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The Fiasco That Is President Donald Trump

Updated on May 30, 2018
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I am a writer. Since 2013, I have owned a local newspaper in Wewoka, OK, The Wewoka Chronicle. I am currently freelancing on Snip.Today.

The Fiasco that is President Donald Trump


So what happened?

A former writer at Forbes Magazine claims Donald Trump called him with an "elaborate farce" built to exaggerate his wealth. Jonathan Greenberg, now a writer for the Washington Post, says he received a call from a man named 'John Barron' in 1984 when he was writing the Forbes 400 list. It was May 17th, 1984 and Donald Trump was using a fake voice to characterize his alter ego 'John Barron.'

The Washington Post released a video with a recorded phone call between the two. At minute 1:05 of the one minute and fifty-five second video, the President's patented "excellent guy" rolls off of his tongue. Mr...umm...Barron pumped and exaggerated about Trump's wealth and sold "the Donald" (now the President) to a journalist who would eventually launch the stardom of the most famous con-artist in U.S. History.

The calls were from 'John Barron' and 'Larry Cohn' and meant to con Jonathon Greenberg into allowing him onto the list without getting a credit or background check. Unfortunately, for Donald, Greenberg did just that. In hindsight, acquiring the equity that would allow him to go billions of dollars into debt and file bankruptcy six times would obviously take its toll on Trump, the presidency, and us.

Donald Trump's history of lies and cons was the banking crisis in the making. 'John Barron' and 'Larry Cohn's' tongues tickled the ears of several bankers talking them crazed with madness in order to loan their wonder boy the cash to build casinos, hotels, golf courses, and resorts. And then lost it all.

First was the Trump Taj Mahal (1991), it folded in debt $3 billion while Trump's personal (non-business) debt was $900 million. In 1992, Trump Plaza Hotel, Trump’s Castle and Trump Plaza Casinos all crashed in the same year owing $550 million, $338 million, and $550 million, respectively. Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts in 2004 schlepped $1.8 billion in debt. Finally, in 2009, Trump Entertainment Resorts went under $1.2 billion.

That's a total of $8,338,000,000 of bankrupt debt "in compliance" with Title 11 of the United States tax code. Money he and his business partners would default on so that banks would slip into debt like where Alan Greenspan falsified the credit of several debtors who would eventually default on loans causing the banking crisis of 2008.

If it's still not clear, banks give out loans and then sell them to other banks and investors based on a credit score. A B-rated loan will not garner as much of a profit as AAA-rated loans. The loans are sold over and over again, often on credit. When Donald defaulted, everyone lost. Just look at the recessions the country has been through compared to the dates of the bankruptcies. (ie. 1992 and 2008)

Trump Taj Mahal

The Trump Taj Mahal is just one of Donald Trump's casinos that he filed for bankruptcy on.
The Trump Taj Mahal is just one of Donald Trump's casinos that he filed for bankruptcy on. | Source

Why didn't anyone say anything?

When Jonathon Greenberg received the phone calls from 'John Barron' (actually Donald Trump) at Forbes Magazine, he made a fundamental error. He didn't do an actual background or credit check, the one thing banks assume all Forbes 400 members have been through. Mr. Barron and, errr..., Mr. Cohn's word was good enough for the young Journalist with the best job in Journalism to say "let's put him in the list." Thus, banks would just hand Mr. Trump a blank check.

Malcolm Forbes is the media magnate who founded Forbes Magazine, a periodical renowned for having top-notch advice on business and finance foigràs. Yet, he didn't verify that his green around the ears, whiz kid journalist did a credit check. Now Greenberg, a writer for the Washington Post (the most storied newspaper in all of Journalism), has confessed to his mistake and is trying to make amends.

Greenberg had dozens of chances to come forward with the information. The Post was never kind to President Trump during the election, or during his presidency. Greenberg didn't come forward until now. Not much information exists about whether Malcolm Forbes or the banks that loaned Trump money, knew about this. One thing is for certain, there was not any risk management strategy utilized to keep it from happening.

Drain the Swamp

During his campaign, he vowed to "Drain the Swamp" of fraud.
During his campaign, he vowed to "Drain the Swamp" of fraud. | Source

What is President Trump doing now?

What could the scandals in Washington D.C. be about? Why has it dragged on and on? Is there any evidence that substantiates a crime has been committed and no crime to substantiate the evidence? There is motive. To be the leader of the free world is a passion many people have. Maybe the Russians are blackmailing him because their banks have loaned him money and he defaulted on them too.To what extent did Donald Trump go to keep his con game afloat? Hacking ? Graft?

Cryptocurrency might be the answer, rather a cryptocurrency. On Cryptopia in 2016, a Trumpcoin (TRUMP) was .00000020 BTC, on the morning of Monday, April 23rd (the Monday after Greenberg's announcement) it was fluctuating between .00000850 and .000000978. That's almost a 5000% increase since before the election. The Trumpcoin website says that it was started by a supporter of Donald Trump for President, but that is all. Given that Trump has been found to have lied about his wealth to get into the Forbes 400 list, is it possible that he used this cryptocurrency to buy votes and is manipulating the price by more than market capital (ie. fake news and bad news injected into the public so he could buy stocks at low prices)?

There is no public proof of the theories that he is using this currency to manipulate the public, only the suspicion that most crypto traders on the platforms where it is offered have, one that he is up to something. President Trump continues to evade the slings and arrows of the media, the DoJ, and Congress. All the while no one is talking, or can they even say anything?

Audio of May 17th, 1984 phone call from CNN


Does it matter that President Trump falsified his identity to get into Forbes 400 list.

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© 2018 Jason Davis


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    • JakeDavis profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Davis 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thanks, we try around here ;p

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image


      2 years ago


      Great article and even greater comments :)

    • JakeDavis profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Davis 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma


    • ptosis profile image


      2 years ago from Arizona

      Wow. Great stuff about Forbes vouching for DJT who then gets loans. Never thought of that. Keep writing.


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