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The Dutch Abortion Ship

Updated on October 4, 2012

Women on Waves

A Dutch organization, Women on Waves, has a ship travelling to various ports of the world promoting and providing abortions to women in need. Founded in 1999, it seeks to provide accurate information and services. They promote abortion via medication.

The abortion ship is now arriving in Morocco. This would be the first time it has docked in a Muslim country where abortions are illegal. The port authorities at Smir, Morocco, are not quite sure how to handle such a ship. The ship is still in international waters and under Dutch law can provide legal abortions until the 6.5 week of pregnancy. Morocco has not denied permission to dock and they seem baffled about its purpose or why it is coming, which seems unbelievable. They have prevented the ship from docking.

While Morocco, like other Muslim countries, forbids abortion, there are 600-800 performed daily in this country. The Dutch abortion ship was invited to Morocco by MALI, a group there that promotes women's individual liberties. The ship launched a hotline number, (212) 0633234333, where women can get information about safe medical abortion. A medicine called Misoprostol, that can be used to induce a safe abortion at home is available in Morocco under the brand name Artotec.

Thus, Moroccan women seeking abortion information using drugs available simply have to call the number for information.


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