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The Electricity is out oh no

Updated on June 1, 2017
A Photo of a power outage
A Photo of a power outage

Lights, television, coffee makers "Oh No there is no power"

Is Electricity limitless? We might think that it is but, we all know that it isn't. Today the power went out randomly, which stopped all my work since I have to use power to work on things when my computer needs charging, I can't work from my phone I wish I could if the electricity goes out everyone panics. Everyone has been a part of a power outage. Sometimes power outages are planned but most of the time they aren’t. Power outages are not limitless but they happen and when they happen it feels like they are limitless depending on the number of hours that the power is out. We don’t realize how much we rely on the power either at our jobs or at home until we have a power outage we think power is limitless until we have an outage. I remember going to an appointment in Harrow and one of their transformers for the town blew up and they didn’t have power. So that appointment that I had that day had to be rescheduled, but as I sat there waiting to see if the power would turn back on, I realized how difficult it was. You can’t do anything, or at least very little things without power. For example, you can’t have a coffee or watch television. So if you are working in an office, you can’t use your computer. You can’t photocopy, all you can do is file paper, but depending on where your desk is located you might not be able to see.

I remember one day, for two-day we had planned power outage. Yes, those things are real, so we knew that we couldn’t use the power. Even though we knew that we couldn’t use, it I still would turn on the light thinking that it would work or even tried turning on the coffee pot thinking that something would happen. Even though I knew full well that it wouldn’t. It is just a reflex to turn on a light or coffee pot when you need it, even opening the fridge is a challenge when there is no power.

How many power outages, have you had in your lifetime? Probably a lot, I can’t even give a number to how many that I have had, I just know how difficult it is when you are trying to do something and you need the power to do it. For example, working on your laptop and it dies, and you are either doing school work or actual work for your job, and there is no power, then what do you do? You can either write it out by hand or than when the power comes back on plug your laptop in and type out what you were writing out. Or you start the laundry or dishwasher before the power goes out and that stops so when the power turns back on you have to restart it in order for it to finish.

Your television will turn back on and so will the coffee maker if you had it on before the power went out. I remember one year in school it was either, winter or spring I can’t really remember but I was in school and the power went out, it stayed like that for two hours and they had to send us home. It was pizza day, and one of the fathers of one of the students had a cell phone that he was bringing around to each classroom so that kids could call their parents, that was the day that the power was out for three days. How did we survive? I don’t even remember it. All I remember about it is coming home and trying to turn on a light and then realizing hey if the power is out at the school it is out here too. Which means I can’t do anything.

I remember a few years ago, I can't remember if it was snowing or raining I just know that the power went out all day, and there was no school so nobody went to work either because if the schools were out of power the office buildings were too. it was limitless hours of sitting in candlelight, playing games that you didn't need the television for, or playing with legos or reading. We did have coffee and pancakes though because our stove is gas so we could still cook. Power outages, however, are no fun.

The Electricity is out Oh NO

Can power outages be limitless?

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Power outages means nothing works oh no

Power outages are one of the most inconvenient things, but you don’t realize how much you take power for granted until it’s not available to you. So if we can avoid a power outage for at least a couple months at a time, we try to which benefits everyone that it would involve. The one thing that you can do with a power outage if it is during the day and there is the sun is read a book. The only good thing about power outages is the silence that they let you have, nowadays, nothing is ever silent there is always something going on in the background. That sometimes needs to stop but we have grown accustomed to it, that we don’t even notice it until there is no power to that extra bit of noise in the background and the silence sets in. Or even having your morning cup of coffee.

I don’t like silence all that much, when I am writing on my laptop the radio is always on when I am cleaning or doing anything actually it is always on even when I read a book. There is no time where it is complete silence in my house, which sometimes is a bad thing and we don’t realize it until the power is out. Are you someone who uses power all the time with whatever you do, whether it be the radio, television, computer, or appliances? If we can avoid power outages we will, but sometimes they can’t be avoided and that is when we realize how much we take power for granted am I right? We have to remember that even though we think the power is limitless it isn't it could go away at any time and then we wouldn't have our television, coffee makers, which we rely on all the time because coffee makers and lights are what most of us consider lifelines to get through our day. Oh yes and no television which also means no radio, if we don't have these things, we can't keep track of the news, unless we have a wind-up radio, but even then the juice from that will disappear and we would have to wind it up again in order to hear the radio,

years ago there was no power and that was how the pioneers lived but now we have come to think that power is limitless, and we can't live without it. We are all lost without power, and then we panic because we don't know what to do. That is why we have to remember that power is not limitless, you have to charge up your phones and computers when they run out of power, so we all know it isn't limitless. It is just harder when the power goes out because then we can't charge up these devices that we have come to rely on so much.

When you have a power outage how do you feel? Do you feel that is limitless and it will last forever?

 Power Outages Why?
Power Outages Why?

Why are power outages limitlessly inconvenient

Why are power outages so inconvenient and why do we rely on power in such a limitless way?

Can Power Outages be Limitless? Let's Discuss

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