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The Fall of Russian Freedom: Precursor of the Future

Updated on March 10, 2011

By Phasmatis

Russia has been center stage frequently over the years. Often used by Western politicians as a boogie man to scare the voters so they could push through the next batch of unacceptable legislation and to get votes for the next election. All of this is rather hypocritical considering the same people that funded those politician’s campaigns and put them into office are the very same people who were funding Russia for most of the 20th century.

Going back to 1910-20s you have the revolution which brought communism to Russia and formed the Soviet Union. This event was called the Bolshevik revolution. Before the revolution Russia was ruled by a Tsar or what we would call a king. Russian Tsar Nicholas II wanted and was moving Russia toward an industrial Revolution which would have made the nation on par with America and European nations. He went about this though at the expense of the people which got him removed from power and his entire family executed.

Tsar Nicholas II.
Tsar Nicholas II.

That would appear to be the truth at first but other facts must now be considered. Russia was the leading oil producer in the world thanks to its rich Baku Fields. In 1902 Russia exported over half of the world’s oil supply. This was a threat to the Oil Monopoly in America headed by John D. Rockefeller. As such Rockefeller had his agent George Kennan who spent over 20 years spreading anti Tsar propaganda. It is because of Rockefeller that that Tsar was disposed of later after the Bolshevik Revolution which destroyed Russia’s oil industry Rockefeller was able to secure control over Russia’s oil production.



Two other agents of the Wall Street financiers were Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin and Leon Trotsky. Starting with Trotsky who wasn’t even Russian but in fact German, his real name was Braunstein and was a German agent. Germany as we know is a hotbed of Banker Powers such as the Rothschild family. Trotsky had an interesting trip back to Russia for the revolution, starting in France where he was staying after being exiled  from Russia after the first aborted revolution. From France he was politely escorted to the Spanish Border  after he wrote some revolutionary statements in a Paris Newspaper in September 1916. Shortly afterward he was arrested by the Madrid police and put into a “first Class” cell, a sign that he know some powerful people indeed. From there he was took a trip through several cities before he was put a ship for America which landed in New York on January 13, 1917. After about a year he was given a passport from the president Woodrow Wilson, whose advisor was Edward Mandell House who went on to be one of the founders of the Council on Foreign relations which most all presidents have belong to since (except George W. Bush but he more than made up for that by surrounding himself with plenty of CFR members).

Edward Mandell
Edward Mandell

After receiving his passport he went North to Canada where he was detained along with his family and several other revolutionaries returning to Russia. In what is truly a shocking development which showcased the interconnection of many elite in the time he was eventually released and finished his travels to Russia.

This is a man though that called himself an internationalist and called for a one world dictatorship in his book in 1918 a thing that most One World Government people today say. In addition to his luxurious accommodations in New York (well above his claimed wages) his cousin Abram Givatovzo was a banker in Kiev before the revolution and in Stockholm afterwards.


Lenin who also received substantial funds from Germany and Wall street had a less exciting journey than his compatriot Trotsky. Lenin and company simply boarded a sealed train in April of 1917 and traveled to Switzerland where he and company boarded a steamer which traveled to Sweden, then through Finland and finally into Russia with an American passport.

While in Russia Lenin received an immense amount of money from Wall Street sources and Rockefellers standard oil. These loans he later paid back with money seized from property and accounts in Russia of which none of Rockefeller’s assets were touched. It is also of note how Lenin’s Speech “The Threatening Co

After the revolution John D. Rockefeller and J.P Morgan and associates managed to secure control over several monopolies in Russia, Including Vacuum Oil, International Harvester, Guaranty Trust and New York Life.

What happened after the revolution is horrifying and offers a glimpse into the future for America. Starting with the funding and creation of left wing political groups, in the 20s it was Socialists and in the 60s in America David Rockefeller created a new left. He and the CIA created, funded, and in the CIAs (ran by CFR members) ran Feminism.

In Russia the soviet government took away the citizens guns. This made them defenseless and allowed Lenin and his socialists to kill around 100 million people. In America today the left wing politicians (many members of the CFR) are always trying to strip American’s of their gun rights.

The final atrocity was the work camps. These were concentration camps that drove the Russian Economy. The concentration camps were first invented and utilized in modern times by Lord Kitchener underneath Rhodes. While Rhodes did not manage his people the knowledge would have been in his group the Rhodes society which was hijacked by Rothschild and other banker families whom later would go on to fund Lenin and his socialists.

These camps held millions across all of Russia and were responsible from everything from grain production to mining. Millions subsequently died in these camps. Now in Modern times you have the Fema “Residential Centers”, in other words a fancy name for concentration camp of which the government says are there in case of emergencies. It is obvious that this is more of the same from the 20s to modern times, nothing much has changed.

Work Camp
Work Camp
Fema Camp
Fema Camp

After the revolution for years Wall Street continued to funnel money into the Soviet Union. They even manipulated the politics in America to have the Soviet Union officially recognized as a nation. What evolved from this funding was the handing of technology to the Soviet Union in 1943 by Wall Street. Later out of tax payer money the Soviet’s entire steel, automobile, airplane manufacturing, and so much more came out of the American taxpayer’s money.

Sutton in 1972 said “there is no soviet technology” this was because basically 90-95 percent of their technology came from the west. Even the technology for the atomic bomb which resulted in the soviet union ordering from America requested 200 pounds of Uranium oxide, 220 pounds of Uranium nitrate, and 25 pounds of uranium metal all of which would be used to perfect the Atomic bomb and that was in the 1943 so it was of no surprise that the soviets eventually conceived the atomic bomb.


The final piece of history that we can learn from happened more recently. This event is major and yet so few ever talk about it. It is the death Russian Democracy. I am referring to the 1993 Russian Constitutional Crisis.

This began on December 12th when President Yeltsin and Khasbulatov agree on a national referendum to decide on a new constitution. In March 2003 Khasbulatov leads the Constitutional Court which charges Yeltsin of violating the Russian Constitution and aims to strip him of his emergency powers. The same month Yeltsin appoints a new head of the Central bank and 3 other office members. Yeltsin on the 20th announces in a political move that Parliament is attempting to reestablish communism and that he is establishing a special regime. Unfortunately the constitutional court on the 26th fails to reach a two thirds majority to impeach Yeltsin but rules that Yeltsin must receive a 50% majority vote in the next election to remain in office. On April 25 Yeltsin Receives 64.5% of the vote and is reelected.

Following several more events in August Yeltsin announces that he will do whatever necessary to bring new parliamentary elections. This comes on the heels of a corruption investigation that began in July.

Events finally come to a boil and on September 1st Yeltsin suspends Vice President Aleksandr Rutskoy saying that he will hold new presidential election if parliament holds new elections as well, parliament ignores him and on the 21st Yeltsin dissolves The Congress of People’s Deputies and Parliament and announces that new elections for a two chamber parliament will be held in December. After which the Parliament decrees Yeltsin’s decree is void and that he is no longer president and put Rutskoy as the new president of Russia.

After armed conflict breaks out because Khasbulatov urges them on to storm the Kremlin to remove Yeltsin on the 3rd, Yeltsin on the 4th orders tanks to attack the Parliament building forcing President Rutskoy and Parliament to surrender. After which Yeltsin puts in a new constitution which allows him to appoint prime ministers and military leaders even if parliament disagrees. It was of course passed.

This effectively is the death of democracy in Russia and largely goes unmentioned. Two events though happen in Russia around this time revealing it to be part of the New World Order plan. Before we can touch on those we must first go back to 1991 where Bill Clinton attends the Bilderberg meeting. After the meeting Clinton travels to Russia and meets with Vadim Bakatin on June 9th whom was in the middle of an election campaign for an election that was 6 days away. None the less he took time to meet with Clinton a nobody at the time.

This is significant because later Vadim Bakatin was given the top spot in the KGB by Yeltsin. According to Daniel Estulin this was so Clintons KGB student Era and Anti Viet Nam records could be “buried” so that Bill Clinton could run for president, which he did and won.

Following in 1993 in April Yeltsin attends the Bilderberg meeting and is introduced by David Rockefeller as a guest speaker. Afterwards America gives Russia a 1.6 Billion dollar aid package. Bilderberg is where major decisions are made amongst the world’s leaders and shortly afterward Russia effectively had a coupe.

What this all means is that there are those whom are conspiring behind closed doors and when they don’t get their way force is used against even a democratic process. From Russia we can gleam many lessons as we can witness plans that are currently unfolding as they unfolded. The similarities between now and then are too great to dismiss and if this is not stopped the future will be a reflection of the past.


The True Story of The Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Antony C. Sutton

On Gun Control

Russian History


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