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The Left's Dream to Unseat the 45th Us President

Updated on July 17, 2018

This is what the Democrats call Patriotism and the American Way

The Prologue of the Democrat resistance to Donald Trump presidential candidate till and continuing through his presidency

The Left and their dream to unseat President Donald Trump, the 45th US President Their latest attack and effort to impeach president Trump involved using the Illegal Aliens that have chosen to bring their children along with them while they illegally cross into the US from Mexico. Instead of blaming the Parents for bringing children with them, knowing the consequences when they get caught. Or blaming congress for allowing 20 years of faulty immigration laws and not trying to change them today. The fact is they don't want to change it, because their goal is to use it to make it look like it is president Trump's fault and try to impeach him for it.

What the left is doing on hubpages against president Donald Trump

Hubpages are filled ( actually hubpages is more like a ghost town than it is filled, but of the few people that post there we can say it) with people on the left.
They create forums, they post messages, and some of them even write articles.
What is common among them is that they all want to tell you their opinion about why Donald Trump shouldn’t be president of the United States. What they seem to lack are factual, verifiable and compelling truthful evidence. None have even been found in the multiple continuing congressional and special counsel investigations. The worst thing about their comments is that they totally ignore the fact that there is a constitutional process for their problem. That process is voting out elected officials and voting for the ones you think should replace them. But they couldn't wait until 2018, and especially not waiting for 2020. They started their resistance on the day they found out Trump won the presidential election, and they haven't stopped since then.


At one time Snopes was the goto on checking out the truth of things that were said, but Snopes has also been taken over by the left and they now join with the main stream media news.

The History of the bias by the Left.

To see how far left the main stream media news is one only has to go to the 2016 presidential election coverage. All through the election day and into the closing hours the media kept predicting that Hillary Clinton would win. They said it was impossible for Donald Trump to garner enough electoral votes from the key states.

Then when the impossible happened, Donald Trump won by a margin of 305 to 231. Media news anchors wept, and forecasted the end of the United States. And they were as stunned as Hillary Clinton and her supporters as they awaited the results of the election to start their victory party. The media, the favorable poll results for Hillary over Trump all bet the farm. When the votes tallied, it was doom and gloom for Hillary, her supporters and the Hillary biased media. Hillary was so upset that she didn’t concede until the next morning. This became the genesis of the left’s resistance to president Trump, this was actually a continuation of their attacks on presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The Resistance Continues even without Evidence

Even today this resistance continues and since the election Hillary and the left have taken many paths in that resistance. These included having investigations on Donald Trump and Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and even president Trump.

The democrat Genesis Big Bang Theory for their mantras and Resistance.

The Hillary Clinton, John McCain and the Russian Dossier. Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for the Russian Dossier as a political opposition paper. Republican Senator John McCain passed it on to the FBI and they used it to get FISA warrants to spy on presidential elect Trump and his transition team.

The Big Bang Theory of the Hillary Clinton, DNC, and John Podesta resistance of president Donald Trump was based on a twelve million dollar Hillary Clinton paid party opposition paper.

The goal of that paper, as with any party opposition paper was to find any and all kind of dirt that could be used to get president Trump to resign or force him to leave the presidency. This paper, referred to as the Russian Dossier was actually written and paid for when the election campaign was in progress. None of the media actually touched, but republican senator, presidential candidate loser, John McCain took the paper to the FBI and he admitted that on January 17, 2017 that contained details of claims of a Russian blackmail plot against President-elect Donald Trump.

This was just the beginning of republican senator John McCain’s attempts to take down president elect Donald Trump.

He never said that the dossier was verified, or truthful. He said he didn’t know so he handed over the unverified, error riddled dossier to the FBI.

Since that original hand-off to the FBI, senator McCain became an acting democrat using the duck theory. The result of that hand-off was the creation of multiple investigations of Trump and his team. To the extent that the FBI used this unverified opposition paper that they never even verified to support a FISA warrant to spy on presidential elect Trump and his transition team.

No Evidence has been found to implicate Donald Trump to any crimes

From that time until now, none of the investigation on Trump and or Russia have produced zero evidence to even make an indictment against Trump or even define any crimes that the investigators are trying to find.And yet the democrat band plays on with their investigations.Despite this failure to find any evidence, much less credible evidence, the Hillary Clinton supporters in congress, in the media, in the executive and judicial branches and in the public at large continue to commit their so called acts of resistance.

Democrats want to be revered as the American Patriots in their Resistance against a seating US president


They call it patriotism, but it looks more like sedition, and even treason. Maybe they forgot that the founders of the United States created it by acts of Treason against their country, England.When they created the US Constitution they made sure that their new country wouldn’t allow the people in it to create a new country in the same treasonous way they created the US.What we have seen since the election is the old, making a mountain out of a mole hill. The dossier was an attack paper by Hillary and crew to take down an opponent that Hillary couldn’t beat in the election campaign.

Lets summarize:

  • 14 months of investigations – NO Evidence
  • The Dossier has never been verified by any US Intelligence Agency as being factual, or truthful.
  • The FISA that issued a warrant was based on the dossier and shouldn’t have been issued.
  • Nonetheless, this warrant allowed spying the president elect, and his transition team didn’t find anything at all.

Opinions from the left analyzed here


Here are some unsubstantiated opinions from the left

1. President Donald Trump is to me, a nightmare!

  • Nightmare? vague, ambiguous and just emotional.

2.He should be impeached.

  1. Because not only did he tamper with our election
  2. but he also has a number of sexual misconduct allegations.
  3. He is not an exceptional public figure, and
  4. in my eyes he is not fit to be president.

B:---- Analysis of those opinions

  • 1 - There is NO proof at all that anyone tampered with the 2016 US Election. Yet, the left keeps passing of this as if it were facts.
  • 2 - These are Allegations, and they are unsubstantiated. And the left wants you to believe that Donald Trump is a convicted, registered sex offender.
  • 3 - Trump was an exceptional public figure for the last several decades, and he is even more so as president of the US. If you don't respect the person, then at least respect the office. And don't disrespect his supporters that voted him into the presidency.
  • 4 - Why is he not fit to be president? They never seem to have any real reasons why they say these things.

Some more left opinions and accusations

Can you change my perspective?

I know there is a billion of different opinions regarding Donald Trump, and honestly mine is that he is just a disappointment to our Nation. I do not feel he is going to make anything better about America. Can you change my opinion? Or, help me see from a different perspective?

I have a few questions for you:said by the left

What do you think Trump has done to improve our nation?

B:-- The left uses the question with a question rope a dope tactic. The question should be What don't they think he has done to improve our nation, or what has he done to damage our nation?


Do you think the only reason Trump won was by tampering with our election?

B:--- What does it matter what people think about the Election. The FACT is that after 14 months none of the multiple democrat created and run investigations have come up with ANY Evidence on election tampering, much less anything on Trump or even Russia.


Should he be impeached?

B:---- On What grounds should president Trump be impeached. As I mentioned we had Bill Clinton impeached but not removed as president with clear and convincing evidence against him. He used the Oval Office as a Motel 6.


Do you think the allegations against Trump is true?

B:----- What allegations?


Do you think Trump is a racist?

B:-- What evidence is there for him to be called a racist? What is actually a Racist today? Is it people that a simply called a racist because they are not liked?


More opinions from the left

Sexual Misconduct is NEVER okay!

Why is it that many political figures, even celebrities, have to step down and take responsibility for their actions, but Donald Trump does not have too? As a president I would believe that such allegations would be addressed. It bothers me that we have such a disgusting individual for president.

B:--- What actions are they referring to here? None are mentioned but they want the president of the US to step down. Even when president Bill Clinton was impeached, he didn't step down, and the congress didn't force him out of office. In the Bill Clinton case, there was undeniable DNA as evidence.


There was a video released during the election that recorded Donald Trump saying vulgar things about women, and what he can do because he has money. Somehow he was still elected, which I believe was due to tampering with our election.

B:--- These are allegations, and that video was ten years old. Bill Clinton got elected to two terms as president as well as governor of Arkansas. And he had more than mere allegations against him, He has decades of sexual harassment.


There is about 13 women who are claiming sexual misconduct of Donald Trump, and it seems as if these claims are not even being investigated. They are more then ever being ignored.

B:--- That is true, remember who found these women, and then ask how truthful these women were in coming forward. It seems that they didn't have any real evidence to support their claims.


Sexual Misconduct is never okay, everyone must take responsibility for their actions, President, CEO, Senate, EVERYONE!

B:------- Then how did Bill Clinton say, I never had relations with that woman, with his DNA on her dress. That is more than an allegation, that is evidence. And we have laws and a constitution here, and the presumption of innocence.


Thoughts from the left Anti Trump

Thoughts from someone that doesn't like president Donald Trump

I have noticed that President Donald Trump has the Twitter fingers! He is constantly tweeting! It seems that he defends himself the most on Twitter, he will bring up the past, defend his campaign, talk about what has been put in place. I feel he is the most active on social media. When a situation arises that makes him look bad, he is quick to say something regarding Hillary Clinton and her wrong doings. All he tends to say is that the “fake news” is reporting.

B:---- Perhaps if the main stream news media was not biased against him, he might go through them. By TWEETing he can't be misconstrued, or maligned. This is just the modern day version of the democrat FDR's fireside chats. The people on the left don't like his TWEETS for a number of reasons. So, they make his tweeting something bad. The media and other people that he TWEETS about have disrespected him as well as the office of the president. But that is OK as far as the left is concerned. They also think that his 11 year old son, his wife and other family members not in government are fair game.


While scrolling through his very, very, very long list of tweets, I see that he posts about 11-12 times daily! How does the President of the United States have time to do that?

B:---- Seriously, how desperate is this comment. What is 12 times 140 characters in time?



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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 months ago from Orange County California

      anti Trump: I don't think Donald Trump will ever change his behavior.

      pro Trump" If Trump calling the place a bad name gets your feathers ruffled but Hillary robbing them blind is okay, you might be a liberal.

      Guessing you weren't around for Bill Clinton.


      Trump doesn't have to change, he is doing a good job running the country for the people that voted for him. What needs to be changed are people like the anti Trumper above, as they are the stumbling block for the country.


    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      I want to clarify most votes is the winner, there is no stipulation the candidate needs 50%, just more than the other candidates. In 1992 B. CLINTON recieved 370 ec votes 44,908,254 pop votes. G. BUSH 168 ec votes and 39,102,343 pop votes. R. PEROT recieved 0 ec votes and only 19,743,821 pop votes. In this case as the next the ec votes matched, the pop votes.


      There is also no stipulation that the popular vote wins the election. The point is that the EC has and is still the only votes that count to win the US presidency. Almost 60 million people didn't want Bill Clinton as president, and that is hardly the popular vote.


      In 1996, B. CLINTON received 379 ec votes a d 45,590,703 pop votes. R. DOLE received 159 ec votes and 37,876,307 pop votes. R. Perot received 0 ec votes and only 8,085,294 pop votes.

      In 2016, D. TRUMP received 304 ec votes and 62,980,160 pop votes. HRC received 227 ec votes and 65,845,063 pop votes. This is a nearly 3 million pop vote difference in her favor, with a 77 ec vote in his favor. This means the electorates chose to submit their votes for him. The point of ec is to stop unqualified candidates from winning, but CHOSE to ignore their purpose. The other candidates from 2016 didnt receive any ec votes. G. JOHNSON received 4,488,931 pop votes. J. Stein received 1,457,050 pop votes. E. McMullin received 728,830 pop votes.


      The EC didn't make the choice that EC rules based on the votes within the states made the choice. And HRC and the DNC tried to force them to change their votes. And that is not the purpose of the EC. EC exists to prevent things like CA making its popular vote the deciding factor in the National Race. It protects the small states from being at the hands of the big states.

      The three million votes that you mention can be attributed to the 3 million more votes HRC received in CA. That also got her 55 EC votes, but she didn't make the 271 EC votes.


      People need to stop making excuses for a President who played off the biases Russia was manipulating through social media.


      Do you have any facts to support that statement?

      How did Hillary get the popular vote then?

      How did she only get 10% of the wins in the US counties?

      How did Russia help Trump beat 16 of the best republican professional politicians in the primary?

      How does Trump qualify as "unqualified candidates from winning, " beating the best that both parties had to offer for the presidency?

      There is absolutely NO Evidence to tie the Russians or Trump into the results of the election.


      Your claim Trump won 90% of all U.S counties is a lie only Fox News would use. There is no way that is the case, obviously when you look at real facts the numbers dont support it.


      Then show me some different FACTS

      Then explain how he trounced HRC in the EC.

      BTW I don't watch cable news at all

      I am not a Republican, I just like Trump.

      And when are the Anti Trump people going to help the country and do something.

      For the part 28 years before Trump we had the so called Qualified experienced and professional politicians in both the congress and the presidency.

      They put the US into a decline that wound up having 19 terrorists successfully attack the US in 2001, and a an attempted take down terrorists in 1993 of the WTC that was unsuccessful. On 911 the entire US defense system failed, and not a single defensive measure was utilized against the attack.

      On 2008 while all the professional politicians were focused on the presidential election, they pros watched in surprise when the economy had a meltdown. Both GW Bush and Obama along with their congresses FAILED to help the victims of the Banks that were responsible along with the government for the economic collapse.

      Neither party has the solutions for the country but both parties cause the problems, and that is why Trump not being part of these professionals that were responsible for the take down of the country is the reason he was elected.

      Trump didn't create nor is he responsible for the acts or omissions to act that caused the decline and collapse of the country. He did when he became president Inherit these problems, and he has already started the country on the way to make America great again.

      What are the Anti Trump politicians doing for the Country?

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      Mental Health of Donald Trump.Continued


      17 months ago Upstate New York

      If memory serves me well, the expression "Right Wing Conspiracy"was first coined publicly by Hillary herself back when she was defending her philandering, serial cheater/rapist hubby. The rest of that story is factual, documented history that needs no repeating here. What is clear is that Hillary's conspiracy comment was blown to bits.

      There is the fact that she was fired from her lawyer position with the Rose law firm for illegal, unethical activities (re-searchable truth), Far too many vital documents have disappeared into thin air which were highly detrimental to her, bill and their dealings. Travelgate.? The name Vince Foster is one that has hung over the Clinton's head forever and continues to be a serious threat to them if investigated fully and properly by independent agencies.

      Hillary's list of blatant and egregious lies has got to be the longest in History of any other crooked politician, present or past. She was subjected to sniper fire? No. She is not a racist but actually an advocate for black America? Absolutely not., not a mere handful, but HUNDREDS upon Hundreds of individuals (from all parties and every walk of life have divulged her constant use of the "N" word and her utter disdain for blacks.) The Clinton Foundation has been proven numerous times to be a complete fraud and basically a means for the Clinton's to take in money for THEMSELVES . Accepting millions from the Arabs? How could they? WHY would they?

      She out and out lied in the faces of the families of Benghazi. To make matters worse and truly insult these people, she DENIED what she said to them. Were all those people wrong about what she said? Are all of them deaf? and only Hillary is telling the truth? Very highly unlikely!....Her email scandal is so outrageous it might even be comical if not so serious. She was found not to be indictable. What a joke and slap in the face to the American people. OK, fine, was it a Right Wing Conspiracy that she LIE through every minute of every investigation? Comey HAD to admit she was "not truthful" numerous times. When I went to school, "not truthful" meant you fucking LIED.

      Comey has destroyed his reputation and lost respect.....people can come to their own conclusions. Lying to the FBI is a crime.

      So, I'll concede at this point that using the word "prison" was a refection of my total disgust and anger with Hillary. If I went back to clean it up, I guess I'd say she needs to go HOME and sit on the porch, shut up and stay the hell out of politics. The woman makes my skin crawl simply based on her complete moral bankruptcy. her screeching, abrasive voice, her unpleasant demeanor, lack of personality and PISS POOR taste in husbands! AND SHE LIES SIMPLY BECAUSE TELLING THE TRUTH HAS NEVER OCCURRED TO THE WOMAN!......


      Now we know today, that Comey protected Hillary Clinton, and investigations are starting, so let us wait and see.

      .At the end of the day, when she wins the election, I have to accept the decision of my fellow-Americans, get used to it and try my very best to support our current Administration. Despite my opinions and choices, my first responsibility is to our Nation.


      But she didn’t win the election.

      But did this person accept the decision by the voters that elected Trump as president?

      I don’t know.


      17 months ago FL

      People who support Trump do it for many reasons, only one of which is that they like what he stands for. But at best, a little less than 40% of Americans say they support Trump.


      As it will turn out, Trump winning the election will tell you that these quotes of statistics are not accurate. These polls are made not to monitor the pulse of the people, but to actually lead the people to suggest how they feel and how they should vote.


      I would guess a large portion of those is because they HATE Hillary. So that leaves basically the much smaller Right-wing extremists who actually support Trump for Trump.


      Who ever they were that support Trump, they won him the election.

      17 months ago S Georgia

      I do indeed understand your frustration with Hillary, after all the Right has spent literally millions trying to get something on her ever since Obama won the presidency. Remember when some of them claimed Bill could have gotten Ben Laudin and didn't?


      And president Clinton didn’t even try to get Bin Ladin.


      You didn't answer if people should be considered guilty on just what people think and not what the facts show. And Comeny was perfectly acceptable to the Right because he had worked for both parties and was highly respect by both sides of the aisle until he gave the results of his investigation of Hillary.


      As it turned out the true colors of Commey can out, and now he has been fired. And he may soon be under investigation for his actions.


      Was there this much outrage from the right when then AG Alberto Gonzalez refused to serve a summons to Bush and Chaney to come before Congress and testify about the Iraq War and Haliburton? Did you feel outrage at that subversion of justice? Enquiring minds want to know. :)


      Both Bush presidents were bad, and GW Bush was a one trick pony that got us into wars that continued even after his eight year presidency, and even through the Obama eight year presidency.

      The fact that both of these presidents kept the country at war and divided the people should give at least some credence that there may well be the shadow government.


    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      Thanks for the comment Pop.

      It would have been great if the democrats and their loyal party voters would have put the country ahead of their loss of the presidency.

      They weren't even a dead weight for the country, they were intentionally and forcibly trying to put the country in reverse.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      8 months ago

      The best revenge is success, and it is clear that President Trump's first year has been fabulous.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      This is a continuation of the mental health article and its comment


      17 months ago New Jersey

      Our NJ media this day (8/4/2016) are reporting that The Donald is closing the Trump Taj Mahal after Labor Day. This is just the first of Trump's house of cards to fall.


      What does that have to do with Mental Health?


      First of all Donald Trump is NOT now nor ever has been a politician. Anyone with a degree in Political Science knows that. That he rose to become a Republican candidate for the presidency is entirely the fault of a bunch of middle aged Tea Party attack dogs who thought loud mouths and no real substantiation would get past educated, older Americans.


      The fact that Donald Trump was not a politician was a big plus. After all what all those professional politicians done for the country and the people? Nothing/


      So now we are labeling Trump insane? Really? Anyone who has EVER worked with CEOs knows most of them believe they are the ultimate voice of power and control of the entire country. They use their wealth like an AR-15.

      And before the narrowest minds try to impress the rest of the sane world that WE, not they, are the ones who are insane, it is not working.

      All anyone has to do to prove what insanity really is, is to walk into any mental institution and you see the same mindsets of the control freaks of the world.

      There is a distinct problem with SOME, not all, of today's politicians. Many live in states where the state government has total control over education spending. Which basically means little or none. So you get extremists like Ryan, McConnell, Issa, Walker, Gowdy, Cotton and Chaffetz, who believe all we have to do is "obey."


      Really, well in CA the democrats have been in control of the mental institution they call state government. We have the highest taxes, one of the highest state income taxes. Highest welfare, and now we are a sanctuary state, we have had our gas tax and vehicle registration increased in 2018.

      The education in the public schools is one of the lowest in the country. And the left bias is strong with the teachers that make these students loyal democrats. It shows that education in CA is nothing to brag about.


      Now, of course, no senior citizen intends to do that for a very good reason: We do not need some Junior Johnny Jump up Corporate Sidling Attack Dog to make decisions for us.


      What does that statement even mean?


      I've predicted for the past 3 months that Trump would be gone by August. Now that the Taj is closing, his house of cards will collapse thanks to his big mouth. No self-respecting business man in the entire world will ever trust him now.

      In a strange way, The Donald typifies the rise of fall of the American Robber Barons of Neoconservatism.


      Could this person and their predictions be any more off. Today in 2018, Trump is still here as the US president after soundly defeating 16 professional republican politicians, and also the democrat opponent who is now a two time loser running for the presidency.


      17 months ago Upstate New York

      I agreed with all of the author’s points. It's rather difficult to disagree, not to mention plain old foolish. The man, his behavior, words and attitudes speak for themselves. I found him an arrogant, rude, blow hard long before he jumped into the race..


      It actually is hard to agree with the author;s points as they were mostly subjective left leaning opinions.

      What behavior, words, and attitude is this person talking about here?

      What arrogance?

      What rudeness?

      What is a blow hard?


      ....a race he clearly does not belong in, does not qualify for and has ultimately transformed into a circus. However, how he got to where he is now speaks loudly of the American voter and our complete disgust at this point and feeling of helplessness.


      How wrong was this person 17 months ago, because today we know he is qualified, and it was the democrat resistance that turned the campaign, the after election and still do turn the resistance to Trump into a cirxus.

      What speaks loudly, and what voters?


      I am an Independent...always have been, always will be. I am not and could never be devoted to and loyal to a "party" to the point of insanity or ignoring facts & common sense.

      I would also NEVER consider voting for the morally bankrupt, power-hungry, phony as a 3 dollar bill, LIAR of the century.....Hillary Clinton. That woman belongs in one place and one place only. Prison.

      I'm totally disgusted and ashamed of finding ourselves with 2 of the worst choices EVER in the history of our country.

      I hear rumors the Right may be planning as "intervention." I hope one of them resembles God......because I see no hope without him!


      This person is blaming everyone, and at the same time for what has this person done but criticizes others.

      God has no place in politics, that is why the first amendment prohibits having a national religion.


      17 months ago S Georgia

      why should Hillary be in prison?

      I'm not aware of anything--other than wild speculation--she's been convicted of to date. Are we now a country where one is guilty until proven innocent?


      Notice how this person is defending Hillary Clinton 17 months ago because wild speculation is not American, because of the presumption of Innocence.

      When Donald Trump won the election, these same people that defended Hillary Clinton with the presumption of innocence won’t give that same presumption to Donald Trump.


    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      This is a continuation of the mental health article and its comment



      This comment rebuts an article from the left that “asks” but really opines about the Mental Health of Donald Trump.

      I will take all of the comments from that article, and comment on them.

      Keep in mind that the first comment was made 17 months ago. You can do the math as to where that timeframe puts these comments. Since that first comment, Donald Trump won the Republican Primary beating sixteen of the top republican contenders. He then went on to trounce the Democrat Primary winner Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College 305 ot 231. Consider that the left had predicted that Donald Trump wouldn’t even be able to break the minimum 271 vote.


      17 months ago S Georgia

      1. No doubt the Donald has problems. Are some of them mental? Once again, no doubt

      2. 2. . I'd wager the majority of his followers voted for Dubya twice and for the McCain/Palin ticket as well.

      3. I have no respect for the opinions of those who did so and do not care for their input on any presidential candidate they pull for.

      4. As far as I'm concerned, they're not capable of making the correct choice.


      These four statements are put wish rather than even an opinion.

      Another classic from the left is Dubya and disrespecting people that voted republican.


      17 months ago, FL

      1. In my opinion, Trump is in a class by himself.

      2. Where the others you mention clearly are capable of running the country, maybe not the way you and I want, but they did (or could) rule in a sane manner.


      Opinion, without any basis.

      17 months ago S Georgia

      1. I agree with you about anyone having to be a bit off to want to be president,

      2. but Trump has taken it to a new level with his rhetoric and actions,

      3. especially his seemingly idiotic treatment of his own party members.

      4.It's like he really doesn't want the job after all. Go figure!

      5. I too think this is the craziest election on record, Although Hillary wasn't my first choice as a nominee I simply cannot abide Trump's treatment of other people.

      6. If he acted in the same manner as POTUS we'd be in a heap of trouble.


      Clearly, we know today that this person’s opinion about Donald Trump were completely wrong.


      17 months ago San Diego Ca

      I would add that he is petulant.

      Just this morning I heard that Trump announced he is "not ready" to endorse Ryan and McCain in their respective campaigns, basically echoing the language Ryan and McCain used before eventually endorsing Trump.


      How is that petulant: insolent or rude in speech or behavior; characterized by temporary or capricious ill humor : peevish

      And look at senator McCain today. Trump made a good call on him.


      Whether Ryan and McCain should be endorsed is beside the point - what I am saying is that in doing this Donald is acting like a spoiled child. Do we want a spoiled child with his finger on the button?


      Actually, that was acting like a future president. And it has been a year, and Trump hasn’t pushed the button.


      17 months ago

      So our choices are now between a spoiled child and a chronic liar. What ever happened to all the really great people who used to run for this job and get nominated?

      Perhaps the job of POTUS is just not as appealing as it used to be and we are now scraping the bottom of the barrel for candidates?

      There were others running that in my opinion were far more qualified for the job than either of the two who made it through the cut.

      Just saying we could have done better.


      Another wrong prediction.

      There were 16 of the top professional republican politicians that ran in the primary. And we now know that Donald Trump took them all down.

      We couldn’t have done better. And all those really great people in the last three decades brought the country down ending in 2008.

      17 months ago

      The only thing I would disagree with is the partial statement in No. 13 "He is charming", NOT! Perhaps he comes across that way to some people, but he makes me want to throw up. At first I thought he was amusing, but not so now.


      There is no real point to that comment, other than emotional dislike of Trump.


      We've had a couple of presidents within the last 30 or so years who have had mental impairments, Reagan had Alztheimer's Disease, and Bush II was an alcoholic who was reported to be on antabuse, but they were well-liked and both seemed to have been kept under control, when needed, by a strong Republican Party. Today the party is in shambles, and there is doubt that they could exercise control over such a malignant narcissist.


      There are problems in the republican party, and the last four US presidents before Donald Trump represented both parties and look what happened to the country.

      Now in 2018.

      We know that it is the democrat party that is in shambles.

      They still don’t have a platform, other than resist and take down a sitting president.

      They don’t have any one that can even run against president Trump, much less beat him.


      With so many anti-Hillary hubs and Q&A being published HubPages, I'm glad you are speaking out. This website seems to be turning into a religious fundamentalist right-wing website, and I am wondering if there are those of us who should move on and let them have it.


      Well a lot has apparently changed in the last 17 months, because now hubpages is predominantly democrat.


      17 months ago FL

      I know many people think Clinton is an inveterate liar (and untrustworthy), but I don't see it that way. Does Hillary lie, stretch the truth, exaggerate, twist facts? Yes she does. But I have watched politics and politicians nigh on 58 years (I got interested in politics at 10) and I can't tell a significant difference between Hillary and other politicians.

      There are three reasons this label has stuck with her.

      - One is is because she is a wonk and wonks cant' talk in sound-bites, they speak with more substance than many people can understand or absorb, hence they don't trust what she is saying is the truth.

      - The Right has spent tens of millions of dollars over the last 30 years trying to convince the world the Clinton's are liars and untrustworthy ... advertising works.

      - Clinton's own demeanor is her own worst enemy.


      This person maybe can’t tell Hillary from other politicians, but Donald Trump is not a politician. Not until he won the presidency.

      Trump was not responsible for the decline of the US since the 70s.

      He wasn’t responsible for all the wars

      He wasn’t responsible from not protecting the country on 911.

      He wasn’t responsible for the 2008 economic crash or the very slow recovery from it.

      He wasn’t responsible because he wasn’t in politics, but Hillary and the rest of those politicians were responsible.


    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      This is from an article about someone on the left not only questioning the mental health of the current US president, but making really wild opinions.


      It starts ----BEFORE GETTING INTO THE SPECIFICS OF WHAT APPEARS TO ME TO BE troubling Donald Trump, let me describe in some detail the outward behavior I see which has been confirmed by many others.


      Now the left is going to describe Trumps outward behavior. But you will notice later that none of this behavior has anything to do with the performance of president Trump.


      The Behavior as described from the left

      1. Donald Trump is an over-the-top, larger-than-life character


      so what, how does that adversely affect his performance as president.


      2. He brags about himself every chance he gets; not just normal self-promotion, but promotion to an excess


      He is confident


      3. Their isn't a speech he gives where he doesn't come across as conceited


      He is confident

      4. By looking at his life style he appears to be very pretentious, he wants you to know he is wealthy and he brags about it.


      Your opinion


      5. He clearly cannot take the tiniest of criticisms without lashing out in great verbal assaults, Hillary was quite right when she famously observed that Trump "can be baited by a tweet".

      He obviously thinks he is more important than anybody else


      you are quoting Hillary, seriously. she Lost the election after spending 1.6 billion dollars. She had no platform, cheated Bernie Sanders and she won't go away.

      These are your emotional opinions and they mean nothing.


      6. There is no question about his desire to be admired


      What does that have to with anything about mental health? And using categorical non factual terms is irrelevant.


      7. He has a long, recorded history of taking unfair advantage of others to get what he wants


      What does that unsupported vague statement even mean?

      What has he done now? And What did he do before he was president to justify your opinion?


      8. He repeatedly claims how great he is, that nobody is a good has him clearly demonstrates is oversized egos.


      repeating the same rant here. What is your problem about that?


      9. His making fun of a disabled reporter or denigrating the Kahn Gold Family strongly.indicates a distinct inability to recognize the needs of others or feel empathy.


      Total nonsense. The disable reporter was not made fun of, and Kahn Gold was a setup by the democrats. Trump had nothing to do with his family or the war.


      10. Can anyone doubt he constantly behaves in a haughty and arrogant manner?

      B:----- Yes, I doubt it, and I don't see him doing that as president. These are just your slurs and emotional accusations


      11. He is charming, self-assured, engaging, slick, and verbally facile; he is not afraid to say anything, no matter how inappropriate or insulting


      Another totally emotional unsupported rant.

      Facts not in evidence.


      12. At his rallies he sometimes looks to be a great listener and easily fakes empathy while zeroing in on his targets’ dreams and vulnerabilities, to be able to manipulate them better. An example of this is when he recently mollified a mother at a rally whose baby was crying baby by saying "he loves babies ... don't worry. Then two minutes later he tells the mother he was just kidding and "get the baby out of here" or some such words.


      What such words and if you make accusations like that, you need to provide the exact context?

      And Now we are back at the rallies. He won she lost, get over it. Grief counseling might help you.


      13. "Only I can do it" is an example of his grandiose self-worth


      No one did it before him?


      14. Politifact and other rating agencies have found that more than 50% of his claims are lies, (personally I think it is higher) many of them bald-faced lies. He is, in my opinion, a pathological liar


      Again this is just your opinion, and it has nothing to do with his performance.

      What bald faced lies are you talking about? What were the importance of these “LIES”?

      For example, the one about the size of the Inauguration Crowd. Just minutia.

      I heard about the 1950 lies and they are irrelevant and as you mentioned your opinion. Relate a lie to something substantial. So far no one has done that on my article about it.


      15. I have seen no indication what so ever that he feels any guilt for his outlandish behavior


      What behavior?


      16. At least in one regard he exhibits, at least in public, a limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness in spite of signs of open gregariousness and superficial warmth.


      Another meaningless statement.


      17. Almost every time I seem him he appears irritability, annoyed, inpatient, aggressive, threatening (at least verbally), verbally abusive, unable to control his anger. and acting hastily (Trump acting thoughtfully, haven't see it yet.)


      How many of these personal opinions do you have to offer. So far, they just pan out to be sore loser syndrome.


      18. Donald Trump has yet to accept responsibility for anything wrong he has done while campaigning; he always blames someone else.


      name something, give some facts. Are you sure you don't mean Hillary?


      19. Even with what everybody else knows are serious missteps and that have caused him political harm, he has almost without exception, failed to learn from it.


      Maybe they should be learning.

      He beat 16 of the best GOP,

      and the democrat primary winner, not the best but he still beat her.

      "Almost without exception" what does that even mean?


      20 Donald Trump appears to remain calm and to be immune from anxiety and worry that would be normal for people in disturbing situations. He easily maintains his poise and confidence in situations when you and I would be embarrassed, confused or insecure,


      All of these statements have more to do with your mental state, and nothing to do with the mental state of Donald Trump.

      21. Trump is one of the most impulsive people I have ever seen, at least in campaign mode


      There you go again, more emotion, and still no connection to Trump.



    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      Examples of Donald Trump's Delusions as described by someone on the left


      It is very evident from observing him for the last two years, President Trump lives in a made-up world of alternative facts (lies). You can, however, form your own opinion.

      Jan 20, 2017: About 250,000 people showed up for Donald Trump's inauguration, after Trump predicted crowds five times that size. In spite of photos substantiating the crowd size Trump still insists that ".. it looked like a million and a half people, ... Whatever it was it was, but it went all the way back to the Washington monument. ... [They said] we drew 250,000. Now that's not bad, but it's a lie." - Meaning the media lied ... they didn't

      B:---------- At worst he exaggerated, but thanks to the democrats and their rioting since the election. This was an inauguration that need more security and the structure was changed. In any case, who cares. It is an irrelevant contention.


      Jan - Feb 2017: Soon after the Executive Order that stops Muslims from certain Middle East and African nations was signed, chaos ensued at airports around the nation; judges put stays on parts of the ban; and finally Washington and Minnesota states sued in federal court to put a nationwide stay on the EO. So far 15 other states have joined the suit. -- What does Trump say? "It's working out very nicely. ... You see it at the airports,, "you see it all over."; a declaration he has repeated in the days since.

      B:--------- These were all cause by the resistance from the democrats and their liberal judges. The ban was temporary and it had parameters based on 6 countries in the Middle East that were infested with terrorists. The purpose was to get them proper vetting. Why is that a problem?

      Is this the best you can do under the topic of delusional?

      Delusion are those people that don't want to prevent terrorists from coming into the country. And today, the SCOTUS is aligned with Trump, rather than the Obama aligned federal judges.


      I suppose that you are also supporting the Sanctuary States that want to protect convicted felons and criminals from the federal government. How is that not delusional?

      And you claim that Trump only beat Hillary by a small margin. I think EC 305 to 231 is a trouncing.

      Trump also won 90 percent of all US counties.

      The three million popular votes don't count to win the election. But they can be attributed to CA where seven million voted for Hillary and four million voted for Trump.

      And then Hillary Claims that the Russians helped Trump. Where were they when he won the republican primary. and where were they in CA------------------

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      Court jesters don't get on here.

      I added more opinions from the left.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      I will keep adding opinions from the left, along with my analysis. Feel free to comment.


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