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The Downfall of Power In America

Updated on September 10, 2014

The Definition of Power

The word power by definition means "the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events". Dictators hold absolute power which in American culture is frown upon and absolutely hated. Naturally it is the wrong idea because every man that controlled and had influence has struggled with the idea of power. Many committed atrocious acts leading many to eventually kill themselves or start devastating wars that ended their countries dominance. In the case of Rome the Caesars had usually been betrayed so they had a complex of not trusting people. The large empire is now under control with one man on his own trying to destroy anyone who is against him. This led to opportunities for people to become leaders in such a community. Jesus (A Real Life Man) got the opportunity to accomplish something no one else had ever done. If you believe in God and him like I do this gave God an opportunity to connect with the people. If you do not believe history shows he became a martyr and the most legendary figure of his time even having a religion based on him. So how has the information age actually made power irrelevant and suppressive to everyone moreso than a dictatorship

Political Power

In the age of social media and the telephone political power has had its checks and balances. The positives are that the politicians can no longer lie and deceive the people as easily as they did before. They are under a microscope and are not allowed to go against the will of the people. The cons is exactly that "the will of the people". Most people do not fully understand the workings of the government, economics, foreign affairs, and local state affairs. Individuals could not possibly comprehend all of that information alone. That is why most countries have organized a democratic government to share affairs. In ancient times even Kings and Queens had lords to oversee the land so they could have a grasp of what is going on. Now ordinary people who are not allowed to know information nor could handle it due to their own personal responsibilities can control every aspect of what is going on in everyday life. Most politicians can no longer just do what is best, but they must oblige to their constituents. Some cases this is good and some this is bad. Where is the line between giving people what they want or what they need crossed?

Most Powerful

Which of the groups listed below do you believe is the most powerful now

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The Power of Social Media

Have you ever been on the internet, and you notice people saying things to get a reaction. People will act out and even harm themselves to get a like or a view. People will make a comment just to hurt someone just to garner attention from others. The sad thing is people do these things because they know it usually works. A man like Floyd Mayweather puts on a character in which people despise and hate to get people to watch him. Who is the second and third best boxers? Do you know notice that many of the quiet stars in sports or t.v. are overlooked. I remind you Miley Cyrus was once a mild good disney girl. She is now more famous due to her excessive antics. Now ordinary people can have an impact on the world. People can voice their opinion on things to the point in which it can ruin a man's life. One mistake and it can make or ruin someone's future forever. It also gives cruel and hateful people and outlet. They can spew hatred and their message to people without and consequences. If you don't believe me go to your current local news page or youtube video over a serious subject.

Media Power

The hot button topic in the news today is Ray Rice. Ray Rice actions are deplorable, and he got what he deserved by losing his job. The media is now looking toward other targets. This is a scary outlook on the future of America. If the media does not agree with your opinion they can not only take you down but others around you. Is the media the new censorship program? For years the media protested and hated all attempts to hush their opinions. They would fight and say they had the right to find out the truth. Whose truth is it really though? Our media has become a political powerhouse. They now are either too liberal or too conservative with little tolerance of the other side. The job was to report the facts and let the people gain their own opinion. They still live under this facade, however the truth is rather different. The news has become opinionated and subjective to the people who are sitting in the chair. If you research a topic as I did in college you'll find out when the media discusses the same topic they use the ones that are useful to their cause and leave out the negative. TMZ also has power to discover things and is unfortunately the most reliable source of information now. You have local blogs and celebrity blogs now too offering some more opinions. When can someone form their own opinion when there are so many opinions out there that we can't focus on "Just The Facts"

Whose Right

Group Power

This is the oldest and possibly the most dangerous form of power. The pack mentality in which I gain a following and take on things that I personally hate. This is an effective and sometimes the correct way to go. This power is also dangerous as we see with the group of women going after Roger Goodell. He is an innocent man (as of now) who as far as we know made a mistake with Ray Rice situation. The group who has resentment and hate for those who did them wrong is going for blood. This is the danger of the group mentality. When we feel as though justice is not done fairly in our favor someone has to pay. Ray Rice is not going to jail and these women are not satisfied. The Party system in our politics can also be associated with this group type power. Democrats stick together with a belief system that counters the Republican party trying to convince people their side is right. They destroy others who are not part of their party by outgaining them money wise with support from organizations that lobby them for special favors. These groups or businesses have an invested and understandable interest in law. This could make them rich and we all know money is what make the world go round.

Why Downfall?

I used the word downfall earlier in terms of the power structure. I also noted when one person is in charge we are in trouble due to the nature of that one man. America's Democratic system is brilliant in the way it is constructed. We have the right amount of people making decisions based on what is best for the country. If someone is in it for themselves we can have someone overrule them. The power has been shifted to where anyone with a keyboard can have this power. If a letter of lies can enrage a group of people it can cause chaos. Everything is subjective and opinionated instead of historical fact and studied. Our politicians are now pandering to other powers campaigning year round to keep their power instead of having plausible discussions and doing their homework on issues. What does Obama or congress have to do with gay marriage or marijuana when we could just vote as a state as intended. But what do I know this is my power, and I'm just stating my opinion too

Just Your Opinion

Do you think having multiple powers a good thing for the U.S.

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    • Anate profile image

      Joseph Ray 

      3 years ago

      The main check on the media would be whether people believe it or not. With the growing sources of other media and other ways of getting information that will hopefully be checked. Sadly to ensure freedom of speech, the media has to be free to be irresponsible and down right deceitful when it chooses to be.

      The thing that I take is the main threat is actually "the will of the people". I would prefer to return to having senators appointed by the state governments as a check on the will of the people so that we may actually statesmen instead of pure politicians desperate for reelection, which is the main weakness of our form of government.

    • Trevor McCullum profile imageAUTHOR

      Trevor McCullum 

      3 years ago from Mississippi

      Thanks, I think the media doesn't have a check and balance so they are a danger if they so choose to be

    • Anate profile image

      Joseph Ray 

      3 years ago

      This was a very good article. I personally lean to agreeing with The Founding Fathers, despite issues that I have with them on some points, that the different vying powers is a good way to ensure freedom. The main danger lies in any of them becoming too powerful.


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