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The Emir of Qatar Supports the Palestinians & War Follows

Updated on October 25, 2012

The recent visit of Qatar's Emir, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa, was the first ever visit from this oil rich nation. Why the sudden interest of Qatar in Gaza and the Palestinians is suspicious because why now? Why not years ago? The Emir arrived to announce his full support of Hamas, the radical arm of the Palestinian political camp and pledged $400 million worth in building projects. This support will either embolden them to be more belligerent or docile.

It was just hours after the Emir left that Hamas provided insight: they sent 75 rockets and mortar fire across the border into Israel, which was the greatest number fired by them in three months. Israel responded with its aircraft that destroyed all of the rocket launcher sites. Egypt and Qatar both demanded that both sides restrain themselves. Gaza needs the money to rebuild after the 2008 across border war where Israel caused billions of infrastructure damage in Gaza when their tanks and aircraft retaliated after the Hamas attack.

Hamas blamed Israel claiming they had started it because of the support from Qatar presented to Hamas. Israel indicated that they did not want this across border fighting but is more than willing to stop if Hamas continues. Israel and the US are also conducting a joint war simulation against a massive missile attack from Iran or Lebanon.


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    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      So far it did not bother you that the US, France, Britain, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia... are attacking Syria! Why didn't you ask yourself, why after so many years? You'll have the answer in my next hub!

      It seems simple, since Qatar allied the US they just want to install a muslim dictatorship like in Syria with the blessing of the US!

      And since oil and gas were discovered in the former Palestine shores it time for former Palestine (meaning israel) to experience what most of the middle east countries is enduring!