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The Great Depression of the 21st Century - A Human Introspective

Updated on October 5, 2009

     The news media is saturated with Orwellian Newspeak targeted at Joe average American. Terms like – Housing market correction aka: foreclosure crisis(after all you should rent anyway), Financial market correction aka: bank failure(there goes your life savings), and last but not least – Stock market correction aka: the Fed needs your retirement savings more then you do(to bailout their friends mentioned in the two previous).

   What does all this mean to me? “You ask: Well! If you are the President, a Congressman, or Senator it means nothing to you. After all a lot of you don't pay taxes anyway.(not just my opinion – watch FNC) But if you live in middle America aka: the fly over states; it means you live with this government created disaster everyday. I live in rural America and if I didn't pay my taxes my next address would be a federal prison. I don't think the IRS would let me say (Oops! I'm sorry it was just a minor oversight).

   I've watched as dozens of my neighbors had for sale signs planted in front of their homes. Some by the homeowner some by the bank. All a sorry sight – Lives, families, and dreams destroyed.

   I recently had a friend tell me that he will never retire because over half of his 401k is gone. I said thank your congressman he still has his retirement. Matter of fact his was yours. Where do you think that money went when it left your 401k. I contend that it flowed back to the fed. It didn't just vaporize.

   In 2007 and 2008 I watched as my employer fought to stay open and keep its workers against a tightening credit market. By early 2008 it could no longer get the credit to finance the larger jobs that kept everyone working. By late 2008 the smaller jobs went away too. Because China could do them cheaper. By july 2009 it was no more.

I thank GOD “Yes! I said GOD if that makes you uneasy please stop reading right here.

I thank GOD that I had the years to raise my children (now grown and on their own) before soviet style socialism over took America.

   Currently the people are screaming their discontent from the streets of America. But the ruling elite in D.C. choose to ignore them. This can only end badly. A little over two hundred years ago Americans revolted. Will or can it happen again?


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    • BloodRedPen profile image

      BloodRedPen 8 years ago

      Storytellersrus thank you for you comment. i'm reminded of the 70s arab oil embargo too. And the discontent leading into a time of super-patriotism that it ushered in. Just like the attacks of 9/11, people tend to forget or go soft on the issue.

    • Storytellersrus profile image

      Barbara 8 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      There was the soft revolution back in the 70s when I was in high school. There were protests when Reagan changed income tax policy, cutting back on loopholes for the rich. There were fights against Medicade and on and on. I, too, am a midwestern fly over American girl. When I hear that China and European countries are considering changing the monetary standard to the Yuan, I realize it is bigger than our present government. Life is changing for the good old USA. How best to absorb this and move forward is my question.