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The Only Thing That Matters Is The System

Updated on December 23, 2016
The Heart Machine from the movie Metropolis.
The Heart Machine from the movie Metropolis.

I have a friend who's in jail. He's poor, so he was assigned a Public Defender. (We'll call it a PD for short, and an "it" because it ceased having a human soul long ago.) The charge is serious, so he would be stupid to represent himself, although that is exactly what he is considering: going pro se. And it's not because he thinks he's smarter than everyone or that, even though he's innocent, there's no way he's going to prison for the rest of his life.

No, he's thinking about defending himself because his PD, just like all public defenders, cares more about the System and the process than it does about its own client. It's only come to the jail once; it never gives my friend updates on his case. No, all that matters to the PD is that the System is maintained; plaintiffs and defendants are bits of trash to be eaten up and fed into the incinerator, not men and women that need to be protected.

I imagine the biggest problem is that PDs don't get to choose who they represent. Unlike private defense attorneys, who are handsomely rewarded for participating in the System (but care equally as little about their clients), these soulless beings have no say in who they are representing. They are, however, still expected to represent their clients to the best of their ability. They don't get to know or like them. Rapists, wife beaters, thieves ... the sin is inconsequential, as long as the System is maintained.

People are, essentially, an inconvenience to the process; clients and victims alike waste the precious time, energy, and most importantly, money of a System that demands the waste of precious time, energy and money to exist. Efficiency holds the whip.

If they were truly concerned about the victims, they wouldn't allow such heinous plea deals.

If they were truly concerned with the rights of the accused, they wouldn't allow such heinous mandatory sentencing.

HIPAA Kills Humanity

My ex husband was ate up in the gears of the System; the army catapulted him into Iraq then turned him into an addict. His mental illness and addiction - exacerbated and then maintained by the System - spiraled out of control in 2014, when the System was no longer there to coddle him. It destroyed our family, and the System didn't care.

No one would help me.

His former commander apologized profusely for not warning me about my ex; he chose to maintain the System.

His doctors at the VA wouldn't take information regarding him abusing his prescription medication; they chose to maintain the System.

He became increasingly irrational and aggressive every day, but I was turned down twice for a restraining order; he needed to hold a knife to my throat before they could do anything. The judge maintained the System.

He orchestrated our eviction, and the law mandates that judges side with the landlord; that judge also maintained the System.

The System dictates that my son's safety and well being be secondary to the whims of his drug-addicted, mentally ill father; the System rejoices at how gleefully people in the System remove any trace of Humanity from their considerations.

There has not been one moment in this sea of terrible moments during which I was not reminded that the System is all-powerful and will destroy anyone who says otherwise.

Drumpf or Killary?

How can I ignore the biggest lie of them all, the American Presidential Election of 2016? Oh, the irony of people thinking they're standing up to and denying religion when all they're doing is replacing one God with a far falser one. But why would people need God to guide them, when they have the System?

I have never been a strong believer in our "democracy," but being poor and marginalized has cemented any mistrust I ever had for this System. (Trust me, nothing makes you feel less human than being one of the millions of other faceless, numbered souls on food stamps.) I only ever voted once; that was in 1992 and I feel ashamed for ever having participated.

They created a System in which it doesn't matter who's running or who you're voting for; all that matters is that you participate in the process.

Do you actually trust Hillary Clinton? Do you honestly believe Donald Trump is going to save us all? Can you really say that you think Obama is solely to blame for our current mess? Because all I see is a bunch of people with nothing to offer the world but demagoguery, tragedy and slavery.

The scariest part? That people feel the same way I do about these candidates but still encourage people to get out there and vote!! They tell people to participate in a System that in no way benefits them ... because regardless of the actors, the System must be maintained. It doesn't matter that Clinton and Trump are evil, you must vote for one because the System must be maintained at all costs.

Of any election in the history of American elections, this year is the year you should be protesting against this corrupt system. You shouldn't vote. On Election Day, you shouldn't go to your polling station to cast your vote, you should go there with an angry slogan written in big letters on a huge sign, ready to scream loud and long about how you refuse to be fodder for a System that would gladly chew you up and spit you out. Because when you vote for someone you despise, you are enabling the corruption. You are personally saying: People don't matter to me, only the System matters to me.

When you vote for the GOP candidate, you vote for the Democratic Party. When you vote for the Democratic candidate, you are casting your vote for the GOP. Both parties are one in the same; the same well-connected family, the same blue blood runs through their veins and until we refuse to maintain the System, humanity itself will suffer and the System will become not only more powerful but less humane.

We must, above all else, maintain Humanity.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 21 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting analysis.