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The Farce of the So-Called Secularists in India

Updated on December 20, 2017

Orchestrated agitation by writers

A few days back a Muslim who had stored beef in his house was dragged out and lynched to death by an infuriated mob who had been incited by speakers at the local temple. The act reprehensible as it is led to a strange reaction. A slew of prominent writers and poets honored earlier by the Sahitya Akademy, when the Congress government was in power returned their awards. However, 99% of these writers only returned the awards, but not the cash complement which comes along with the award.

The question arises as to why these artists returned the awards. In earlier instances when massive deaths had taken place these writers just kept quiet. Examples are the Muzzafarpur riots, Babri Masjid riots and massive killing of almost 10000 Sikhs in broad daylight in the streets of Delhi. The charge that these poets and writers are in reality only pseudo secularists is perhaps difficult to counter.

Bone of contention
Bone of contention

Face of Secularism in India

Recently Shobha De a prominent columnist stated " I am a beef eater! Please come and kill me". Such a statement made many prominent citizens smile. It is obvious that if Shobha had made a statement like " I am a pork eater. Please come and kill me" would have had an immediate reaction and she probably would have been killed. This is the bane of these pseudo secularists as their secularism is just an equation of being pro Muslim and anti-Hindu.

There was a movie made by another pseudo secularist called Amir Khan. In this movie, the Hindu god Shiva is shown caged. Probably if Amir Khan had switched the role and made the movie on Mohammed, he would be sitting in the land of the dead. In other words, he would have been killed.

In India, most pseudo secularists equate secularism as being pro Muslim. Even prominent writers like Taslima Nasreen from Bangladesh, now in exile in India received no protection from the Bengal chief minister Mamata Bannerjee and had to flee Calcutta. This was after the local Muslims had issued a Fatwa against her for being an" enemy of Islam". It must be mentioned that Taslima had fallen foul of hard-line Muslims who disliked her secular writings and also starting a crusade that Islam discriminates against Muslims. It is worth noting that the same Mamata rang up the Pakistani singer Ghulam Ali and requested him to perform in Calcutta after he had been debarred from performing in Mumbai because of an agitation by the Shiv Sena.

Should pseudu secularists be identified and exposed?

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Real reason for orchestrated protests

One after other, prominent writers returned their awards. These were doled out when the Congress party was in power. Despite any number of Muslim killings, these pseudo-intellectuals did not think of returning awards at any stage.

In the 2014 election, the Congress party was decimated, winning just 44 seats in a house of 542. The nemesis of the Congress party was the BJP which on its own steam won 282 seats and Narendra Modi formed the government and became prime minister. The Congress party long used to power could not stomach a loss of power. Worse the man against whom the Congress had mounted a sustained campaign as a killer of Muslims, was voted to power. Skeletons also began to tumble from the cupboard and it was apparent the party had a big hand in looting the state exchequer.

In such a situation, where even the Congress president Sonia Gandhi was herself suspected of impropriety in financial misconduct, a devious plan was needed to corner the Modi government. This is the genesis of making a small incident of killing of one man into a " great issue" . Many pro Congress writers were instigated to form a union and attack the Modi government. The timing was also important as the Bihar election is underway and the heads of the Congress party thought it a good time to paint the BJP and Modi as anti Muslim.

Hindu temple
Hindu temple

The Future

Tens of writers in tandem have been returning their awards. The entire scene looks farcical and many writers are looking embarrassed. The writers have no answer as to why they are reacting only now after a single man died. There is no answer as to why they never took similar steps when the Congress was in power and hundreds of Muslims were killed.

One hopes that the Modi government faces this devious plan orchestrated by a few to malign Modi in a brave manner. The Indian masses are not dumb and are politically very conscious. There is a good chance that this protest will fail. One hopes this for the good of Indian democracy.


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    • emge profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Thank you Lawrence, yes politicians are the same everywhere

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      Interesting, the machinations of politicians and the political stage always surprises me!



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