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The Fall of Berlin Wall

Updated on September 20, 2014

The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

Fall of Berlin wall considers biggest event of history. Construction of Berlin wall began on August 13, 1961 The Berlin wall was constructed as a way to preventing people of east Germany to entering in West Germany.The land adjoining the wall was under constant examination to detect people who want to escape from east to west Germany.

Official figures show that at least 136 people died trying to cross the border. Citizens of east and west Germany could easily moved from east to west border on November 1989. Most of the wall destroyed by 1990 and Germany was officially reunited on October 03, 1990. After demolition people of both side took structure of wall Souvenir and very few structure left after fall of wall.

The History of the Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall was constructed by former East German authorities to separate West Germany to East Germany. Guard towers was also constructed with wall to prevent migration of East Germany people to West Germany. Several people lost their lives when they tried to migrate from East to west due to raising poverty and tough life condition in East Germany.

After world war two allies conquered and divided Germany in four zones each occupied by four big power USA, France, USSR and Great Britain. Despite good allies during world war two relations between former Soviet Union and US quickly disintegrated and both side want to show their domination after world war two in different occupied areas.

The Construction of the Berlin Wall

In 1949 three close allies France, Britain and USA formed German democratic republic in their occupied zone in their response former Soviet union showed their domination in Soviet Union occupied areas and formed East Germany. The same division occurred in east and west Berlin both side were divided after ideological and political difference of occupied forces.

Due to slow economic progress, raising poverty and lack of daily necessities of life thousands of East German people migrated to West Germany in search of better life. Before the Berlin war creation estimated 3.5 million East German people migrated to West Germany.

High Security at Berlin Wall

East German authorities tried hard to prevented large number of migration from East to west. East German authorities constructed Berlin wall and several watch towers was also built with the walls. East German authorities also imposed tough measures to prevented their people to crossed Berlin wall and entered to West Germany.

The wall was 155 kilometer long along the wall side wire fences, watch towers, electric wires and search dogs were also available to made things worst for people who want to escape from east Germany to West Germany.

Escape from East Berlin

Despite 28 years of construction of Berlin wall and tough measures imposed by east German government some 5000 thousand people thought to be escaped to west Germany. After fall of former Soviet Union and communism several east European countries got rid from Soviet occupation wave of revolution has also reached in Germany and very soon both sides had agreed to demolished Berlin wall in best interest of their people. Thousands of people gathered and demolished Berlin wall in their own hands. Now pieces of wall are available as memory of twenty eight years deadly history of Berlin wall.

The Fall of Berlin Wall

The fall of Berlin wall also open the way of reunification of both Germany. After long years of struggle on 03 October 1990 both Germany united officially. After long years of wait people of east Germany found way to end their economic miseries and poverty and start new era of life.

Fall of Berlin wall is still big lesson for those rulers and countries who are trying to impose their ideology and influence in small and poor third world countries and want democratic and political system according to their own wishes.

Due to economic difficulties and foreign aid these countries are forced to prepare policies against the wishes of own people and in several countries sentiments are going high against these trend now people believe that if they struggle hard they can demolish all difficulties and influence like Berlin wall.

History of Berlin Wall

Geography of Berlin Wall

A markerBerlin wall Germany -
Am Wall, 13597 Berlin, Germany
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Fall of Berlin Wall in Pictures


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    • profile image

      Eugene9184 3 years ago

      Amazing period - I read in the papers at that time, really historic!

    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 4 years ago from Singapore

      Interesting post