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The Downfall of America: The People Vs. The Republican Party

Updated on May 7, 2020
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  

If you can look at this picture without blowing chunks, then you are a special type of person.
If you can look at this picture without blowing chunks, then you are a special type of person. | Source

The Truth About Today's Political Leaders

Do I ever want to talk about politics? No, not really. However, it has become such an entanglement in which we have all found ourselves caught up in, have we not? The once subtle existence of not liking every single thing that went down in the White House, but believing it still wasn’t crucial enough to get involved; let the big guy handle it, and we were confident – oh so blissfully confident!

Now, life as we knew it has turned into a nightmare on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The hypocrisy of lies and mistrust that is spreading like 1958s "The Blob” through America, and the world. Most of us with an intellectual ability to see the truth and pick out the ignorance in this new government are now constantly enthralled in the sickness that plagues us called Donald Trump and The Republican Party! Their ability to bring racist groups to the surface when they should have stayed hiding in their crevices and holes where they truly belong, and empowering child molesting perverts has made most of us almost go into a deep state of depression. That is if we didn’t need to stay focused for the Resistance. Am I right??

God is Always a Subject to Consider

The Resistance? Wow! Can we just fast forward back into the future tense of progress, please? I am dumbfounded at the people who are still on board with Trump and his Cronies a year later. Then again, when you look at who his followers are; the pedophiles, KKK, stingy million and billionaires, and the southern rednecks that are too proud to educate themselves on human compassion and decency. I mean, there are a lot of you, and I’m not trying to put down southerly folks; I am Southern myself. I grew up with this overwhelming barrier in my society that kept trying to separate my thoughts from my fact; my fact being the real values of a godly nation.

Am I the only one that listened to bible school studies? It is no wonder, that my Christian values have failed to keep me in the church. The Southern Christian community is a cult. They are not open to what God is all about. How in the world, can you claim to love all that is his, when he is all the people in and of this world? Where is the logic in that scenario? At least, a little common sense needs to be recognized here. Please People, for the love of GOD!!

The face of an angel?? Do you really see an angelic aura in this guy?? Be honest with yourselves. I know I see horns more than a halo...
The face of an angel?? Do you really see an angelic aura in this guy?? Be honest with yourselves. I know I see horns more than a halo... | Source

Then, you have a Republican Party that cannot seem to focus on anything, but their wants – their pocket change. Let’s face it; they fit perfectly with this new president who has always thought about his needs above everyone else’s. What kind of world is this, when we allow this type of government to rule over the necessity to help a nation? A nation that consists mostly of middle to low-class individuals who scrape by every single week on a measly paycheck while the top corporate gurus are laughing all the way to the bank. What is even sadder is that most who voted for this man believed his lies and still do, because he is a CON, people!! He is a businessman, and a lot of businessmen are cons!!

Story after story, and facts coming straight from the horse’s mouth that you can look up and find on the Internet. He hasn’t hidden his deceit, yet a lot of you choose to wear blinders where he is concerned. He has jilted so many hard-working people who have slaved for him in the past. He has raped your daughters, and lusted after his own. This is a sick man! It is a sick party for continuing this immoral agenda.

A Pleading Suggestion to Those Who Still Need a Reality Check

This is what I would like to suggest; You, who still have those inhuman values from the past instead of peaceful progressive virtues for a better future, look deep inside yourselves and ask yourself, I mean ask yourself…what would God think of me? If the answer is you care more about yourself than what he thinks, then you are truly a lost cause here. However, I believe that most of you who are still arguing this man, and this party's case, are decent humans, who are merely a little confused, or at the least, are too embarrassed to admit you were wrong in the first place for believing in this monstrosity? Just think about it. Think with your logic and morals, and if you love God, think in a solemn mindset as he would. It’s not hard. It’s only human! Do not be a disgrace to humanity!

The People Vs. the Republican Party

I’m sick of all these rhymes and

reasons; bullshit events that

happen every season.

I’m tired of melodrama from

fools. Grow up, stop whining,

like silly old coots.

The neglect of realism that

overwhelms us today, is covered

by sheets of disguise and displayed.

A matrix of greed and unhealthy

tease, all because you forget to


see those who struggle and grow

old every day. Those who stay

hungry, and can’t get a break.

From injustice to harassing

thieves, we live in this world

of nasty plead.

Kissing ass to please a troll,

only so he can help over fill

your pockets with gold.

What will be the end of this?

Shame… To admit knowing

the deceit of this game?

You should all really fear dying

in vain, an oath to serve the people

you have lit up in flames.


© 2017 Missy Smith


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