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The Electability of Donald Trump and Our Fat Ass

Updated on February 23, 2016

Donald Trump, meet Our Fat Ass.

Our Fat Ass, meet Donald Trump.

You may not think you two have that much in common, but you do.

I know what you think I am going to say, “Donald Trump’s an ASS!”


The thing Our Fat Ass and Donald Trump have in common is they both got here relatively the same way. We saw them enough that we got desensitized to them, which meant it’s ok that they stayed, and voila!! Donald Trump is THE candidate for the GOP and our ass is fat. Fantastic!

Remember the first time your jeans didn’t fit?

Remember when Trump said he was going to build a wall? (actually he said the best wall. He builds great walls, so I’ve heard, mostly from him) He was going to keep all the crime ridden, rapist Mexicans out of the U.S.?

In both of those situations you were appalled.

In both instances you thought, “What the hell are you doing here? You don’t belong.”

But you didn’t do anything about it. You thought they would go away.

You knew they were still there though. You looked at it day after day.

Yup, still there.

Yup, still don’t like it.

But you still didn’t do anything about it.

"It will go away. It has to. It doesn’t belong.”

Then something weird happened. You got used to it being there.

Maybe it’s not such a fat ass?

I am just big boned.

It happens when you get older.

Maybe he could be the president?

You justified it to yourself. You didn’t want to make yourself feel bad for allowing it to be there, so you made yourself feel that it was ok that it WAS there.

The news says I should be angry.

I AM angry!!!

The news says we are losing the war to ISIS.




We need change!!!

I am so unhappy!!!!

The news is so bad every day!!! Things must be terrible because David Muir says they are every day! The world is falling apart!!! America is in shambles!!! That’s what they keep telling me!!!!







And that’s how it happens.

You become desensitized. Actually, you become sensitized to not so bad, and desensitized to bad.

It becomes ok.

You love drama. You love to be stimulated.

Your life is boring, so you find your stimulation on TV, on your phone, on the internet.

Guess what? They know you like to be stimulated. You love cupcakes. The worse the news, the more stimulated you are. Truth? Eh. We can bend that. As long as we get viewers, we are good. You love drama, and that’s what they give you. You eat it up. Cupcakes, cheeseburgers, bad economy, America falling apart, we aren’t safe, pizza, shut down the borders, everything. You eat it all up and don’t even realize what you are doing. Instead of changing course you tell yourself stories to make it ok.

“I’m not the model body type.”

“I am happy being thick. More cushion makes my man happy.”

You aren’t thinking about your health, about your quality of life.

“The Mexicans are going to take our jobs. They are raping and killing people.”

“ISIS is practically living next door.”

You aren’t thinking about the health of the country. You are voting for a candidate that use hate speech and fear. That’s who you want to lead the free world? Of course you say no, but you are still voting for him. You are not disgusted any more.

He has the full support of Putin.


Are you guys retarded?

I bet his campaign posters will be used for the campaign posters for ISIS. “Trump in ‘16”

“Well, he is a successful business man. He will make good decisions.”

He makes the “decision” to do his hair like that every morning. Think about that.

It Is A Perfect Storm

The news and media sensitizing us to fear the things that aren’t there. The desensitization to The Donald being president, that he will solve these “problems” that are completely blown out of proportion (and don’t think the same thing isn’t happening with Sanders. That is equally as ridiculous).

We are being spoon fed our own shit. “How does the ice cream taste?”

Not only are they telling us it’s ice cream, we are telling ourselves it’s ice cream.

Do we even see what we are doing?

Turn around.

Look at your ass.

It’s huge.

That’s not ok.

Please do something before it’s too late.

Talk to you soon,



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