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An Angel Unheard: How The Illuminati Destroyed Michael Jackson

Updated on December 3, 2013

What is Illuminati?

Anyone remember George Orwell's fictitious novel 1984? You know, Big Brother? The government watches our every move..."The illuminati are a super-rich organization, which controls the mainstream media, workforce, education system, companies, banks, energy supplies and governments. They are controlled by the richest people in the world such as the super-rich Rothschild and Rockefeller families. They also hide behind many organizations such as the United Nations, the WTO and the Council on Foreign relations." (

Well, "big brother" hides behind the music industry; it's their way of distracting the public into knowing the truth: their plans to dominate the world. Musicians, singers, and actors are distractions. Everybody loves entertainment! Michael Jackson, being the world's greatest entertainer, has the most influence on the huge audience of millions of people. His message of love, world peace, unity, awareness, and mother earth was not convenient to a powerful secret society that is only interested in destroying the world so that we can only depend on them. I'm not gonna get into great depth on what the illuminati is, but I will discuss what they did to Michael throughout the course of his career. You don't have to take this as a fact; this is my observation of things.


For years I've been a fan of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. I absolutely love every one of his songs. What myself, and perhaps many others failed to notice was the real meaning behind most of his lyrics and even album covers. Was Michael Jackson ruined by the Illuminati? Are they responsible for his death? Why was Michael’s reputation destroyed? Maybe because he was trying to shed some light on the reality of who the Illuminati really are, and the plans they have for a new world order. I have conducted some research, and through my research, I have tied many knots to try to make sense of all this. I will examine the covers of the Dangerous and Blood on the Dance floor albums; I will introduce you to an ex Illuminati member turned Christian named John Todd. I will also tell you about a game that was released in 1995, proving how the Illuminati planned the World Trade Center terrorist attack. How will this all tie together?


I firmly believe the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson. It is my belief they tried recruiting him as an adult; I believe he knew many things from back when he was a child and unable to make his own decisions. I also think he might have been forced to be a part of it as a child. If you take notice, his reputation was tainted after the dangerous album with all the allegations. In the Dangerous album cover, Michael is exposing the illuminati; he is alerting us to keep an eye out. Michael did it this way to not put his life at risk. Michael used his art to convey this message to us: watch out< the illuminati do exist and they are watching us, they want to run the world and I am just a victim. Let’s take a look at the Dangerous cover art:

Illuminati symbols everywhere

The messages here are very clear; very obvious; nothing is hidden. Michael wanted his message to be obvious, that way we can catch on to the message. Here, we can see the all seeing eye, right above the exit of the tunnel; we also see Aleister Crowley, a very well known Freemason; the inverted world globe, which is what the illuminati wants, to turn the world upside down. (this site explains each message found in the cover art; also a very interesting read).

Take a close look...

Blood on the Dancefloor

This clear message still amazes me. The checkered floor is a very obvious illuminati symbol. It is used to perform rituals by the illuminati. The city line behind Michael is a representation of New York City. The title “Blood on the Dance Floor” in red letters, symbolizing sacrifice. So what is it Michael is trying to tell us? Notice the fog behind the city line; doesn’t it mind you of the rubble formed when the twin towers were collapsing? I was close to the site; I saw it, and this is how it looked. Michael was demonstrating to us what the illuminati had in mind; to destroy the world trade center. That event is the beginning of their plan to control the world. Don’t you see how this country has been in debt since the wars in Iraq and all because of the terrorist attack against the twin towers.

Illuminati Card Game 1995

This card game was released 1995; The images depicted on these cards correlate with the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. How can a game that was released in 1995 predict the events of that day with such specificity? It's a slap in the face. The game was designed by Steve Jackson; the objective of the game is competing to gain control of the world. Not only is that the point of the game, but it's also the goal the Illuminati have in mind. Furthermore, the images on the card game are set to become reality, since we've already seen some either happen or in the works...

John Todd

John Todd was a former member of the Illuminati; he turned Christian and revealed the many plans the Illuminati had to gain and take over the world. He reveals how music is an instrument used to spread satanic messages and the many politicians involved. More over, he explains how many businesses and corporations are linked to the Illuminati; it's all over... Eventually, John Todd was framed and discredited by the Illuminati and was killed. The following video will explains in thorough details what John Todd was revealing:

How does this all tie up?

Back in 1993, allegations arose against Michael Jackson about child molestation, in an effort to destroy his career. Why in 1993? Because it was then when Michael started to inadvertently uncover the truth to us, but they knew what he was up to. This did not stop Michael as he continued to unveil more truths through his Blood on the Dance floor cover art. His depiction on that cover clearly shows an almost exact image of the twin towers collapsing, much like the image shown of the towers getting hit by a plane on the Illuminati card game. Just like John Todd was discredited and framed, Michael Jackson was eventually killed and his career was tainted by allegations and criticism in an attempt to render him crazy, that way no one would listen to his message.

© 2013 Joyce Villeta


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