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The Election struggle in India!

Updated on April 13, 2014

The election scenario in India.

The predicament of the voters in India.

Till now four phases of election is over. Another five phases spreading upto May 12 has to take place. The final counting is slated to take place on May 16 and by mid afternoon, the trend and most of the results will be out since electronic voting machines are used for voting. India is one of the greatest democracy in the world. Around 80% of the population is eligible for voting who are above 18 years. Combined with the severe summer throughout India, the heat of electioneering gives a tough idea. The main contender is Narendra Modi who is seen as the face of BJP. But all along, Modi himself leads the campaign everywhere. Unable to tolerate his popularity among the voters, the Congress is putting up a bitter fight but unfortunately due to various election forecasts, the spirit of the Congress is already down. Hence they device newer ways to target Modi and his autocratic ways. Already Modi is seen as a dictator in his own party. Sidelining many senior veterans, his position seems unassailable. Hence even the elders like Advani, Joshi and others were unable to stomach the popularity of Modi everywhere.

Knowing well that the BJP has little presence in most of the Southern states, BJP has tailored a somewhat formidable alliance in all the southern states baring Kerala. The most promising states for the BJP is Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgar and Gujarat. In Punjab, Haryana and Delhi, the results will be mixed. Rajasthan is another state where the BJP will gain majority of seats. But there are certain states like Bihar, Orissa and Andhra where BJP is yet to make inroads. In North Eastern states like Assam, Nagaland, Megalaya, Manipur, it may gain a few seats. Overall, the BJP may garner around 200+ seats and with the allies the tally may go upto 250. Yet there will be a shortage of 23 seats. In Tamilnadu, AIADMK is set to sail as winner due to the charisma of its leader J.Jayalalitha. People were enomored by the Aam Admi Party of Arvind Kejriwal who has promised to wipe our corruption from the government. His efforts yielded some results in Delhi. But he had resigned the Chief Minister's post due to strong opposition to his pet policies by BJP and Congress. Many view his resignation as unfortunate and impulsive. Hence his performance in the Lok Sabha elections may hardly fetch him 10 to 15 seats overall. The Congress, the ruling coalition may end up with 100- due to its dynastic politics, halfhearted dealing of corrupt individuals and ministers. It seems that the image of the Prime Minister has got a beating due to numerous scandals unearthed by the Comptroller and Auditor General. The Congress party is unable to wriggle out from the scams of corruption and maladministration.

Narendra Modi has got several reasons to become confident of gaining his vision. But the circumstances after the counting of votes will tell whether he will occupy the seat of Prime Minister or not! The BJP and the National Democratic Alliance is confident of forming the next government.

The people of India are vary of corrupt politicians and officials. They want good and transparent government which is people friendly. Though Congress has formulated certain welfare schemes, they are yet to reach the poorest. The middleman is gaining everywhere. The Congress has learned many bitter lessons in the past ten years of governance. The incumbancy factor, the scams, the dynastic politics mar the chance of Congress this time. But many leaders in BJP view the politics of Narendra Modi as disguising. His connections with RSS is seen as a negative factor. He should gain the confidence of all people of India before he govern the Nation. Though he wanted to coarse through the middle path, the hard core Hindutva advocated by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak is detrimental to governance.

There is a media hype and the electronic media like the internet, facebook and twitter has generated large content to aid Narendra Modi. Congress is a late starter and hence Rahul Gandhi could not gain much. There was initial aversion of Congress due to many scams to face the public. Only few leaders are campaigning for the Congress. Over all Narendra Modi is set to win. But the votes of Muslims and Dalits will be split up between the new Aam Admi Party and Congress. In UP, the BSP has an edge over SP. In West Bengal, Mamata Banarjee is set to gain most of the seats. There will be polarization of votes. Many constituencies face multi cornered contest and hence the margin of votes will decide the winner. Hence in many constituencies, it is not easy to predict who will emerge has winner. Though the audience to BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is huge, we can not say that every body will vote for him. It is due to curiosity, many people gather in the meeting avenues. Let us hope for the best. Whoever emerge as winner must rule honestly and efficientely!


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