:32 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Noonan wrote in her notes: “We have witnessed something epochal and grave. It is the beginning of a new era whose shape and form are not clear, whose personnel and exact direction are unknown. But something huge and incalculable has occurred. God bless our beloved country.” A new era is certainly upon us and it is something difficult to explain even for those whose job it is to decipher these complex occurrences. No one knows for sure what a Trump presidency will look like. And that is somewhat troubling for those who fear change. But change is sorely needed and disruption is what the Donald will bring to DC. Trump’s movement is a direct extension of the people exerting its will via the electoral college and he will hopefully deliver on some of his promises to make this country great again.

Donald Trump does have a movement. Noonan says she knows why. Because of how disorganized Trump’s campaign was, the fact that voters themselves got out to vote is quite remarkable. They did not need to be barraged by polarizing ads or be convinced to come out to pull the lever for their man. “This was not a triumph of modern campaign modes and ways”, Noonan wrote. “The people did this. As individuals within a movement.” And the people have spoken. In seeing how corrupt and dangerous Hillary Clinton is, the American people have decided to drain the swamp of DC of all others of her ilk.

The left simply believed its own propaganda. They believed Trump would install a fascist dictatorship. They were convinced he would overturn Roe v. Wade. Gay marriage would be overturned. Hate crimes would spike. Race wars would start instantly. And a deportation force would be rounding up illegal immigrants.

Those who are not a fan of Donald Trump are fine to put their opinion out there. This is America and you have a right to say whatever you want. But when you say you want to move to another country simply because the “wrong” guy was elected? You seriously need to get your life in order if your happiness directly correlates to who our current president is. We almost got Lena Dunham to leave! This was a polarizing and dividing election, without a doubt. But that does not mean we can’t come together after all of this.


Guess What? He is your President

#NotMyPresident was trending on Twitter in the days after the momentous election. Protests occurred in my town of Seattle, where Socialists outnumber conservatives. But also in many other major cities and towns across the country, Americans voiced their displeasure over the most decisive electoral college victory for a Republican since 1988. They are fine to voice their anger but they better get used to Donald Trump being their president. And I love how they say “love trumps hate” and then commence hate and despise their soon to be president. Little do they know, he will be the president for all Americans, no matter their party identification. Liberals and others not on the Trump train do not believe this because they have been fed a bed of lies by the leftist mainstream media. Trump will do what is in America’s best interest first and foremost. Anti-Trump protesters see that as selfish and continue to demonize Trump supporters as hardly human beings.

Trump supporters are citizens and patriots not racists and bigots. Trump voters believe in legal immigration, not open borders. Trump followers believe in doing what’s best for America first, not the rest of the world.

These truths are finally coming to the light of day. The United States will peacefully transfer the awesome power of the presidency to Donald Trump in January 2017. The world is not going to end. Everyone needs to relax. America is fine. In fact, in my opinion, we’ve never been better.


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