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The Fox Is A Flea Bitten Stole Around An Old Tea baggers Neck.

Updated on January 21, 2012

A recent Comment on fox viewership

FNC – 1,317,000 viewers

CNN – 489,000 viewers

MSNBC –385,000 viewers

CNBC – 187,000 viewers

HLN – 282,000 viewers

P2+ Prime Time

FNC – 2,389,000viewers

CNN— 604,000 viewers

MSNBC –799,000 viewers

CNBC – a scratch w/ 101,000 viewers

HLN – 475,000 viewers

This was a gloat on a hub asking why so many people hate Fox network. it was an "In your face" statistic on how great someone thought Fox was. Hence my reply-

I haven't seen this many brains washed since McCarthyism. Everybody's a Communist except those who watch Fox. Maybe I should go get a shirt printed like the one I saw at a tea baggers party that said, and I quote!

"Shoot Michelle and her two stupid kids."

Granted there are some good folks that watch fox, but a lot of Neo Nazi's, Skinheads, racists, Sons of the confederacy and other disturbed people also watch and believe the fabrication as well as the balance of some truths. And a lot of them might be considering doing a followup with a bullet or two. But of course many of the right wing extremist would applaud that behind closed doors and smug patriotic faces. Let's face it... it's tough when you lose an election, and then make the winners out to be losers, just to rebuild your self image and insecurity.

Here's a fact: Only one million, three hundred or so people watch Fox, but roughly 32,075,000 people "prefer" to watch something else. That is a true telling statistic on what Fox offers a minority of the people. Squeeze your flaccid tea bags over that. And let's see if my comment gets approval. Fat chance!~~MFB III

Fox News.


Media madness!

Fox news
its views
spew blues
its crews
all skew
the work
they do
the words
and then
to obtuse
with thoughts
of little
or no use
I'd rather be
then read a
poor excuse
of right wing hype
and left wing fights
induced with
to seduce
fence sitters
into pews
transmuting thoughts
in loose
reformats of the
how skillfully
they woo
so they can
count on you
to vote just
as they do
till freedoms
grow to few
and any other view
is shunned and
swiftly booed
the news can be
a noose
executed without
your hung up
on false clues
mind control has
broken through
in the facts they
that's not a fate
I'd choose
from news that spews
the blues
how bout you?


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