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The GOP is the Light Side

Updated on January 4, 2016

Along time ago In a galaxy far far away we learned of two sides the light and the dark sides. While watching Star Wars episode 7 I came to the realization that there stories are not that different than ours. Now I'm not saying we have Death Stars and the light sabers but I'm saying the democrats and republicans are very comparable to the light and dark sides.

The Establishment

The GOP establishment is often the center of ridicule from conservatives and are often considered not true conservatives. They tend to be less liked and are compared to democrats a lot. They are more likely to be the compromisers and not fighters. This is the people like Lando. Lando supported the light side and was friends with Han but he did sell them out to save his business and all the people on the planet. Lando did however wind up saving them though which shows he is one of them just like the establishment. You could also make a case for Han to be a more establishment like member. He only goes on this mission because obi wan paid him for the ride to the base and then he couldn't get out of it. And in episode 7 you see he still doesn't want a part of this but we all know he supports them.

Han and lando

The Evangelicals

The force is an ancient religion similar to Christianity. Very few people are still passionate about it yet those who are let it control their whole lives no matter how crazy they look. This is people like Obi wan and Yoda. They tend to be older people who love this religion. This is obviously similar to Carson and Huckabee. They say things that make them seem outdated and make people look at them like their nuts because of their religion. This is on issues like gay marriage and abortion. Han talked about how crazy Obi wan is for believing in this mystical presence that actually turns out to be real.

The Tea Party

This is the group that pulls this whole analogy together. The number one thing that the light side is fighting for is the revival of the republic. The republic is their free government that they want. People like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are fighting for unlimited freedoms in this great nation. That is what Leia is fighting for. She wants to restore the republic and end the strict rule of the empire. What is Rand Paul and all republicans fighting for, an end to big government which leads me to my next point.

The Democrats

You guessed it the Democratic Party is very similar to the dark side. I'm not going to go as far as to say they are the dark side but they're pretty close. They both believe in big government and more control over and individuals life. The majority of them are not supportive of the religion but they do have people like lord Vader who are supporters of the force. The democrats are also mostly atheists but a lot of them like Kim Davis are still very supportive of their religion. They also mold the minds of young people to support their evil agenda. The democrats mold the minds of millennials by offering free stuff.

Which side do you most relate with

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    • tsadjatko profile image

      3 years ago from now on

      lol, I like the pictures, an entertaining hub page. Glad to see you are informed and not a mind numbed "fan" of the dark side. Personally I have likened the Democrat cabal to in my hub page "Forget Al Capone" meet THE BARACKETEERS but this parody on star wars is great! A hardy welcome to hub pages Thomas!


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