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The GVN Foundation believes that empowering women and children is the key to changing the world.

Updated on February 15, 2015

The GVN Foundation is registered as a 501 c3 non-profit in the United States. Its purpose is to raise funds for the various projects funded by the Global Volunteer Network, also known as the GVN Charitable Trust. This organisation was founded in 2000 by Colin Salisbury, who currently serves as the CEO.

Salisbury, a long-time volunteer who has travelled all over the world to work with worthy causes, originally founded the Global Volunteer Network. This organisation works tirelessly to connect volunteers with a project that will suit their skills, personality, budget and time allotment. GVN has to date, placed over 19,000 volunteers in various projects around the globe ranging from mentoring children to serving meals to the homeless.

Money is the Key

As a fervent volunteer himself, Salisbury and close friend, Courtney Montague, believed that there were a few significant ways that their work could be even more effective. For one, over half the population of the U.S. say they would be more likely to volunteer in a foreign country if time and money permitted.[1] With finances being a big drawback for many people, it seemed very sensible to do something about that aspect of volunteering. Hence, the GVN Foundation was born.

The GVN Foundation was established to provide a platform that could be utilised by GVN volunteers and supporters. Its simple purpose is to raise money for various GVN projects around the world. The organisation has been so successful that in 2009, they were granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Each year of its existence, the organisation has been recognized for its diligent efforts and genuine commitment to help the needy.

GVN currently offers volunteer positions to Brazil, Kenya, Uganda, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ethiopia, Thailand, Panama, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Fiji, Ghana, Nepal, Rwanda, Philippines, Vietnam, South Africa, Seychelles, and the USA.

An Award-Winning Agency

GVN holds a Silver Star status with the Guidestar Directory, an agency that provides reports on the transparency and due diligence of charitable organisations. GVN expects to soon achieve Gold status. In addition, they have received many favourable reviews by programme participants over the years, as well as other review websites.

Each year, the GVN Foundation raises thousands of dollars to support the work of partner organisations all over the world. They have developed various programmes which have become extremely popular with volunteers and supporters. One of the more popular is the fundraising trek to the Everest base camp, Machu Picchu, and Kilimanjaro. Donations are used to support the Eat So They Can Campaign.

Each year GVN, its sponsors and supporters create and organise a number of inspired fundraising drives from their freshly original Christmas campaigns to the Live Below the Line Campaign. GVN is the first to admit that their work is only possible because of committed and generous sponsors.

These funds provide grants to partner organizations to assist with healthcare, nutrition programmes, construction projects, and education. In recent years, they have increasingly provided grants to fund income-generating and sustainability projects. As with any reputable fundraising organisation, they are constantly at the vigil when tragedy strikes, providing monies for such disasters as the Philippines Emergency Relief Campaign.

Youth Ambassador Program

The Youth Ambassador Program was created for young people from ages 15 through 19 years old. It is designed to inspire and challenge these young people by showing them how their lives can make such a huge difference to someone on the other side of the world. Today, we find that many young people are adrift and feel as if their life has no purpose, but with the Youth Ambassador Program, teens can get involved and find their passion.

Though this program is certainly not designed for troubled teens or as a remedy for such, young people who get involved in volunteering are much more likely to avoid getting entangled with drugs and alcohol during their teen years. A recent study from the University of Missouri finds that teens who volunteer are more likely to adhere to moral codes and less likely to become involved in illegal or dangerous activities.[2]

The Youth Ambassador Program encourages and equips teens for volunteer work that matters. The program aims to evoke a strong ambition in young people to “become the change that they want to see”. In order to join, teens must only commit to that one tenet of becoming an agent of change in the world. This program has consistently been shown to unlock hidden talents and intensify the potential of its members.

GVN, along with the GVN Foundation take pride in every positive experience that volunteers have enjoyed in the past years of their existence and they look forward to a future where every need has been met throughout the world.

The Mission Statement of the GVN Foundation is as follows:

The GVN Foundation believes that empowering women and children is the key to changing the world. We achieve this by providing resources to locally-run grassroots organizations working with vulnerable women and children in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

[1] (accessed on 1.19.2015)

[2] (accessed on 1.13.2015)


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