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The Fine Art of Disrupting an Election

Updated on August 7, 2016

I am certain this entire country has lost its mind.

The only explanation for this ridiculous election scenario we are currently witnessing unfold is that no one has actually had the muscle to stand up and put a stop to it.

The populace is somehow so bewildered by these election events that they appear to be dumbfounded into submission, just following along. It’s actually a documented phenomenon, known as social contagion. If humans don’t feel a clear direction about what to do, they’ll just mimic the behavior of the those near them.

So now we see Ms. Clinton inching up the polls. Not because she’s the better candidate, not because she has increased in merit. But because neighbor observed neighbor and bent toward his peer.

I recently read a joke, “How is it, we select from only two candidates for President of the United States, yet we choose from 50 ladies for Miss America?” and I thought, “I couldn’t have said that better.”

Let me conclude by outlining a few important points.

  1. I am not voting for Hillary Clinton because I am not a Democrat. I don’t support her views on major issues.

  2. I am not voting for Mrs. Clinton because of Mr. Clinton. Has EVERYONE in the United States of America forgotten about MONICA LEWINSKY? In case people do not recall, Ms. Lewinsky was twenty-two years old when our forty-nine-year old President, Mr.Clinton, embroiled her, and the nation, in scandal. Mr. Clinton went so far as to desecrate a CIGAR and question the definition of the word “is”. I understand the principle of “forgive and forget”. I practice forgiveness. There is no way I am supporting putting Bill Clinton back in the White House. Our American young women deserve better leadership as a matter of morality. We have 323 million Americans. He CANNOT be the best choice in 1st husbands. I don’t buy it. I assert firmly, I can vote better than the Clintons.

  3. I am not voting for Hillary Clinton simply out of default to Donald Trump. Is this a joke? I can’t believe I have to say this but, “Seriously, America?”

  4. I am not voting for Trump because he has demonstrated repeatedly that he is a BUFFOON. He can’t lead a nation. Yes, this is TV, but we are still a world power and must be lead by a careful and conscientious hand. ...Sorry, Ivanka. Love your shoes but your Dad’s no future Reagan ;)

What is it going to take? How loud will someone have to be to shut down this embarrassment that is our 2016 election?

© 2016 Zero Halo


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