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The Fifth State-Of-The-Nation Address of Philippine President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III

Updated on August 9, 2014

5th State of the Nation Address of President Benigno S. Aquino III - [July 28, 2014] courtesy of PTV

Babbling the Issues of Past Years

Since the controversial Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III and his Cabinet members have been bombarded with negative comments from public and private sectors.

Through the intensive coverage of different media entities in and out the country, the Napoles list have been exposed, jailing Top 3 senators in return (Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, Senator Jinggoy Estrada and Senator Bong Revilla-dubbed as Three Kings of Pork Barrel).

The image of the present administration ave been smeared with protests and anti-government campaigns from militant groups, although, the problems on pork barrel or Counytrywide Development Fund (CDF) have been inherited mostly from past administrations, like former Presidents Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (now serving as Pampanga congresswoman) and even Joseph Estrada (now serving as Manila mayor).

The entire year of 2013 have been a gloomy one as the country was visited by Super Typhoon Yolanda, creating massive destruction in Eastern Visayan regions, especially in Samar and Leyte.

The P-Noy (as a short moniker for President Aquino) administration suffered a lot of criticism, even citing two prominent Cabinet members, Budget Secretary Florencio "Butch" Abad and Agriculture Secretary Proseso Alcala (the same surname as mine, must be my uncle, eh?) as part of the big controversy.

A surreal strings of events followed as I keep trail on the Napoles List (with two versions, the leading is from the hands of Pork Barrel Queen Janet Napoles and the latter, in Senator Panfilo Lacson's hands, named Yolanda Rehab Czar).

As much as I can opine, I am disgusted with the government's performance for the last quarter or three months of 2013 as the Visayan region's hope for fast recovery was gloomed by such bickering both in the Senate and House of Representatives due to such controversy.

Note: I had fights againts detractors of the present government, because I believe that this period of presidency and P-Noy's leadership opened a lot of opportunity to most Filipinos to prosper, reinvent life's status and truly be heard, with the help of social networks and the media.

After all, we, ordinary Filipinos are his 'bosses.'

Trending Photos on P-Noy's SONA 2014

President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III (Photo Source:
President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III (Photo Source:
YOUNGEST SIBLING Celebrity Host/Actress Kris Aquino crying (Photo
YOUNGEST SIBLING Celebrity Host/Actress Kris Aquino crying (Photo
SONA 2014: PNoy calls critics of his programs 'anti-people'. By: July 28, 2014 7:08 PM
SONA 2014: PNoy calls critics of his programs 'anti-people'. By: July 28, 2014 7:08 PM
The State of the Nation Address of President PNoy started at around 4:03 PM (PST) and concluded after one hour and 30 minutes (Photo Source:
The State of the Nation Address of President PNoy started at around 4:03 PM (PST) and concluded after one hour and 30 minutes (Photo Source:

In The News: P-Noy's 5th SONA

President Benigno Aquino III enumerated his achievements and his plans for the future.

The President made the report in his 5th State-of-the-Nation Address (SONA) which was delivered before the joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives.

In the opening of the 16th Congress, President Aquino presented the administration's achievements and his priorities for the remaining years of his terms in his SONA.

The president's speech centered on accomplishments and reforms in the government that resulted to additional jobs and opportunities.

President Aquino cited Technical Education and Skills Development Authority's (TESDA) livelihood trainings under the Disbursement Accelerated Program (DAP). Benefits of the program were shown into a video clip.

President Aquino said that: "I have great confidence that my main objectives are being attained. To bring stability in the government, to serve the people at all times."

DAP contributed Php1.6 billion. It helped 223, 615 beneficiaries graduate in school. Sixty-six per cent (66 %) of this or equivalent to 146, 731 graduates are now working.

Through good governance, the country maintains its better physical position and achieved its first-ever investment grade status from International Credit Rating Agencies (ICRA).

The President added that the country is open for new investments following the upgrade category given by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in order to add more flights to Europe and the US.

P-Noy said: "We paid our debts and the results: it lowered the nation's debt-GDP ratio. The money which is supposed to pay for the interest is now being put into social services."

"Even the obligations I've inherited, we were able to pay-off our debts even way back 1993. For example, during the time of President Fidel V. Ramos, the recapitalization of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in the amount of Php 50 billion in order to keep it functioning."

"For the first time in 2013, we garnered investment statuses from MOVIS, Fitch & Standard & Poor's, the three most famous credit rating agencies in the world."

"Through their evaluations of our macroeconomic fundamentals and governance, it lessened the risks being given and it gave new confidence to all investors."

President Aquino also assured to implement steps to ensure enough power and water supplies in 2015.

He added that the government will import rice to end price hike.

"Based from intensive studies, Metro Manila will suffer insufficient water supplies come 2021. We will not wait for that moment. Solutions recommended by experts were already approved.The construction of Caliwag Dam in Quezon and the rehabilitation of Angat Dam. It's a better solution than drilling the soil in search of water which the latter procedure can loosen soil that result into flooding."

"At the same rate, as we build dams in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces, the water projects under Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) have been already approved."

"You've heard already about our biggest project, Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike (LLED) The bidding will be opened before the end of 2014."

President Aquino stressed that the government will continue to prioritize residents on the affected areas by the Zamboanga siege, strong earthquake in Bohol and super typhoon Yolanda in Samar and Leyte.

The President thanked his Cabinet members as well as the international communities who helped and worked hard to bring back normalcy to the disaster areas.

"We never stopped working as we've spearheaded livelihood interventions for the fast recovery of our affected countrymen."

"As of July 2014, 221,897 jobs were provided and created after we donated boats and other equipments in fishing and farming, seeds (palay/vegetables) and livestocks (pigs/chicken, etc.)."

The President added that the government will continue modernizing the PNP (Philippine national Police) and the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines). It includes new set of helicopters ( Bell combat utility, anti-submarine, Agusta-type) light-lift and medium-lift aircraft and radar system that will boost the capability of the national forces in tackling enemies-of-the-state.

Aquino also recognized the anti-graft measures in the Bureau of Customs (BoC) by implementing rules of reforms.

He also warn abusive officials in the government.

"Have pity to those who succumb into illegal drugs as you let those contraband enter in the homeland. Or to local workers, farms, etc. who are not given the right payout. If the collated evidence become sufficient enough against you, Bilibid prison is your next destination."

At the end of his speech, the government renewed its commitment to attain lasting peace in Mindanao. He asked Congress for the immediate passage of the Bangsa Moro Basic Laws.(With reports from Rocky Ignacio, PTV 4)

Reactions, please...

Are you in favor that President Aquino be impeached?

See results

President Aquino to be 'knifed' on Impeachment Proceedings.

According to the latest news online:

Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon said the Makabayan bloc is ready for the impeachment proceedings against President Benigno Aquino III which might start on Monday (August 11, 2014).

In a news release on Saturday, Ridon said he believes the case against the president is strong. Ridon endorsed a complaint filed by youth groups over the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program on July 22.

The Makabayan bloc is composed of Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Gabriela, Kabataan, Courage, Migrante, ACT-Teachers, Katribu, Akap Bata, Piston, Kalikasan and Aking Bikolnon. The bloc has six seats at the House. (With Reports from Andrei Medina/JDS, GMA News)

Three impeachment complaints are bared by the group, especially the controversial DAP and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement between the Philippines and the United States of America (USA), the latter being in the news again as the Middle East Crisis (in Iraq) heightens (as of this writing).

Major Topics on P-Noy's SONA - From First to Fifth

Photo Source:
Photo Source:


The 5th SONA of P-Noy is based from facts being accomplished by his administration for the part four years amid the major controversies on PDAF and DAP.

It also empowered less-fortunate-but-capable-Filipinos to pursue their dreams through TESDA-assisted educational programs and job placements.

Filipino families belonging at the marginal line of living were able to alleviate their lives through the 2Ps (formerly 4Ps) of DSWD or the Pantawid Pangkabuhayan (Livelihood-assisted funding).

Modernization of the armed forces is frequently mentioned.

But, what will matter to most Filipinos, here and abroad will be the attainment of good life by having the basic needs of 100 million Filipinos.

Views of the Critics, Political Analysts on P-Noy's 5th SONA

From the Academe:

1. Prof. Prospero De Vera, Political Analyst and University of the Philippines Vice-President for Public Affairs saw the president being emotionally-triggered by his father’s famous quote, ‘The Filipino is worth dying for’ and added, ’The Filipino is worth living for… The Filipino is definitely worth fighting for.”

2. Dr. Clarita Carlos, pioneer of Political psychology in the university, also opined that P-Noy has touched the hearts of many Filipinos during his hour-and-a-half speech.

3. The President’s poli-nemies (political enemies or foes):Senators Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada—now detained for plunder charges surprisingly praised Aquino’s SONA.

Revilla praised P-Noy for setting aside macho-imaging and politicking in his speech and giving the spotlight to what is supposed to be heard by the public—his achievements and programs in the past five years.

Estrada added: "We must give credit to the Aquino government for steering the PH economy into becoming one of the region’s most resilient and robust."

4. Poor Filipinos - Only few, not everyone stopped working just to listen to the technical terms-filled speech delivered by the chief executive

5. Filipinos abroad - Four years into President Aquino’s term, some claim that President Aquino has failed to deliver on his promises, especially when it comes to “Daang Matuwid” or "Straight Road." It was this campaign battlecry against graft and corruption that won him the presidency in 2010. (With reports from ABS-CBN News).

Key Issues on Aquino Administration -From 2011 up to present

1. Economic Growth
a. Widespread poverty
Economy/Land Reform: INCOMPLETE
Conditional Cash Transfer Expansion
b. Corruption through Pork Barrel
Labor/Education: FAIL
3. More public school classrooms
c. No Rice sufficiency
Health/Infrastructure: PASS
4. Increased health budget
d. high electricity rates & low power reserves
Housing/Poverty Alleviation/Human Rights: FAIL
5. Installation of disaster equipment
e. Poor disaster response
Fight vs Corruption: PASS
6. 3.2 million jobs in 2 years
f. Contractualization, no tax breaks, poor SS and PhilHealth benefits
Environment/National Security: FAIL
Sources: For Hits & Misses: For Grades: (as of 2012 data)

Report Card of P-Noy on 2014: Global Pinoys, what's your reactions?

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

You can make the discussion worthwhile on my hub, by:

  1. Providing sensible comments regarding the outcome of 2014 SONA by President Aquino.
  2. Giving suggestions on how to make the Philippines, truly competitive worldwide.
  3. Helping the Philippine government by enumerating ideas to make its objective in good governance prosper, not only in this administration but also on its successor come 2016.


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