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The EVOLUTION Filling The Message Of Russell Brand's REVOLUTION.

Updated on November 7, 2014

My New Hooky Wook.

Russell Brand, raconteur, bon viveur and sexual connoisseur. A man lauded and reviled in equal measure, who has courted controversy that erupts in a din around him like fleeting orgasms raptly gasped by his many one-night-stands - loud, writhing and imbued with a fervour that lasts longer for ever having begun - since September 12th 2001, with aplomb. A talented actor, surrealistically wry comedian, a sesquipedalian snake charmer of verbosity graced with the unique power of intelligentsia, wielded by one from a background such as his, infuses his writing like the opiates once extending their dragon smoke dominion over him, smoking neurons of his fans.

Yet Sachs Gate, shooting up and Saudi terrorists are being eclipsed by his revolutionary epiphany. Those both on Left and Right are wading in to hole Brand into media stocks and hurl the rotten fruit of their editorialised propaganda his way, Branding him with derision. It has shown that left and right are merely lobes of the same brain, hands performing dextrous adroitness to mist vision with a dazzling performance of the illusion of freedom. Many naysayers bleat: "what can a 21st century dandy do?" As a constituent of civilisation's whole, the answer has the potential to be not a lot and a tad too much, the essence of the messy life palette forming evolution.

The Missing Link?

The course of Natural Selection never did run smooth. More like a river of magma than rapids, it is equally folly as it is valour to steer a new course, you will get your hands burnt at worst... dirtied even if all panned out perfectly. So in this postmodern Clearance Sale of our liberty and lives, who better to enter the fray than an autodidact polymath? As whimsical and eclectic as Krishna no doubt, vocalising an avowal of a unity comprising myriad unique strands that is the essence of the Divine Hindu Triumvirate.

Numerous strands metamorphosing into a complex helix is the MO of our DNA, so it should translate to our society. In a modern world where instant communication is possible, deep rooted division festers further. A tool designed to enhance our knowledge and yoking as a global village has been skewed to encourage our estrangement. Russell Brand cracked Hollywood, which has been a talisman of this for quite some time, removing people from their humility and placing them atop pinnacles of hubris and mammon. Tinseltown's gaudy drug has a devastating comedown for the masses and stars alike.

But I digress. Revolution is necessary and it's messy, this is why the main proponents of the media levy so much vitriol Brand's way. In the words of Morpheus in The Matrix: "some people are so dependent upon the system, that they will fight to protect it." Here, removed from the sci-fi sphere, is the essence of Champagne Socialism. Egalitarianism is a pretty idea to those versed in Marx, Chomsky et al. while these prospective journalists studied at Oxford or Cambridge (perhaps titillated by the irony that Marx would have deemed these individuals as part of the problem). They even take up this baton ostensibly in their careers, when the mortarboard is replaced by the keyboard at Fleet Street. "I'm all for fairer distribution of wealth and rights to the larger spectrum of the populace," they prattle and preach, in parties, programmes and papers, "just don't take my cushy job," is the caveat behind their ecumenical words.

Survival Of The Shittiest.

Journalism of course is the megaphone from the Ministry of Love, the yapping jaws of the Alpha's pack. Whining, howling, eager to rend you apart. In the Body Politik, they are the mouth and are rarely connected to the brain: "empty vessels make the loudest noise." But there's not much space for anything at the apex of a pyramid, other than autocracy.

In evolution, if a life form fails to adapt sufficiently to it's environment, it becomes extinct. Aggressive Laissez-Faire capitalism has become a sentient entity of it's own, a parasite that obliterates the notions of unity and cohesion in society. Favouring an acrid, corrosive burn of devouring consumerism, but this is becoming unstable. Our global system is beginning to ape the Sea of Cortez. In that sea, over fishing of sharks has allowed the proliferation of a venomous red octopus that is undermining the entire marine ecosystem there. And this is what happens to a natural order when the balance goes awry. Despite building bridges, cities, satellites and global communication networks, we still function as a social animal that needs to exist together, it is favourable to our continued existence. Russell gets the importance of such a paradigm shift back to the essential. It is in this sense what the revolution is, to alter the pyramid into the Thousand Petaled Lotus that is our interlinked affinity with one another on this pebble in some corner of the universe. "Our ties that bind tether stronger than gulfs which threaten divide." It is the essence of why returning to a more nourishing and understanding perspective will propel us forward, as opposed to stalling our growth, or forcing a circular monotony. Scrub the first letter off of revolution, and you get the same thing.

© Brad James, 2014.


I have yet to read the book. I am reading three books at the moment and unlike an Oxbridge educated journalist, having the disposable income to buy a book on a whim is a thing of the past for me. But Crimbo's coming up...


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