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The Future Of Casey Anthony

Updated on July 18, 2011
A sad face for her dead little girl or is she feeling sorry for herself?
A sad face for her dead little girl or is she feeling sorry for herself?
Casey considered herself a victim.
Casey considered herself a victim.
More tears, but when they discussed Caylee's autopsy there were none.
More tears, but when they discussed Caylee's autopsy there were none.
A spoiled and vain young woman.
A spoiled and vain young woman.
Caylee and Casey in happier times. Casey was the center ofCaylee's universe.
Caylee and Casey in happier times. Casey was the center ofCaylee's universe.

Is Casey Anthony Doomed??

Casey Anthony waltzed out of jail with her head held high. People are sending her thousands of dollars so that she can start a new life. Millions more dollars await her, she will make a fortune for telling her sordid story.

Gee, I wonder what lies she will make up for her first big interview?

Casey is the most recognized woman in America right now, and I sincerely doubt that she will disguise her appearance in any way, because she would not be able to cash in if she did not look like herself. She killed her child in cold blood and she will be rewarded for that over and over again. I just wonder how many copy cats there will be out there doing the same thing? Did that idiot jury ever think of that when they let her walk free? Obviously, they did not think, period.

Right now, Casey Anthony is probably laughing over the complete and total stupidity of the jury who tried her for murder and found her innocent of all wrong doing. Baez, her assified attorney, is even going to have the charges of lying to the police removed from Casey's record. Even after he, himself admitted that she lied! Is he trying to upset people even more? Perhaps he is, because deep down he has to know that she is guilty as sin, but of course, that does not matter, all that matters is winning, winning, winning! Maybe he should get together with Charlie Sheen.

If Casey Anthony had a shred of decency, she would go to the first police station she came across and turn herself in. If she told the truth and begged for mercy, she would probably get just that. People mostly understand that anyone can make a terrible mistake. But that is not what Casey is all about, because she wants to have FUN, she wants BELLA VITA, and you can't have that if you have to take care of a small child, you have to stay home like other grown ups and accept responsibility. You might even have to get a job so you can support your child instead of living off your parents.

The day will come when Casey will wish she stayed in prison, because there are many people out there who are waiting for her. People who are more insane than Casey ever hoped to be. They could make her suffer in unimaginable ways. She would be wise to look over her shoulder for the rest of her life. People truly hate her. She has waves of negativity coming her way each and every day. What a way to have to live. Do you know of anyone who is so hated by so many people? But, then, poor Casey, she is a victim too! Let's all feel sorry for Casey, who killed her little girl and threw her away like she was a piece of garbage.

This is what I predict for Casey Anthony

  • She will give her first big interview to Howard Stern.

  • She will marry Howard Stern.

  • For a number of years they will work together, and become known as the most hated and perverted couple in America.

  • After 5 years she will divorce Howard Stern and get millions of dollars from the divorce settlement.

  • She will live on her own tropical island, far from civilization.

  • Wherever she goes, people will hate her.

  • She will lose everything when a tropical storm wipes her island off the maps.

  • She will return to Florida and try to make amends with her parents, but they will refuse to see her.

  • Casey is now running out of money due to her elaborate lifestyle, so she gets into the drug trade.

  • She gets busted for drugs in Oregon and serves a prison sentence.

  • When she gets out, she starts to live a more normal lifestyle, due to people forgetting who she is.

  • Not to be forgotten she does an interview for 60 Minutes.

  • A demented man hunts her down and kidnaps her, she is found wondering down a busy highway 3 years later.

  • She does another 60 Minutes interview in hopes of raising sympathy for her kidnapping ordeal.

  • It will be found out she was lying about the kidnapping episode, and she will rouse the anger of America once again.

  • Casey becomes a prostitute and this becomes the one and only job she has ever been able to do.

  • Broke and penniless, she is walking to a liquor store from her flea bag hotel and a bolt of lightening kills her on the spot.

  • People all across America celebrate her demise, and demand that she is buried in a swamp in black garbage bags.

  • Justice at last for little Caylee.

  • Casey Anthony goes down in history books as the most hated woman ever to live in America!

  • Casey Anthony, you are DOOMED!

Frankly, I am sick of the Casey Anthony saga, I already wasted enough time watching the farce of a trial that ended up with a “not guilty” verdict. The best way to make Casey Anthony suffer is to simply ignore her. Don't buy the book, watch the movie, or wait for the television special about Casey Anthony. Every time you do these things, you are putting money into her pocket.

Casey eats up the attention paid to her., both good and negative. The best thing we can do is wage an email campaign to any media who is stupid enough to have her face pasted above their logo. We need to forget her and move on. God will deal with Casey Anthony, just wait and see!


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    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you for your comments Lone Ranger. If Casey did take the stand she would probably just lie and make up a bunch of stuff, like her mother. I cannot believe that Cindy Anthony is a registered nurse and is that stupid to manufacture a lie that anyone can check out. Obviously both mother and daughter think they are so intelligent that they can fool everyone into believing whatever they say. A very negative trait to say the least. This is a dead giveaway that they think they are better than the average person. They don't even have respect for a court of law.

      Thank you Dreamreachout, of course I agree with you. Common sense and logic were sorely lacking in this case, we will never know what really happened to that poor little girl, and I think thats what upsets many people most of all. ..and the fact that a mother could do this to her child. Where did this monster come from? It was bad enough that she killed her child, but then she threw her in a swamp with snakes all over the place, inside garbage bags no less. It just not right, and now she walks out, free as a bird.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Magzz, I suppose law all around the world is same!! It goes by rigid strictures without much attention to the practicalities when it is understood that natural justice was devised from common sense and logic!! I dont know what will happen to Casey Anthony but law makers around the world certainly need to have a deeper look!!

    • profile image

      Lone Ranger 

      7 years ago

      My Dove:

      Alan Dirshkowitz, one of the lawyers representing O.J. Simpson said that one of his mentors told him that truth and justice is not the goal of courts. So, what is? Law. Protecting the public's constitutional rights and making sure those rights are not violated.

      He went on to say that if you want justice and truth in courts of law, hire scientists and philosophers, but as long as human rights and point of law is the goal, then lawyers will continue to have their day in court.

      Tragic that truth and justice are often ignored in order to protect a defendant from civil rights violations, which may allow many guilty people to slip through the system. Forget the 5th amendment...I would force those on trial to answer for themselves on the stand.

      I want to hear Casey Anthony's responses to some pretty pointed questions. But, it seems, that our judicial system is more concerned about sending an innocent man to prison than allowing dozens of convicts to escape prosecution.


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