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The Effects of The Economic Decline

Updated on September 6, 2012

The Beginning Of A Long Journey

As I stare at this blank white space, my soul is drowning in sorrow from so many things. This world that I once had high hopes for is letting me down at a rapid pace. All of my expectations and dreams are slipping away. Everything that I was taught in life was just a sugar coated lie. America was once considered Home of the Free. Now, in this year 2012, we are faced with an economic decline, unemployment rates at an all time high, terrorism at its worst and debt consuming majority of the population. Families are so wrapped up in their own crisis's that they just don't have the time or need to see what is really happening. While our bills are stacking up and we are trying to figure out if we will have enough money to feed our children, the games are being played. What games, you ask? Well....grab a cup of coffee (if you can afford it) and get comfortable because I am getting ready to take you on a crazy journey, personal and political.


There are many very important events taking place this year, as most of you know. The election being one of them and the December 21st prediction being another. Anyone that has been paying attention to the news knows that both of these are frightening. Even if you are pessimistic about the whole December thing, just understand that regardless of your feelings on this subject, there are people that are going to "act out", so to speak. What if all this hoopla about catastrophic events taking place due to the planetary alignment was made up long ago to create a diversion? What I mean when I say diversion is that the government has been trying for a one world government for years (don't shake your head just yet) and they need a reason to contain the American people in a way that is accepted by the American people. What better way to do that than to manipulate our minds while they hide in the shadow, all without your knowledge of this doing. Once again, remember, you are too busy trying to keep your head above water. Which is what they want. While you drown they can scheme on their new world order and you do not even notice. They are purposely creating our collapse.You see, us humans, we seek the greater in everything that we do, whether it be work, school, jobs, games...etc. We always tire of mentally or emotionally staying in the same spot. So, we try to upgrade our homes, get promotions at work, make more money; always seek advancement. The REAL people that run our country are the same way, they always want bigger.There is one person that wants to be the "Top Dawg"(Please note that I am not referring to our president), one person that wants control over everything. Anyway, back to the subject and reasoning for even bringing this up. Martial law has been talked about by conspiracy theorist repeatedly and if there is a catastrophic event getting ready to occur (or people are made to believe it will occur causing them to be frantic and possibly committing crimes because they think it is the end of the world), this gives our government the right reason to incorporate a martial law and take all of our weapons and people will think it is okay. Americans will be made to believe that the right actions are being taken. If you are still a little leery then explain to me why the National Weather Service has recently purchased thousands of rounds of ammo? Also, yesterday the Social Security Administration plans to order over 174,000 rounds of HALLOW POINTS for "target practice"? Yeah, right.....Every gun owner knows that hallow points are NOT used for target practice. They explode in the flesh unlike a normal bullet which just pierces through the body.

Let's talk about these bar codes that are now on almost every single label of items that you purchase everyday that you can scan with your phone to get information on products. Where do you think that idea was generated and why? Well, I am sure most of you are familiar with the mark that the Bible refers to right? Maybe you should consider that bar code as the pre-planning version of that mark the Bible talks about. Next, you will be introduced to a chip that will be placed in your right hand (Bible refers to this). This chip will replace all of the things that you carry in your wallet such as credit card info, drivers license, insurance info...etc. This is the same concept that appeared in the movie called In Time (Watch it!) The people will think it is the best thing since the car was invented but beware.


Most people that pass me by everyday would say that I seem like your adverage 30 year old woman. I grew up on the east coast of Virginia with my grandparents who took care of me for most of my childhood. I began my adult life at age 18 and was blessed with two beautiful sons. Upon deciding on a career, I chose to go into the electrical field at the shipyard. After a few years of on the job training, I then moved on to become an electrical planner. I gained extensive knowledge in shipboard repair as a subcontractor for the government. My life was very stable and my future was promising. Like every human, I am not perfect and made choices that I probably should not have made but am glad that I did because I have gained in many aspects. I lost focus of what is really important in life several times. My personality towards loved ones and strangers have always been the same. I trust people and also let them take advantage of me without any repercussions. Silly me, I get knocked down by people and get right back up and let them do it all over again. It does not matter how bad someone hurts me, I just smile and give them nothing but kindness. I always see the good in people even when they are mean, rude or abusive.

My reasoning for including my personal business in my hub is because I am about to do something way over the top crazy. You see, recently I have had to depart from my family in North Carolina to seek employment in a bigger city. I have left behind a son and my man. Upon coming back to my home state, I knew that I would be able to get a job quick since this is the area that my line of work is located. Yeah,, was I wrong. Finding employment in this year 2012 has not been a piece of cake. I have submitted over 50 applications in the past 2 months and had several interviews but no luck with actually landing the job because there are so many people seeking work.

My heart is broken because I have not been able to see my 9 month old child in the last 30 days. My kids are my life and without them, I am nothing. Since the economy has taken a turn for the worse, its seems like you cannot get a job unless you know someone and experience is not playing a role in employers hiring decisions. I have been crying my eyes out on a daily basis because I have no job, no car, no money, soon no place to live and I miss my son more than anything (Everyone knows that financial troubles cause relationship problems.) I want my children to know and understand that I am willing to go above and beyond for them. So, I have decided that the economic callapse will not be an excuse for me to not be able to see my children and I will walk if I have to. This world is not going to hold me back from my kids. The drive usually takes 4-1/2 hours but since I am going to walk, I am not sure how long it will take but I don't care. I want my babies to know that mommy will do anything to see them. Also, they make my life worth every minute of it.

This day in time, some parents are just too busy to show their children how much they are loved and this affects the person that they become when they are older. If you give a child unconditional love, they blossom into this beautiful person that you have helped create. They are healthier and happier. Providing unconditional love also makes them smarter and overall a very well rounded individual.

So, in closing, I would like to say to everyone going through that struggle caused by the falling of our economy, stand up for one another and be brave. Remember what the good ole USA represents and don't ever let anyone take our values and dignity. Wake up and stand up for what you know and were taught was right. Be good to one another. Open your eyes to what you have been blinded from. Keep current with the news as to be informed of when and why things are happening. Keep Americas constitution strong. Pray and be blessed (warning: prayer does make the devil work harder on you but God wants us to fight through evil and prove ourselves to him) Check out the DRUDGE REPORT everyday! May God bless us all!

The Georgia Guidestones Located In Atlanta Georgia

There are ten commandments that are not the commandments of  the Bible engraved in this stone structure. The #1 commandment states to reduce the population to 500,000,000.
There are ten commandments that are not the commandments of the Bible engraved in this stone structure. The #1 commandment states to reduce the population to 500,000,000. | Source


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    • solardoll24 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Portsmouth, VA

      JM, you are 100% correct. I just wish people would be more aware of the bible and the things that are taking place right before our eyes! Like you said, if you want to do business, we have to abide by the laws but would that be considered surrendering to the satan? The bible does say to obey the laws but on the other hand we are suppose to stand up for God. It also states that there will come a day where we will have to chose satan or be beheaded. If this is ever the case, then I shall be beheaded!

    • profile image

      common sense 

      6 years ago

      I have been studying the events and prophecies that are outlined in the bible, and believe the current events that are unfolding, are a fullfilling of biblical prophecies, and they are being introduced to us in such a suttle way that most are unaware of them. and we are accepting them as...well we have to abide by the laws. and if we want to do business thats the way it will have to be.



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