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The Elections Are Coming, The Elections Are Coming…And It’s Time For Us Sane People To Bare Arms!

Updated on September 23, 2010


I’ve been dutifully going to the gym as of late so perhaps my bare arms can be seen without too much embarrassment. It’s not so much that I think we really need to “bear” arms or “bare” them so much as I think it’s time to start flexing our muscles, you know, the ones in your brain, people? I’ve tried to sit back quietly (not my forte) and watch the whole ridiculous political parade go by but with the recent events blocking “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (again) I found myself leaping once more to my keyboard to get on my own tea box to shout as loud as anyone can on the Internet (without using all capital letters).

And while we’re on the subject of the Tea Party, can someone please explain to me what these people are going to do if they actually get into office? It’s all well and good to be shouting and fear mongering from the outside but once they get in and we discover that they have no ideas or sense what then, America? Sure you can be lured with good packaging (like I am with hair products, which has created what I lovingly call, “the product graveyard” under my sink) and a dose of good old fashioned fear but honestly, these Tea Party people are complete morons and I have no idea how anyone can think that these “emperors” are wearing any clothes at this point. In my own state I have Sharron Angle who didn’t want a high school football team to wear black jerseys when they were playing their rival team because black is Satan’s color or the color of evil or whatever she said. Oh yeah, I can see her making some really terrific laws if she gets in. Still with all the stupidity that is Harry Reid she’s getting closer and closer to eclipsing him. Be afraid, be very afraid.

And although a court ruled Don’t Ask Don’t Tell unconstitutional last week, the minute that I heard it was going to the Senate before elections I knew where we were headed. Do the politicos of this nation ever tire of parading us gays out at election time to appeal to the more base of their base? And why oh why do we gays continue to let them as if we’re some sort of puppy at the back glass door hoping our owner will let us in if we whine and make cute enough faces? The handwriting was all over the wall (like something you’d read in a bathroom stall) before the vote even started on Tuesday. And while we’re on that topic, why does it ever bother to go to a vote? It’s sort of like saying that everyone at a studio has no idea how a movie is going to end. Trust me, the writer, the producer, the actors, a gazillion other people and publicists know way in advance so that they can try to sway public opinion before the movies opens in theatres. The same thing goes for a Senate vote. Everyone knew before they stepped into the chamber how it was going to go down so why the pomp and circumstance without a red carpet and Joan Rivers to criticize what people are wearing? Because it’s election time folks and everyone wants their camera time.

Everyone from former to serving military personnel have said time and time again, they just want the help, they don’t care who the person is sleeping with who is fighting next to them, they just need to be able to depend upon them. But because of our sexually repressed and obsessed puritan in public persona that we’ve created for this country we now say we’re worrying about the morale of the straight soldiers having to fight along gay ones. If you’re so worried about morale, why not try and figure out what so many soldiers are committing suicide? Or are we busy covering that up so that America can feel proud of itself like the Jersey Shore kids with no substance for their overinflated self importance?

Look, I don’t trust anyone in politics least of all a new group that throws a bunch of accusations around to lather everyone up into a fear/hate soufflé. That however is not an excuse for the rest of us sane, civil people to sit back and say, “Oh they’re so crazy, don’t worry about them.” We all need to be afraid, very afraid. Because once they’ve dumped the tea in the harbor, who do you think is going to have to clean it up? Women and the rest of us minorities, that’s who always ends up cleaning it up when you white “Christians” make a mess. I want the Democrats to stop playing victim, the Republicans to stop acting as the sky is falling because minorities may actually know something, earn money and gain political clout and I want the tea party to just stop period. I also want organizations like Human Rights Campaign to stop saying they’re making progress when they really are only interested in getting their president invited to White House functions and getting his picture taken with Lady GaGa while they tell us places like Target that give money to political candidates who want gays dead are great for gays because they take out a nice sized ad in their monthly magazine.  

When are we all going to realize that we’re selling our humanity at too low a price? I won’t go back into the closet to make Republicans “comfortable” and I sure as hell won’t smile, nod and be laughed at while the politicians on both side of the aisle continually pander to the religious right (many of whom are raping children and people out of their hard earned money left and right) while throwing my hands up and saying, “Oh well if we’re just patient, maybe next year we’ll get to sit at the adult table.” We gays ARE the adults. We’ve just been denied a seat at the table because we’ve been polite asking for what we should be taking like every other law abiding, sane citizen. Keeping us gays out of the military is one of the dumbest things you people can do because you see we’ve been through battle after battle all ready to gain equality the laws of this country supposedly grant us automatically and no matter how many times you think you may have won a battle here or there, we will win the war. Why? Because like every other civil rights movement throughout history, it’s not just us gays fighting for equality of all American citizens, enlightened parents (straight and gay) are teaching their children that all people deserve to be treated with equal respect and dignity in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of our citizens. More than all the politicians and Human Rights Campaign type organizations, my faith is in the parents and gays of today, working together. I still have Hope Mr. Obama that you’re one of us but it sure would be nice to hear it from time to time. And in case you’re wondering, now is a good time.

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    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 6 years ago from San Francisco

      You're back!

      Great hub and good message...

      I think Obama is avoiding expending any political capital on equal-rights issues, as it's been clear the GOP will fight him on *everything* and some SCOTUS rulings in the near future might end the matter soon anyway.

      At any rate, politics is messy business...

    • ahostagesituation profile image

      SJ 6 years ago

      Dude, I'm too tired to read anything tonight, but if you're writing, I'm reading. Welcome back! Heavenly Lord tell me that Sharron Angle thing is NOT TRUE!!?? And I love this one: "Do the politicos of this nation ever tire of parading us gays out at election time to appeal to the more base of their base? And why oh why do we gays continue to let them as if we’re some sort of puppy at the back glass door hoping our owner will let us in if we whine and make cute enough faces?" Awesome job!

    • KKalmes profile image

      KKalmes 6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Hello SLIS, we miss you and are so glad to hear from you... especially when you are riled up and blasting the bad guys!

      I really thought it would pass... but now is the time to voice our opinions in the only forum that matters... the voting booth!

      Don't lose faith in my man, Barack Obama! He's too smart for them and has to much honor to back-pedal on his promises.

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 6 years ago from Las Vegas

      KKalmes - Keeping the Obama faith!!! And I agree with you, we have to vote to keep the "crazies" out!

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