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Donald Trump and Putin Understand Prostitutes

Updated on August 21, 2017

A smile: a simple gesture common to the everyday person, but a rather powerful symbol in the context of geopolitics. The G20 Summit kicked off with a meeting in Bonn, Germany where all eyes were fixed on Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Lavrov’s smile was unorthodox; his smile was hardly ever displayed with John Kerry and the Obama administration. However, Lavrov’s demeanor did depict a new foreign policy for the Trump administration.

It was interesting that Russian news agency TASS reported that they had no dossier on Donald Trump’s psychological makeup. The reason for this is perhaps that Putin already knows of Trump’s psychological wirings even though Putin reiterated that he had no knowledge of Trump’s geopolitical maneuvering.

Lavrov’s smile suggests something entirely different. His smile represents the likelihood that Putin knows Trump’s next moves and global sphere of influence. In fact Putin stated, “Those who order fake reports on Russia’s Trump dossier are worse than prostitutes.”

Putin’s statement goes against his previous claims that “Russian prostitutes are the best in the world”. How does Putin know that Russian prostitutes are the best in the world? I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Putin has tried a few in his lifetime. Perhaps most of these prostitutes were free and did not charge people, but then again, Putin understands Russia’s position in terms of beauty and women.

When Donald Trump visited Russia, Putin stated, “I doubt Trump fell into it.” What does Putin mean? Is he talking about prostitutes again? Is he talking about compromising situations with the leader of the free world? Or is he talking about his influence and his position in dominating the global world?

Mind you, Trump has been pontificating exactly what Putin has been telling the world. Putin stated, “Fake news has no moral restrictions whatsoever.” So what moral restriction does a Communist party believe in? Are they based on the restriction of sex and a compromising situation? If it’s a question of a compromising situation then perhaps Trump has appeased his own soul and aligned himself with Russia for the sake of determining Putin’s favor rather than Steve Bannon’s.

Lavrov and Putin are fully aware of Trump’s uneasiness with China’s increasing economic and military power. China is feeling less optimistic with Trump’s presidency since now they feel they are more subject to the rules governing the international community. Sure, the United States still has an enormous military advantage against China, but China has a geographical advantage in the East Asia region. America does have air power superiority, but China neutralizes this effect with ballistic and cruise missiles.

Unlike Russia, China maintains cooperative diplomacy that cultivates goodwill from the international community. Nonetheless, Trump’s and Bannon’s suspicions persist regarding China as a rising power against American capitalism. America’s capitalist tone may have nothing to do with China’s multilateralism win-win cooperative approach. China’s foreign relation trajectory rests on a restrained and non-confrontational mode of competition against capitalism.

With Trump, China struggles to manage its rise through peaceful competitive alternatives towards capitalism. For Trump and Bannon, China’s mitigated power struggle is fueling capitalism and threatening America’s market capitalization of Japan. This may have to do with America’s and Japan’s hegemony in the Asia Pacific region. Both the US and Japan feel threatened by China’s soft rise that enables them to voice a win-win cooperative policy towards emerging nations that may eventually play a dominant role in gauging China’s technological advancements and growth potential.

China’s military and diplomatic influence may focus on its economic capabilities in modernizing their military through the professionalization in arms acquisition to impact their global influence. Foreign governments love China’s cooperative and constructive foreign policy because it acts as a competitive force against the United States.

Other major powers may believe that there should not be one hegemonic position of power to stabilize and secure the world. This brings up the fact that the Chinese political elites believe they have durability in the international arrangements that positively engage the redistribution of economic benefits that major powers seek in a rising power.

If China and Russia are destined to be capitalistic adversaries, then the stereotypical approach was motivated by Bannon who validated his scholarly approach against China. China’s approach to foreign policy has to do with facilitating the flow of economic benefits into and out of China. It has to do with mitigating their fear to the social stability of the threat of terrorism after the United States launched its global anti-terrorist campaign following September 11, 2001.

China decided to escalate their global aspiration to secure international order and contribute to global governments that became a threat to Chinese society. China values US-Sino relations and listens closely to what the US says about them. The People’s Daily of China even indicated that Trump should be cautious when commenting on other nations. The Chinese news agency went as far to say that the “White House is not a standup comedy theater.” What this means is that Trump has absolutely no clue how to deal with North Korea and therefore relies on China to do the right thing with respect to a nuclear power.

Trump’s administration is based on a comedy of errors. Trump agrees with Putin’s claim on fake news that now mimics his administration. Perhaps we can argue that fake news and the American media have now become the enemy for no other reason than because Putin believes in it and Trump subscribes to it.

All I can say is that China may have been a little discombobulated with Lavrov’s grin and Tillerson’s close proximity towards Lavrov. Putin understands beauty, and he understands prostitutes. Since Putin loves to play hockey, we are all familiar with the game.


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      20 months ago from Florida

      Wow... that is a lot to interpret and infer from 30 days of Trump's Presidency and what limited interactions his Admin have had.

      China is the #1 power in the world today. The #1 Industrial nation, the #1 economy, the #1 in international trade, the #1 in gold bullion (debatable but far ahead of America) ...

      I get it, it is probably very hard for most 'average', heck even well educated Americans to wrap their minds around the fact that 20 years ago America was the most powerful nation the world had ever seen, outdistancing ALL other competitors on the Globe at that time, at just about everything.

      And today... we are behind China and/or some other countries in ALL categories of importance... save perhaps Military, but that too will change very shortly, as China is not only building up its Fleet and its Missiles, it is buying them as well... England has sold warships to China 'Ebay' style.. .Russia has sold them weapons grade plutonium... etc.

      I don't think Canada needs to play buffer... with the Russia-China trade alliance, the BRICS alliance, and the Russia-China interests in Iran... America will not be picking a fight with either nation.

      America likely would be hard pressed to fight a war against either nation, that they are allied to one another... America would certainly be doomed to failure against their combined economic, industrial might.

      Right now America is doomed period, its people want to fight one another over issues of refugees and transgender bathrooms, they are clueless to the fact that China and Russia are on the cusp of global domination that will flip America into a status of 2nd class citizenry on the global stage almost overnight.


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