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The End of the Line: After the Battle in Hungary, 1944

Updated on February 13, 2011

October 27 Friday

Weather: Partly Cloudy, 14 C.

The 4th SS PG and 24th Panzer Division ( 4th Panzer Corps) attacked towards the Tiszavarkonyi railroad station. Russian units had crossed the river and established a small bridgehead with a few battalions.  This was removed after a brief battle. All of the German divisions that had fought in this battle were now threadbare, and it is a testament to their training and abilities that they had managed to do what they had. It had been very costly: The 24th Panzer Division had 11 Pz IV, seven StG. Its combat strength was 1600 men, 13 75mm AT guns.

The 13th Panzer Division remains stood in the Hajdúböszörmény-Polgár area. Its artillery stood between Tiszacsege-Balmazújváros, Its operational tank strength was six Pz V, one  Pz III, one Pz IV L/70. The total number of panzer grenadiers came to 1100 men, and 14 artillery guns. It, like the others, had performed many miracles since Oct 6.

The FFH Division had 10 StGs, seven 75mm guns, and only 900 effective combatants.

By now, the 1st Panzer Division contained nine Pz IV, two StG, and eight Pz V operational tanks. It had a total of 1000 Panzer Grenadier combatants. It had 11 75mm AT guns and its self-propelled artillery unit contained 30 guns

The 23rd Panzer Division had two Pz IV and Pz V tanks, 28 StG, 850 combatants, nine 75mm AT guns, and 30 SP Artillery guns.  The 4th SS PG had combat strength of 1100 men, 41 artillery guns, 18 AT guns, and eight StG The 503rd Tiger remained the strongest unit with 30 Tiger II tanks. The 76th division had 1900 combatants, two 75mm AT Guns, and 13 artillery guns. The 1176 StG Bn had two operational Jagdpather 38 .

The 3rd Mountain Division had 2000 combatants, 10 StG, five 75mm AT Guns. Its artillery came to 35 guns.

The 8th SS Cavalry Division’s strength was 3060 men, 19 75mm AT Guns, 10 JagdPz 38 tanks (Hetzer). Its artillery came to 37 guns. The 15th Division had 900 combatants, 14 75mm AT Guns, and three artillery guns. The 1015 StG Bn had six JagdPz 38 Hetzers. The 4th Mountain Division contained 3350 combatants, 12 75 AT Guns, 35 Artillery Guns, 17 StGs.

Two Russian armies had pounded and pounded away for 20 days at these German divisions attempting to bust through. Each time a breakthrough was achieved, somehow, the German splintered units managed to regather and prevent a total collapse. But even attrition would play against the Germans and time was on the Russian side.


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