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The Fallacy About The Iran Nuclear Negotiations is North Korea

Updated on March 30, 2015

Like a wily coyote, Iran has used deception and lies for over 10 years about their quest for a nuclear enrichment facilities to create a nuclear bomb. The new negotiations are based upon distrust and verify anything agreement with Iran. That is a great premise for the Americans to have, but in the past, Iran has signed agreements and then simply refused access for inspections. So. no matter what any agreement may state and each side claims victory, Iran will simply, at some point in time, just refuse to cooperate and there is nothing the West can do but increase the sanctions, assuming they have the will to do it. Each will blame the other for a violation and that will be it.

But, what about North Korea? None of this would even be happening had North Korea and its co-conspirator, China, had not provide the technical know for Iran to build their own ballistic missiles and guidance systems. Pakistan sold them the centrifuges to spin the uranium to make weapons grade material. Iran is a wily foe. They have already sent many of their top nuclear engineers to NK, near the Chinese border to continue research and development of a nuclear bomb. NK already has them. The current negotiations leave out North Korea and that is the problem. Iran may have already sent to NK any weapons grade material already processed for safe keeping. If they have none, they have a very willing seller in NK or provide some material needed for a price.

For North Korea, it is a booming business in selling Iran nuclear material and missile technology. It is estimated that NK earns about $2 billion per year from the sale of these and other materials. In 2003, hundreds of skilled NK technicians and engineers lived and worked in Iran helping them develop missile technology and steps in creating a nuclear bomb. With the many Iranians now in NK developing a bomb with NK assistance, any agreement is a facade. Even if Iran stops all of its centrifuges, they are still spinning in North Korea and NK will no doubt sell weapon grade material to Iran. They have done it before.

Even with the agreement, Iran can buy the materials from NK to build a bomb there and then smuggle it into Iran for installation on their ballistic missiles. The flight time between the countries is less than a day. Pakistan, who bought many of the nuclear weapon parts from China, resold them or copies of them directly to Iran in 2004. In 2011, a Chinese ship was intercepted going to Iran with suspected cargo. The cargo discovered were parts directly used for making a nuclear bomb.

This agreement is a joke on the West. Iran is untouchable in their pursuit of a bomb while in North Korea and acquiescence of China, which is ironic, because they are part of the West seeking a treaty! Iran will get the bomb sooner than later because there is nothing more to do. Iran creates a nuclear bomb while in NK using enriched uranium they bought from NK. NK makes millions for the sale. The nuclear core of the bomb is transported back to Iran and mounted on their missile. Iran then declares it will not abide by the treaty. The West threatens sanctions and Iran threatens to use its nuclear missile on Israel or Saudi Arabia if sanctions occur. Now what?

Does the West now conduct stealth cruise missile attacks upon Iran's known launch sites? if they do, Iran could easily shut down the Straits of Hormuz where 80% of the oil the world uses passes through. If they did, now what?

One can see how, over time, the Middle East could end in Armageddon.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 years ago

      I suspect there will be an agreement because Obama really needs this for his legacy, but it is one doomed to fail and will fail. Some things never change and Iran's government of deception is one of them.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      I have had this comparison in my head since these talks started. I remember Albright going to NK and saying how much safer we are. What crap. I believe one of Albright's lieutenants is now Kerry's primary assistant during the talks (her name escapes me). Important article. Voted up and shared.