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The Great Islamic Divide in Syria

Updated on September 26, 2013

I suppose it was just a matter of time and time seems to be on the Assad forces at this point. When Obama seemed to be serious about using some sort of military force because his magical red line had been crossed, Syrian rebels were elated.

America had finally decided to act in their behalf and those 100,000 who have been killed, But, as we all know now, this very reluctant American went to Congress for approval when he did not need it, maybe he was privately hoping it would not be approved. Then out of the blue, the Russian resolution about removing Syria's chemical weapons, which if it can actually be done within six months would be a grand affair, but that does leave Syria's conventional forces gaining strength.

When the threat of US intervention, however minuscule evaporated, the hopes of the Free Syria Army battle group faded and now the great Islamic divide is occurring between them. While this is not a dramatic surprise, it seems the straw that broke the back was America's wishy-washy position.

The Free Syria Army comprises of many groups including those wanting the democracy and those secretly hating it and those in-between. The most powerful allies within the group are the al-Qaeda affiliated ones like al-Nusra but there are others. A dozen of these more radical Islamic groups have formally broke off relations with the FSA and is calling for Sharia islamic law within the controlled areas they have and eventually part of Syria. The FSA, a Western back coalition, is being hung out to dry as they scramble for ammo and arms and find themselves fighting Assad and now Islamic groups that were formally buddies.The Islamic groups have divorced themselves in accepting the Western promoted leadership of the Free Syrian Army and its PM Ahmad Touma, who represents them all, so he thought. They rejected the FSA army general, Salim Idris, as their commander in chief.

What this means is that in the strong rebel held areas around Aleppo, there is a three front war at times between Assad, trying to retake the city, the Islamic groups (now in agreement to not be part of the FSA) and the FSA, supported by the West and some Arab countries. I suppose, when the rebels are not fighting Assad, they will be fighting one another, as what has already been occurring because the Islamist groups are stronger and they are determined to have a piece of Syria.

If the FSA collapses, then the war becomes what Assad said it was, a war against Islamic terrorists. How ironic, does this mean the West, America will now switch sides and help Assad? What is worse, Assad or radical al-Qaeda Islamic terrorists?



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