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The Government Is Winning

Updated on July 10, 2012

Are you a slave to the government?

Wow. After spending two weeks in America, I have seen that the government is winning in the war of control & freedom. It has been said that a government has to do two things in order to control a society:

Keep the society in:

1.) Fear
2.) In debt

You do those two things and you have essentially taken control of the people’s freedom. Sure, you can “think” you are free. You can go to church - no problem. You can visit people - no problem. You can travel easy enough - no problem.

This is the false façade that blinds most people in America. As long as these things can still happen, they feel they are free. However, look at these things:

1.) More and more people are getting diseases every year
2.) We have an obesity epidemic amongst children
3.) The economy has stalled out
4.) Obama just passed socialized medicine and taxed those who do not comply
5.) Housing foreclosures are still happening
6.) Housing prices are still well below what people owe on their mortgages
7.) Unemployment is at record highs
8.) Terrorism is still being allowed in the world and is a constant “threat”
9.) And on and on and on

We have become a society that really doesn’t care what happens next, just as long as we are not too upset.

We plug into ipads, ipods, blackberries, strawberries

We plant ourselves in front of the TV and watch useless reality shows of celebrities acting like children.
We text while driving even though it may kill someone.

We sit at the dinner table and do not even talk to each other as we are all plugged in.

We throw down mountains of soda and sugar every day just to get enough energy to make it to the weekend.

We feed our kids sugar just to keep them happy while we set them up to be fat and diabetic.

The only way we ever stand up for anything is if we get a disease or get evicted!

We see in the papers that so and so lost their “battle” with cancer. The problem is that we are battling something we did to ourselves! Why not embrace health in the first place! Stop smoking! Stop overeating!

Fat people (just as I was once) are loading up on food at endless buffets! Just the other day, I witnessed a YOUNG girl of no more than 25 sit on a chair and it broke into a thousand pieces! Why? Because her mom is fat, her brother is fat and they were probably fed tons of sugar while young!

Three fast food chains announced that (7/6/12) they will begin serving soda at breakfast times because they are getting flack about the sugar and best of all, soda is more profitable than coffee!

I should become a doctor! They are laughing all the way to the bank! Get the society drugged up. Older people for diabetes, younger ones for ADHD!

To top it off, we have to work well into May every year just to pay the tax man! Now we had a tax passed in 2012 under the guise of healthcare.

Did we not leave England for taxes? Does anyone remember the Boston Tea Party? Oh, I forgot. We don’t teach history in schools anymore!

Should I go on?

We talk about what kind of world our children will inherit? I will tell you. Anyone over 40, will give to their children an earth that is full of

Disease ridden senior citizens scrapping by on pitiful social security checks from a broke government and who are supported by insulin addicted middlle aged children who cannot afford housing and who are living off the government teet. And, if Obama has his way, less of a senior population as they will be killed off.

So! Now that I have ranted on, what is the solution. Well, I have tried over the years to sugar coat it (pun intended), but it has not worked. Therefore, I would say get off your butt and do something! Otherwise, live in your misery. Pay higher taxes. Get a disease. Keep eating to death. But do not complain when the sh-- hit’s the fan for you and your family.

I can lead a horse to water, but I cannot make you drink!

This message has been delivered with love. I hope you embrace what America really stands for: Life, Liberty , and the pursuit of happiness. Be free (really free) in the land of the free!

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With love


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