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The Future Of Pak-USA Relations

Updated on January 22, 2021
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Its Aman..I am a keen current affairs watcher and observer. I write about politics and current affairs from all over the world

PAK-US Relations
PAK-US Relations

Mutual Love of Trump and Power

US President Donald Trump's refusal to recognize the election results of the 20th election and fierce resistance in the process of handing over power to the successful presidential candidate Joe Biden have eroded the democratic values ​​of the world's oldest constitutional republic.

After failing in the courts on election excuses, repeated recounts of votes in various states, failure to increase his vote from the Governor of Georgia, failure to even deprive his own Vice President Mike Pence of the constitutional authority to certify the transfer of power. By appealing to Twitter to gather Republicans from across the United States in Washington, then during the nominee for President Biden in the House of Representatives, armed and deadly raids on Capitol Hill in democratic values, the US electoral system also faltered. The growing concern went beyond borders to longtime European allies. The British, French and German rulers did not hesitate to condemn President Trump.

The defeated self-proclaimed president's social media accounts were shut down, yet as Trump's media shelling continued, so were the private media accounts that were used to provoke clear fears of provoking 8 million pro-vote voters. ۔

It was becoming clear from the news and analysis that President Trump was succeeding in convincing Trump-affiliated voters that his victory had been stolen and given back to Joe Biden.

It is as if Trump, who lost the election, used every unconstitutional and legal tactic to prove his love for power. It is certain that the US government is not ready to tolerate anyone but him, it is the constitution and the winning presidential candidate who has become a powerful rival of the "mutual love of Trump and power".

The Biden Diplomacy
The Biden Diplomacy

Biden and Asia

This is the current and ongoing map of the United States. Presumably, American law will prove to be blind, true love for the power of a losing president will be brutally crushed, and Joe Biden is the next president of the United States for the next 4 years. So we have to see how Pakistani President-elect Joe Biden will view Pakistan in terms of future relations.

At the start of the US presidential campaign, Pakistan, especially American Pakistanis, naturally became curious to know which presidential candidate would be better for our Pakistan. They also had to make their decision in the light of the correct answer and analysis.

The first major help in this decision-making was when Modi visited the United States during the election campaign and at the Indian Diaspora rally in Houston, Modi and Trump openly gave gestures of being brothers while walking on stage.

The world, the United States and India were shocked when the like-minded Indian Prime Minister raised this political slogan for his fellow presidential candidate, "Now the Trump government", ie giving the green signal to openly vote for Trump from the Indian Americans.

The Indian Prime Minister's announcement of his share in US politics was widely criticized in US domestic and electoral politics. In India itself, the Indian Opposition Congress called it negative and "completely out of the way" regarding US-India relations. Given On the other hand, Joe Biden, in a strategy of openly uniting the Pakistani diaspora, turned his concern over occupied Kashmir and support for the Kashmiris into condemnation of Modi's actions, which turned into his election promises and commitments. When he comes to power, he will play his role in resolving the Kashmir issue and ending the siege of imprisoned Kashmiris.

US Diplomacy about Indo-Pak

The fact of the matter is that if the Republicans had a clear traditional leaning towards Pakistan in South Asia, especially in Pak-India policy, with regard to US presidents and political parties, then Bush Sr. would have been less than President Bush's two terms and then Obama's two terms less. Was wet Whether Washington is a Republican or a Democrat, India has become a "natural ally" for both, while Pakistan has become a dubious and "essential ally." This tradition is over. The president who will turn to South Asia will visit Delhi and Islamabad on the same free frequency.

President Clinton was forced to come to Islamabad for a few hours with a completely custom-made design as a frontline partner of Pakistan's war on terrorism. Even during President Bush's visit to India, the facility of airbases in Pakistan was against resistance in Afghanistan. The horrific earthquake in Azad Kashmir and the extraordinary human casualties in it also gave Bush Jr. a brief visit to Islamabad.

As if America's long-standing ally status with Pakistan had a limited and full meaning from the Bush Sr. era in the 1990s, with modest flexibility, the new US South Asia policy has become permanent.

The big question for Pakistan's current foreign affairs is the outcome of the US election, which has now led to an increase in coalition politics and major changes in Trump's policies from East to West Asia. What should Pakistan do?

The Indo-Pak
The Indo-Pak

© 2021 Aman


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