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Enemies Of Human Destiny

Updated on April 18, 2016

There are many enemies of human destiny that are fighting against humanity to make sure they don't live the kind of life God has created them to live. The major reason why i decided to write them out is for you to identify them so as to handle them very well whenever they confront you.

* Impatience : impatience is another enemy of human destiny which has made so many people to walk in the wrong direction that has caused problems to their lives. it is also a strong weapon the devil uses to day to pull men out of their destiny. He always makes them to lose patience whenever he knows they are waiting on God to fulfill his promises in their lives.

This is one reason why you as a believer need to understand the God you are serving, always remember "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the earth'. This is why you should not allow the spirit of impatience to dwell in you, because it can turn your life upside down. It can make you to do the right thing at the wrong time, thereby putting you into more problems that can be irreversible.

There are some mistakes that cannot be corrected, while there are some that take you a long period of time to correct. this could be seen in some matrimonial homes today, their problems affect generation unborn and noteworthy is the fact that their children comprise of the wayward, miscreants, and unscrupulous ones in our society today.

* Fear :Fear is an enemy of human destiny, it is a tormentor, it's mission is always to make you feel you cannot make it in life, and if eventually you try to move towards what is good, it will attempt to make you see failure, so that you will not advance. So many great people have died as a result of fear. it always gives out imaginary illness, with the aim of tormenting its victims until they are no more.

On personal experience, fear shows up when you are about getting your miracle, just to make you lose confidence and hope. so many people you see living their lives contrary to God's will, is not that they don't know how or what to do, but fear has dominated their lives. The most unfortunate things is that so many people are still accommodating it and even nursing it, without knowing that the end result is living a wasted life.

* Discouragement : Discouragement is a weapon from the devil. it can be used to stop you and make you get tired when he knows you are getting closer to your destination. Do you know that the devil does not disturb or bring discouragement to those who don't have destination and a bright future?. Thus, he is searching for those who God has destined to rule their world, just to get them discouraged in whatever they are doing.

Discouragement is not from God. Discouragement however, could come from those you put your confidence in. They may not know that they are only trying to help the devil to deprive you from what God has planned to do in your life.

* Past Failure : A deceit of the devil that has deprived a lot of people from walking in their destiny is the picture of the past that is constantly reveal to them by the devil whenever they want to make a positive move. "You cannot plan the future by the past". Great people are those that fall in the past, but refuse to remain where they fell. The Bible says; 'The righteous man falleth seven times but riseth up again". Remember your past failure is resurrecting the defeat of yesterday, You must put your past failure behind and move on with your life, so that you will be able to reach your destination and lay a solid foundation for your children and descendants..

* Comparison : comparison is another enemy of human destiny. it has made a lot of people to remain where they are. Beloved, you don't have to compare yourself with others, because the destiny of Mr A is not the same as that of Mr B.

You just have to be yourself and operate in the level God desire of you, it is true that sometimes the devil will want to intimidate you, trying to make you feel inferior before others, but all you have to do is to rebuke him and make him know that you are special and you appreciate what God has destined you to, and he will surely flee from you. But when you see your self the way he sees you and begin to compare yourself with others, you will discover that you will no longer be able to do anything meaningful.

That was exactly what happen to me some years ago. Thanks to God for his divine intervention, I would have lost my life, because i no longer saw any good thing in me then. I was lust admiring others. Thank God, I later discovered my real self and purpose in life.

* A Wrong Environment : Finally a wrong environment is another enemy of human destiny that has destroyed the future of so many youth's in our society today. Some environments are not conducive for people of great destiny to live in, because this could change people's mentality from that of a high-flier to that of a mediocre. You will discover that there are some people who are doing very well, but immediately they change their environment, things begin to go wrong.

This will not only affect the way they perceive matter but will also affect their general dispositions to life. That is why you have to be very careful of the kind of environment you live in, and if the environment cannot affect your life positively, then you have to change it. You don't have to tolerate those negative things you are experiencing in your environment especially if you cannot put them right, because they will begin to affect your destiny and may deprive you from walking in your destiny..

Do you know that there are some environments that always produce armed robbers and drug addicts?. And any one who goes in there, if not careful will eventually become one of them. The most painful thing is that majority of the people that are affected, are people that are suppose to change their world positively. Therefore, know the kind of environment that suit your destiny...


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    • vicogon40 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      yeah you are absolutely correct. we all need God grace to overcome all earthly difficulties in our lives. In other to take control of our destiny

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      My first hub was entirely devoted to this reality. I only posted the first chapter to a book I have been writing on the subject. Life is a journey of lessons towards learning and over coming the ways of this World. I do not know if there are any blessings in it but living for the next World makes it a requirement. Building sanctuary in ourselves, our homes and our lives is a journey to a better life. One that promotes true growth, humanity and understanding of what true purpose exist.


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