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Affordable Healthcare Act

Updated on January 6, 2014

Nancy Pelosi

Affordable Healthcare Act

Lets review what we know about the Affordable Healthcare Act. It was passed without partisan participation. There was a super-majority of Democrats in both the House and Senate. It was passed through cloture because there were too many members of the dominate party for the opposition filibuster to continue. It was strictly according to party lines. Those in the senate who hesitated to tow the party line are no longer in office. Many of those in the house who towed the party line are no longer in office either.
We also know the affordable healthcare act is 2,000 pages, few of our elected officials read it, because it was so long. Nancy Pelosi repeatedly said "We need to pass this bill and then find out what's in it".

The Affordable Care Act of 2008 rolled out in full view last Monday. The computer glitches are so severe nobody was able to sign up for it. I am six days away from my companies benefits open enrollment period. The only information we have received is a letter saying, "You make too much money to receive any subsidies. We can enroll in the insurance we currently we have, if it is offered".

The Affordable Care Act First Implementation

We all cheered when the president declared parents could continue their children on their employer provided healthcare insurance plans. Did anyone ask why 26 year old's needed to be on their parents insurance? Seven years to complete college? It took my husband seven years to complete his degree, while working full time four of those years. Yes things have changed, but did they change for the better? What kind of independence do young people have when their parents are paying all the bills? Is this dependence training them to let big brother guide and protect them? Has the economy gotten so bad that these young people can't find full time jobs?

If the Affordable Care Act is good, why are the president, legislators and their staff, who wrote this bill exempted from it?

Another part of this bill connects of your banking to your healthcare.

Healthcare and Banking

I received an email from my HMO to check for a message from my doctor. After typing username and password and receiving error message, I carefully typed the information again and was denied. It was late and I was determined I was using the right password. Long story short I got locked out of my medical record.

Next morning, on the phone making a medical appointment. The clerk asked, "Can I email you the information". I said, "Sure". She called me right back, "Your account didn't work".

To open the account you made a request, then you received a password within three days. As annoying as this was there was some illusion of privacy.

When I went to the site again there was a new link to get your password immediately reset. Curious, I decided to go that route. The explanation said, You will be asked security questions only you will know the answers to. Nothing unusual about that good idea.

What was unusual was the first question. Did you ever live at one of these five places? The right answer was the address that I left twenty years ago. We have been with this HMO for that long, they would have that address. The next question was a nonsense question. Nothing was correct. Each of the questions had several choices. The last option always asking," Would like to quit now".
When they started asking questions about recent business transactions I was ready to throw up.

Considering some of the government paper work we had to sign during these transactions this was beginning to come clear. Many extra government papers signed in the name of protecting our privacy were really so the government could access information for the Affordable Health Care Act.

Healthcare Poll

How has the Affordable Healthcare Act helped you?

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Your Loan May Be Denied

A neighbor has worked for this HMO for 30 years. I saw her today. I told her about this incident. Her answer was eye opening. Banks and healthcare are in bed together. Banks want to know if you are a good risk. If you don't take your blood pressure medicine, as indicated by how often you pick up the prescription, you are not a good financial risk. What if you don't take blood pressure medicine for high blood pressure? High pressure medications have side effects that ameliorate other conditions besides high blood pressure.

Healthcare Poll Part 2

If you got better healthcare what was your age?

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The affordable healthcare act has been enacted, the whole thing is falling apart. The President is giving exceptions to corporations and the little guy gets his health care plan canceled because insurance companies can't afford to cover individuals. Medical groups and hospitals are cutting staff, because of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement cuts. Most of the twenty something's are working two and three jobs because they can only get 29 hour jobs because employer can't afford the new higher priced plans. Thirty six States have refused to open exchanges. Computer glitches. After three years of limitless amounts of money you would think the government could have come up with a computer system that would work, but 7 days into the fiasco computer systems are nowhere near working.

The government is raising taxes on everything they can get their hands on. The supreme court even says this healthcare act is a tax.

As the income for the federal government has been the highest ever this year, the president and senate are out campaigning on how the government isn't going to be able to pay its debts.

Think about this. Anyone can ask a bank to raise their limit on a credit card. When I made $2,000 a month and my rent was $205 and I didn't have a car payment, my spending limit was $750.00. I wanted to buy plane tickets for $800.00. It appeared I could afford a spending limit of $1,000.00. I called the bank and they increased my debt limit. I was comfortable with that limit. I had income and little debt.

When my income increased the spending limit got to $25,000. We had a problem and the balance was nearing the maximum. I couldn't afford the minimum payments on my balance. Did I ask for a higher spending limit? No. I couldn't afford the debt, so I quit using the card. I quit borrowing against my future.

Why doesn't this principal apply to the government. Currently the Affordable Healthcare Act has extremely serious computer glitches according to the Wall Street Journal. The President says,"We are going to default on our debt if the spending limit isn't raised". If the government were a private entity no bank would increase it's spending limit or would they?

Somebody, explain how raising the government debt limit is going to make the United States more solvent, when debt makes my personal finances more of a burden.

As I wait for the benefits package to arrive I fear the worst.

We got the information and it wasn't so bad. Our 26 year old will be dropped from our policy, which we were expecting. The 21 year old was dropped from dental and eye coverage since he wasn't a full time student in the fall. The cost of our insurance remained the same as last year.

More Information Unfolds

Our 26 year old is filling out paperwork for medical insurance through his work. He just asked when our medical insurance on him lapsed. He was relieved to hear it was January 1, 2014. Why you ask? If you haven't been covered by insurance they charge you for the months premiums since you last had insurance. Dreadful!


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    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      6 years ago from Chicago

      Wow! This is an eye-opening article. I had no idea this sort of information sharing was going on or was going to go on. Thank you very much for the enlightenment.


    • tirelesstraveler profile imageAUTHOR

      Judy Specht 

      6 years ago from California

      Thanks John, I needed the encouragement.

    • John-Rose profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      Hi it's scary and unles we the people vote smartly it'll get worse. I'm voting your hub up. John

    • tirelesstraveler profile imageAUTHOR

      Judy Specht 

      6 years ago from California

      Dear tillsontitan, Thank your for commenting. This shook me to the core and nobody commented. I was afraid it was just too scary. :)

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 

      6 years ago from New York

      Scary but interesting. So much goes on in the government that we are unaware of...I think half the time the government is unaware as well. Voted up.


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